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In the wedding scene, be it extravagant decor or super simple ones, we like to believe that we’ve seen it all. But once in every few weeks or months, a new decor trend emerges who keeps our mouths hanging. One such trend which has been around for a while is a tree mandap.  

What’s a tree mandap you may ask? Well, it’s exactly what the name suggests it to be. It’s a mandap made between two trees or under one tree. All the setup work is done on the huge branches of the trees and you get to tie the knot with the love of your life right under it. Doesn’t it sound so exciting guys? And if not, we’re sure that you’re too gonna love this trend once you scroll through some of the best tree mandaps decor ideas we found at weddings. So, if you're planning to get hitched in an intimate wedding, then don't miss out on your tree mandap and create a stunning one for your small wedding! 

Tree Mandap Designs That You Can Try For Your Intimate Wedding!

Stunning Tree Mandap With Led Lights! 

We love how stunning this mandap looks overall. It’s got the perfect combination of grand (the stairs) and simplicity (tree mandap and backdrop). With just a little decoration and LED lights, this mandap is a beauty!  

A Tree Mandap With Hanging Mason Jars

Guys this is the easiest mandap one can create for their wedding. The mandap tree has beautiful mason jars on it as hangings and underneath, you can spot a very clean setup for you to tie the knot. 

Huge Tree With A Draped Three-Tiered Chandelier

Source Pinterest

Girls isn’t this such a lovely set up to get hitched? With those beautiful drapes hung on the huge trees and a three-tiered chandelier under which your love dreams can come true. 

An Alluring Mandap Set Up Under A Humongous Banyan Tree

Source Pinterest

Aren’t you just in awe after looking at this outstanding wedding setup? The mandap which is set on that humongous banyan tree is beyond words and the fact that all guests can watch the ceremony take place on those comfy sofas! Oh, and extra points for those steps which are leading right up to the mandap!

Strings Of Genda-Phool That Never Goes Wrong For The Mandap!

Another great find is this mandap setup around so many trees. Although the focus is on one tree which is decorated with marigold garlands in yellow and red, we love how those other trees are also playing a role as the backdrop for this wedding ceremony. This setup is subtle, easy to create, and just perfect for an intimate wedding. 

Unique Floral Chandelier Mandap That Is #Mandap Goals!

If you too want to be a little creative with your tree mandap and make it a tad grand, then take inspo from this mandap decor. It’s got a lovely flowy drape with a floral chandelier and candles on the side for the wedding ceremony. And we are head over heels for the small chandeliers that are all around the mandap. All in all, this is one hell of a mandap! 

A Banyan Tree With White Floral Hangings

The floral tree mandap is stealing our hearts away. I mean, just look at those white hanging flowers which are put on the big banyan tree. They work so magically that even the pictures have come out so well. Whoever is game for a white mandap setup should only opt for this white tree mandap!

These Tree Mandap's So Pretty That We Won't Mind Sitting All-Day-Long!

Guys, what is to not love in these gorgeous tree mandap setup? You’ve got hanging fringes, a royal exotic flowers backdrop, and super comfy seating. These tree mandap setups are so eye-pleasing that we had to just include this in the list of tree mandaps we were crushing on! 

A Pretty Tree Mandap Decor With Crochet Drapes

Next up is this tree mandap made from crochet drapes, flowers, and chandeliers. It’s grand, soft, colorful- basically, all the elements you want in your wedding decor. With just the right seating and colors, you’re good to choose this as your own Shaadi mandap! 

Stunning Suspended Foliage With Hues Of Pink!

Thinking to get married in an intimate affair? We suggest you go for a stunning mandap with suspended foliage paired with bright shades of pink fabric. To add a little drama pick some fresh flowers and fabrics and tie them all to a tree for your dream intimate mandap decor for your wedding day! 


So guys which tree mandap do you have your eyes on? Tell us in the comments section now! 

We are LOVING These Tree Mandap Ideas For Your Sweet & Simple Micro Wedding!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

We are LOVING These Tree Mandap Ideas For Your Sweet & Simple Micro Wedding!