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Being your ultimate guide for everything weddings, it is our utmost duty (a pleasurable one) to make sure that each element of your wedding is nothing less than perfect. Right from your mehendi design, wedding outfit to the decor, we are here to give you just the right kind of inspirations to make your wedding a memorable affair.

So, today we bring your notice to the most sanctified corner of your wedding, i,e, the Mandap. This sacred corner witnesses the Saat Pheras, which is the most beautiful moment of union shared between two souls. Right kind of setup and decor can further accentuate the beauty of this cherishable moment (and photographs). So here we bring to you the most mesmerizing mandap decor ideas to ensure that you have the most dreamy Pheras!

1. Beautiful pink drape and pastel flowers twined along from the dome to the pillars! 

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2. A dreamy setup for poolside Pheras

3. These suspended floral adornments look so pretty! 

4. Floral chandeliers and tent style mandap set against a lush green backdrop! 

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5. A unique and sophisticated mandap setup with blooming flowers

6. What better than getting married under a sky of flowers!

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7. A melange of greens and fairy lights is perfect for late night Pheras!

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8. A mandap with a cove of branches filled with red roses 

9. Drench your mandap in the colour of love with red roses

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10. A subtle yet very pretty beachside mandap with dainty flowers 

11. Golden bells and Kaleeras hanging from bright red draped ceiling look SO DAMN GORGEOUS!

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12. This dreamy floral vedi has literally stolen our hearts away!

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13. Simplistic mandap with white drapes decorated with multi-hued flowers

14. An aesthetically pleasing mandap setup for your destination wedding

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15. For the love of pastels!

Source MEW

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16. This mandap setup spells grandeur!

17. Pretty flowers, pink drapes and scenic beauty of hills = WOW!

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18. Yet another lush green mandap setup

19. Simplistic yet super elegant mandap with a picturesque backdrop

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20. A serene mandap with draped curtains of flowers and a massive nadachadi chandelier piece

21. A magnificent mandap setup with riot of flowers

22. A mesmerising cascading decor inspo for your mandap

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23. An opulent indoor mandap setup!

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Which one did you like the most? Tell us in the comments. 

20+ Exceptionally Beautiful Mandap Decor Ideas for your Dreamy Pheras!

by Medha Chawla

20+ Exceptionally Beautiful Mandap Decor Ideas for your Dreamy Pheras!