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When you decide to get married in a particular setting be it an indoor banquet, a resort or a beach, your mandap doesn’t only have to be the most gorgeous spot but, it also has to complement everything in your wedding, the decor, the lights, the venue. Can you imagine a blingy mandap with the backdrop of hills? Jeez, that would totally kill the vibe!

Syncing your mandap with the kind of wedding you're gonna have should be a thing of priority. And trust me, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You can go for a larger-than-life mandap or a mild yet pretty one as long as it goes well with the type of wedding you've decided to host. 

Below we've mentioned the best kind of mandaps that we thing would sync up perfectly with each kind of wedding. Scroll below and bookmark your favourites.

Mandap Decor Ideas according to Kinds of Weddings

1. For Breezy 'Beach' Wedding 

Beach weddings are a surreal affair and you can possibly explore any and every option for your beach wedding.

2. Traditional 'Indoor Banquet' Wedding 

Banquets are the perfect venue to have larger-than-life mandaps with lots of floral detailing.

3. Flambouyant 'Palace or Fort' Wedding

Destination weddings in palaces have wide sitting around the mandap and when so many eyes are going to be on it, it has to be all sorts of pretty.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

4. Lavish 'Resort' Wedding 

Having a Resort wedding? The possiblities are endless with resorts. You can have a pool-side mandap or just have a lavish set up with lots of floral and lighting details.

5. Serene 'Temple or Gurudwara' Wedding

Choose for subtle designs when you have a temple or gurudwara wedding. These holy places already have a charm of their own.

6. Extravagant 'Farmhouse' Wedding 

When it’s a farmhouse wedding, you can go for any kind of mandap. And, there’s nothing like too many flowers!

7. Enchanting 'Forest' Weddings

Forest weddings are extremely beautiful and lively. If you’re having a forest wedding, you can ditch drapes and basic flowers and go for wild ones with bamboo frames, fairy lights and lamps for legit enchanted vibes.

8. Laidback 'Home' Wedding

We love the concept of getting married in your own house and if you do too, here are some mandap options for you!

9. Scenic Wedding in the 'Hills' 

Hills and moutains are already such beautful looking destinations that you would really not need a lot of decorations but if you don't want to make any compromises then here are some options for you.


What kind of a wedding are you hosting? Tell us in the comments below!

Spectacular Mandap Decor Ideas for Every Kind of Wedding

by ShaadiSaga

Spectacular Mandap Decor Ideas for Every Kind of Wedding