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As much as your wedding mandaps and your beauteous entrances and walkways aggrandize your wedding decor, the seating areas or lounges leave an equally impressive impact on your guests. They're as much a part of your wedding decor and deserve equal thoughtful ideation for a remarkably outstanding look and feel to your wedding.

That being said, the seating areas have moved over the basic clothed table and chair arrangements and have gone all avant-garde with decorators putting their choicest best out there. Be it the out of the box chair decoration ideas, the luxe tablescapes or themed lounge areas, every facet of seating areas are being experimented with. One such seating decor idea that's caught our eyes this time is the canopy seating decor ideas.

Done in huge bamboo or wooden poles adorned with drapes, florals, and other unique elements, these tent style teepees are perfect to add that boho aura or fun-filled chiller vibe to your outdoor ceremonies. Scroll down below for some inspiration on the best seating areas with canopies and don't forget to incorporate them in your wedding decor!

Modern Canopy Seating Decor Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

1. Add the perfect boho charm to your wedding with this modern canopy seating decor idea in hues of sunshine yellow!

2. Complete with colorful streamers, cushions & rugs, this fun canopy seating decor idea is perfect for chic vibes.

3. This half draped minimally floral canopy overhead a rustic table seating is one helluva charmer.

4. Canopies covered in peachy drapes, bunched florals, and a pretty little dreamcatcher are some major contemporaries.

5. Absolutely simple canopy seating decor idea with colorful drapes and foliage wreaths!

6. Laden up your huge teepees with scintillating fairly lights and make up for one of the best seating areas with canopy by including beachy elements in your setting.

7. This tent style seating in colorful pastel hues with floral arrangements along with makes up for an eye-pleasing canopy seating decor idea.

8. We love how this tent style seating area in light hues and white blooms set the mood for a boho rustic sangeet.

9. Apt for brunches, these classy tent-inspired-lounges with elegant elements are surely going to up your decor game.

10. With a cute little decked up cage and drapes in pastel hues of green, this tent style canopy seating lounge is so whimsical.

11. Perfect for that bridal mehndi-haldi seating, this canopy arrangement with cane cages and cascading florals and ferns is beyond amazing for a rustic ceremony.

12. This latest canopy seating decor idea with sheer textured white drapes, loads of foliage and just the right amount of lights is super classy.

13. Done in hues of turquoise and white these canopy seatings amped up with a pop of yellow made the #ishqgunnaha pool party a high-spirited one.

14. This picnic-ish canopy seating decor idea is a perfect relaxing spot doubling up as a pretty photo op too.

Decor by Noor, Delhi

15. With bulbs, pink & fuchsia blooms, patterned rugs & cushions, and candle holders, this minimalistic & modern canopy seating decor idea is so fresh.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

16. Huge canopies marked the venue for Kaabia Grewal's tribal themed mehndi and we couldn't take our eyes off them!

17. A colorful cosy canopy nook with bunched florals atop!

18. Done simply in bulbs, and colorful cushions, this is one of the simplest yet alluring canopy seating decor idea we've come across.

19. Colorful seating with pastel-hued canopy decked up with fairy lights and rustic elements, this seating area has our hearts.

20. Done for a mehndi ceremony, this naked canopy seating by the beach is a treat to the eyes!

21. And how about these gorgeously lit up huge canopy seatings?


Let us know your favorite canopy design!

21 Canopy Seating Decor Ideas for Whimsical Wedding Vibes

by Divya Arora

21 Canopy Seating Decor Ideas for Whimsical Wedding Vibes