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We at Shaadisaga have an undying love for everything that’s floral. Be it the bride and groom’s outfits, their jewellery & accessories, wedding invites or the scintillating decor, we can’t stop obsessing over florals. Period. Which is why even the littlest of floral element ends up catching our eye and we always end up crushing over it. And of course, writing about it!

One such decor element that can literally elevate any kinda decor and has struck a chord with our hearts are 'Floral chandeliers'. These exquisite additions to your wedding decor not only beautifies it but, also adds a touch of glam to the entire look and feel of the space. Be it finely done elegant and rustic ones or giant chandeliers heavily done in florals and greens; every kind of floral chandelier has its own undeniable charm. Furthermore, have them amped up with crystals and lights or candles and watch your venue take on a mystical heavenly aura. Basically, make sure to have floral chandeliers in your decor too!

To get an idea, have a look at some of the styles and designs we've listed here, and bookmark the ones you love!

Floral Chandelier Styles & Designs

1. Double layered floral setting

This huge chandelier setting in white and green ferns with ball lamps is leaving us wide-eyed! 

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2. Dining under the flowers

A beautiful rose and heavy foliage suspended arrangement instead of a light chandelier for the dining area.

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3. All white mandap setting

This chandelier setting with a variety of white blooms on a metal base is making up perfectly for the draped mandap ceiling.

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4. Unique rods and flower setting

This huge chandelier done with rods and hanging white floral garlands and amped up by golden lights is heavenly!

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5. Crystals for that added bling!

Just look at how those crystal bead strands are adding that oomph factor to the whole floral arrangement.

Source Tanvi & Co.

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6. A gorgeous tiered chandelier

This pink three-tiered chandelier with added crystal detailing above a floral bar is so dreamy.

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7. A surreal setting with electric candles

The serenity of this chandelier done in white hydrangeas, electric candles, and crystal chains is class apart. 

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8. Flowers + lights= Best combination ever

How magically is this tree corner decorated with glass chandeliers and waterfall floral chandeliers with hanging bulbs?

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9. A serene white affair

A breathtaking heavily floral all white chandelier.

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10. A heavy centerpiece installation for chandelier feels

Have a unique floral installation like this that perfectly makes up for both table centerpiece and a chandelier.

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11. Small chandeliers together make a big one.

Pretty white carnation and rose garlands making up small chandeliers that make up for a huge one.

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12. A dainty little affair

A small cage and foliage suspended hanging for the rustic feels.

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13. An all rose affair

How gorgeous is this all rose chandelier making up for the faux ceiling of this canopy vedi! WOW!

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14. A magical display

Floral and fern decoration on a metal base with cascading shimmery strings.

15. The scintillating combination of red and white

A heavy rose outlined chandelier with white cascading floral strings.

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16. Ferns and baby's breath

A bunch/bouquet of ferns and baby's breath for minimal feels.

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17. Fresh flowers and crystal adornments

A twinkling arrangement of pink and white blooms with hanging crystallized strings.

Source Pinterest

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18. A plethora of colorful blooms

This "white florals topped with colorful blooms" chandelier is so enchanting!

19. Minimalistic rustic setting

A light cane and rose hanging for this rustic canopy seating.

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20. Heavy waterfall chandelier

Have such whimsical rose and green leaves waterfall chandeliers anywhere at your venue!

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21. A multi-tiered floral chandelier

Such a striking pink and white chandelier for a peachy decor.

22. Crystal bead strings are the best!

A pretty floral arrangement on a metal base and loads of crystal strings make up this fancy chandelier.

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23. Spiraling all the way down.

Such a unique all-white spiral floral chandelier. So massive!

24. A cane basket chandelier

This is such an edgy and offbeat chandelier setting done with a cane basket so prettily decorated with flowers and lights!

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25. Hints of yellow for an all-white mandap!

A dainty little yellow and white floral chandelier for a simplistic mandap.

26. Shining and all red setting with a floral and lit up the ceiling

A stunning triple tiered chandelier with beaded crystals.

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Which floral chandelier design are you going to bookmark for yourself? Tell us now!

These Floral Chandeliers will give a Dreamy touch to your Wedding

by Divya Arora

These Floral Chandeliers will give a Dreamy touch to your Wedding