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We've said it a hundred times and we'll say it a hundred times more, the one aspect of weddings that's always brimming with something new for us is the wedding decor!

Pertaining to our habit of introducing you to the latest and freshest of ideas and inspirations for your wedding, we're found blogging about the latest trends and fads too often. It's not just our duty that we abide by but, our sheer love for discovering everything unique and going berserk over it. 

For today, we've housed a few unique mandap ideas and designs in this blog that you'd have never seen before. If different, eclectic and beyond imagination is what you crave for your wedding decor then, keep scrolling because we bet these latest mandap ideas and styles are without a doubt going to grab all eyeballs. And well, they might even steal the couple's charm tbh (sorry, we're not sorry :P).

So we're saying, if minimal mandaps or even exceptionally beautiful mandaps is not what you want and you rather want something that's out of the box yet remarkable, then, have your bucket of "oh my god(s)" ready! These ideas are going to get you all amazeballin' hard, bhot hard!

Edgy & Most Unique Mandap Ideas That You Won't Stop Ogling At

1. A floating mandap with lotuses around!

Centered with a pond full of huge lotus leaves and lotuses, this heavily branched rustic mandap laden with flowers and foliage is one of the latest mandap ideas we've spotted. Imagine taking your dreamy pheras in such a bewitching and soothing setup!

2. A popular mandap idea that's a reflection of everything beautiful.

This mandap done in glass pillars and lavender flowers headed with white floral runner would make for a perfect decor highlight amidst the vast waters and clear skies. Standing upright in its own beauty while reflecting the prettiness that's around, this is one of the best mandap ideas we've come across.

3. A mystical Anand Karaj setup.

This setup is such an elegant mix of rustic and class. While the foliage garlands, the floral chandelier, and the floral printed drapes give the foresty feels, the beaded crystal strings decking up the entire setup adds the right amount of glimmer needed.

4. A simplistic yet out-of-the-box latest mandap idea.

Done in a side-swept floral outlined drapes, foliage and flower setting and Morrocan lamps, this minimalistic bamboo mandap is an absolute beaut! The warmth of this mandap design would surely add loads to the auspicious phera ceremony.

5. The way this unique mandap design blends in with the picturesque location!

Yet another modern mandap design done in mirrors and neatly arranged white blooms with a draped ceiling and white chairs. Perfect in the shining sun, we're absolutely heart-ing this unique mandap idea.

6. A magical setup for the couple's Lavan ceremony.

This peach and ivory-hued setting blossoming with colorful flowers, tuberose chandeliers, and other floral elements set this decor apart from the rest in a breathtaking way!

7. A floral dream floating in the middle of the pool.

Set on the pool, this metal structured mandap style heavily laden with spiraling and cascading florals in hues of pink and white is sheer opulence with a hooking charm.

Source DNS Events

Source DNS Events

8. Is that the epitome of serenity?

This all floral layered mandap with a whiff of multiple dimension is worth every penny. For that matter, no other hue could have added the inexplicable grace to this latest mandap idea like the color white does!

9. A unique shaped rustic mandap setting!

The structure is entirely decked up with lush green ferns and foliage with a spiraling floral arrangement which makes the entire setup a sight to behold!

10. A well-defined floral galore!

Made with fresh and real flowers, this mandap setting with a white floral backdrop and a dome with cascading garlands is literally mind-boggling for its expanse. Topping it off perfectly is the precisely defined shape of the ceiling and the entire setup for that matter. 

Source Lightworkx

11. A forest straight out of a fairytale.

We love how this foliage lined aisle leads up to an open mandap setting with huge trees adorned with cascading wisteria garlands and flowers. The whimsical vibes of this mandap setting are unreal.


Let us know which popular mandap idea caught your eye and made it into your hearts!

11 NEVER SEEN BEFORE Mandap Designs that'll Leave You Speechless!

by Divya Arora

11 NEVER SEEN BEFORE Mandap Designs that'll Leave You Speechless!