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Credits: Ashish Photography ; WhatKnot Wedding Photography ; Paran Singh Photography

There's a new wedding trend in town, and that's Intimate Weddings!

We all love a wedding, that's for sure. And we were quite bummed about the lockdown and the ongoing pandemic affecting (or simply put, stopping) all the pre-planned weddings. However, ever since the lockdown happened, news of couples holding intimate weddings has been all over social media. While there have been a few more relaxations for intimate weddings, we cannot overlook all the wonderful small weddings that have happened during this time. These amazing couples have inspired us that irrespective of the situation, people who love each other can strive to build a lifeboat and sail through these problems, together. 

So, here are some inspiring couples that recently held Intimate Weddings in light of this pandemic!

Couples Who Had Intimate Weddings

Deepika & Chitang

Deepika Ghose, the infamous RCB girl, married her long time beau, Chitang, at an intimate wedding at her Nani's place. The couple had to cancel their lavish destination wedding in Thailand due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the decision to hold their intimate wedding with their friends and family was the right one, as overseas travel was basically off the table. The wedding was no less than a wonderful celebration, with Deepika donning the infamous Dil Gusdata lehenga for the ceremony. 

Tarini & Nikhil

Tarini and Nikhil were set to be married in Thailand, after a long romantic relationship and a very complicated long planning period. However, due to the pandemic rapidly spreading in South East Asia at that time, the couple had to, unfortunately, cancel their destination wedding. However, the couple's Delhi wedding was a bash, where their friends and family got together and helped them celebrate their union with the right amount of merry fun and tons and tons of serenading. 

Source TanDoneTara

Malvika & Akhil

One of the best news we heard during this lockdown was the court wedding of Content Creator Malvika Sitlani and her longtime beau Akhil. Having been together for almost 11 years, Malvika and Akhil got themselves married in court, having decided their relationship anniversary date to be their wedding anniversary date as well. From a romantic proposal in Greece to a small engagement party with their friends and family, and finally the court marriage, the #AkhilGotSomeMal was nothing less than a celebration! 

Pallabi & Francesco

Pallabi and Francesco are a couple that had their dream palatial wedding planned at a palace in Bikaner. The couple had everything planned to the last T, however, the pandemic had spread sporadically everywhere, including the groom's native nation Italy. With both their families unable to make their wedding and the hotels of Bikaner not allowing foreign residents to stay, the couple had to cancel their Bikaner wedding. However, with two friends bearing witness, the couple held an impromptu wedding in Thailand, where they were vacationing!

Samaira and Dhruv

Now, this is one of the most interesting intimate wedding we've seen during this lockdown. Samaira and Dhruv were set to be married in March 2020. However, the couple heard the news of the lockdown and knew very well that they'd have to bid sayonara to their big fat Indian wedding for at least a year. So, before the clock struck 12 on 24th March and the lockdown began, the couple and their family rushed to get them married, calling it the #LockDownWaliShaadi. The couple's wedding was impromptu yet surreal!

Chaitali & Nitin

Also known as the #PuriNitinKi Lockdown Wedding, Chaitali and Nitin's wedding was one for the keeps. For her intimate wedding, Chaitali wore a gorgeous pink saree from Meena bazaar and her Nani's vintage gold choker. Though before their wedding was a 12-hour madness marathon, the couple had quite a beautiful affair, with pheras being taken in the presence of their closest family. Plus, the couple's friends and relatives joined them over a zoom video call!

Megha & Tusshar

Megha and Tushar's intimate wedding was another fun affair to cover. The couple had to shrink their guest list down to 30, and the bride chose to wear her mom's gorgeous gold silk saree matched with some subtle makeup. The couple DIY-ed the entire decor with makeshift materials and the ever-blooming flowers. And even though they had never imagined it to be this way, it was wonderful to begin their forever. 

Nayaab & Nishant

High-School lovers, Nayaab & Nishant, wedding story was a viral sensation on every social media platform. With only 8 guests as a witness, the couple had a small wedding during the lockdown. However, what made headlines about this wedding was not what the bride wore but a LETTER written by the Naval Fighter Pilot aka her husband-to-be along with a funny reply from his Commanding Officer for seeking permission to get married during a global pandemic!

Source ShaadiSaga

Harkaran & Bhavdeep

Though Harkaran and Bhavdeep never imagined that they'd get married during a pandemic, they ended up having a wonderful and quaint wedding. With the help of their loved ones, this couple could finally pull-off their wedding beautifully while taking all safety measures well in advance. Bhavdeep was a viral bride on all social media platform, for she had paired her every outfit with a matching face mask, fashioned out of the same material as her outfit. 

Hardik & Nataša

You cannot deny that when Indian all-rounder cricketer Hardik Pandya dropped the big news on Sunday that he and his partner Nataša Stanković tied the knot in a secret intimate wedding ceremony AND are ready to welcome their first child, you all screamed and jumped a little with joy! Hardik and Nataša announced on Instagram to share the big news and left everybody completely awestruck. 

Credits: Hardik Pandya

Nupur & Ashwin

Not every day do we come across an eco-friendly 'green wedding'. Nupur and Ashwin are a couple that truly understood how the environment came before any celebration. They knew their facts and understood the kind of dent every Indian wedding hits the environment with, which is tons and tons of waste. Thus, the couple ensured that their oh-so-gorgeous intimate wedding in Pune produced minimal waste, which is an inspiration to all future intimate weddings! 

Neha & Lakshay

Neha and Lakshay decided to have their dream wedding after dating and being in a relationship for almost a decade. However, the coronavirus pandemic hit, they decided to hold an intimate wedding, which was beautiful beyond words! To top it off, the bride, Neha, decided to make her WEDDING OUTFIT FROM SCRATCH! How cool is that?


Just like them, there are many more couples who've had their intimate weddings during this time, and many more who might be having one as we speak. But the point is, despite the pandemic, the love is still alive enough amongst people to hold these events. For weddings aren't just about getting two people married. They're about gaining the courage to start a new life and face all odds together. Nonetheless, it doesn't also mean that we can't be safe while having a good time. So, stay safe and keep enjoying the #IntimateWedding season!


Don't you just love such quaint weddings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

These Couples Showed Us How To Have An Intimate Wedding In The Times Of Corona!

by Shivani Singh

These Couples Showed Us How To Have An Intimate Wedding In The Times Of Corona!