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The other day this couple who proved us that nothing can come in between them (Yeah, not even Coronavirus), today we have high school lovers who got married by having only 8 guests as attendees while others showering their blessings via zoom video call. What made headlines about this wedding was not what the bride wore but a LETTER wrote by a Naval Fighter Pilot aka her husband-to-be and a funny reply from his Commanding Officer for seeking permission to get married during a global pandemic. From asking Nayaab 'Will you marry me, tomorrow' to seeking 'Permission To Bite The Bullet' this intimate 'Cowed20' wedding is the best thing you have ever come across!  

Introducing Our High-School Lovers, Nayaab & Nishant!

"We first met at school. He a 12th-grade bully and me an 8th-grade rebel. Without even talking to each other we knew we didn't see eye to eye on many things. Cut to 13 years later, He a Naval Fighter Pilot and me a Bollywood Celebrity Stylist We randomly bumped into each other at a common friend's house. A few drinks down, the awkward memories we had of each other from school had been washed away and we felt now, that maybe we could kinda get along. He had to leave for Goa the next morning but by the end of that night, he knew that something had changed in him forever and that he was intrigued beyond restraint. From that day on he named me “Trouble”. He knew I was in trouble, and after meeting me, he was in deeper trouble. He got my number somehow and we began a saga of sleepless nights of pursuing me through msgs and calls," said Nayaab Randhawa.  

A Unique Skydive Proposal

Well, almost after 2.5 years of bliss passed by in a whiff these twosomes like travel hungry souls backpacked and started travelling together to countries every year. The surprise that was yet to come in Nayaab's life was something that she had no clue about. She said, "He learned that I had a fear of heights, so on one such trip in the Philippines and without me having the faintest clue of what we were up for that day... He made me do a skydive. I had no clue, I was told 5 minutes before that I was jumping 10,000 ft from a plane. When I finally touched my feet to the ground, I saw him standing there on the runway with a portable speaker on his side playing our favourite song I always knew any big events in our life would have something to do with a plane. Less did I know he would throw me off one. If you ask him, he would say he tried to get rid of me by throwing me off a plane and he was disappointed that the parachute worked and I survived. Hence, he had no option but to bend the knee and present me with a shiny rock and beg for my forgiveness and settle for a lifetime of slavery. Post the proposal, I happily took up the offer and moved to Goa to live with me."  

Posting her love story & announcing the world that Hey! I Said YES, she wrote down, "Early this year I was thrown off a plane without a fair warning. Last week I get a message saying 'Let's get married tomorrow'. I think this time around I was glad to be given at least a few hours heads up. Whoever knows the two of us can vouch that we only bring out the crazy side of each other. And just like that, we took the plunge." 

#LivingroomWedding in Goa

What will be your reaction when your fiancé pops up the question of 'Will you marry me, tomorrow'? Ahem, excited & confused, right? This is exactly what happened with Nayaab. She said, "A few months later during the lockdown due to Covid-19... on a random Saturday morning when I was away at work, I think he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Because out of nowhere he just messaged me 'Do you wanna get married tomorrow'?… I obviously thought he was joking but soon I realised he was either serious or maybe outta his mind. I asked him just one question "Does it involve me jumping out of a plane again?" and since I was curious to find out... I said yes only to see what happens next." 

"So Nishant got outta bed and started making all the arrangements. Somewhere in between all of it, in about less than 15 minutes, keeping with the traditions of the Indian Navy, he also wrote a letter to his Commanding officer for permission to get married. He then delivered it by hand to his Commanding Officers' house in the evening. He managed to get over the initial shock of this impulsive decision and he gave Nishant Singh the approval with a heavy heart. We informed our parents about our decision at 8 pm that night and they didn't know how to react. The next day before noon, in a crisp 20-minute living room wedding, among 7-8 people while maintaining the proper norms of social distancing and we wore our masks whenever required, and Nishant’s commanding officer and his wife were one of the attendees whereas our parents and my sister based in the US was on a "zoom" call we were married," said Nayaab Randhawa. 

For her #lockdownwedding our bride decides to add a new attire when was nothing but a face mask. As everything was planned overnight, she didn't carry any Indian clothes in Goa as she just moved in there. Not having many options in her hand Nayaab picked a stunning nude colour suit paired beautifully with Patiala. Wanting to add a personal touch to her bridal outfit, she wore a gorgeous red threadwork dupatta that belonged to her mother. "I paired the entire look with silver chaandbaalis and metallic bangles. I did my make-up, keeping the look simple I wore a red bindi to match the dupatta, kohl in my eyes, and red lipstick," said our bride. 

Not only this, but they also had a Pandit Ji who performed a 15-minute Hindu ceremony, and Nayaab being a Sikh bride had her friends Buaji who did a 5-minute Sikh ceremony after that. 

The Story Behind The Viral Wedding Invitation Letter  

Coming from a Navy background myself there is a military tradition where an officer writes a letter to his Commanding Officer (CO) to seek permission to get hitched. Where it's the same plain old mundane letter that is followed from years, Nishant, our groom of the day decided to go little Hatke and rather an eccentric way and wrote an unusual letter that went viral like a fire. Nayaab said, "After the ceremony, we had popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated till night with our friends. By the time we got out of the hangover of the day. We were hit by absolutely unexpected news. Nishant being who he is, went the eccentric way and his CO played along. Nishant’s letter to his Commanding Officer (CO) and his reply had gone viral on social media. All of a sudden my phone wouldn't stop buzzing and apart from friends and family and acquaintances,  News channels, websites, and journalists were trying to get in touch with us. We had no clue what hit us."

She also added, "For an event that was initially a small private affair, it landed up being celebrated with the world. I’m glad we were able to bring some cheeky little joy during these dull times."

Suggestions For The Brides Who Have Postponed Or Cancelled Their Wedding

Luckily Goa was declared as a Green Zone and the couple didn't face any such problems during their #lockdownwedding. Keeping it simple and intimate while maintaining social distancing with few people to attend the ceremony was their plan for their wedding day. 

"We had initially planned to get married at the end of the year. But seeing the current pressing situation in the world we knew there would be a possibility that we would have to push it to next year. It didn't practically make sense to wait longer. Hence, we just abruptly decided and took the plunge and postponed the celebrations for later. Postponing or cancelling may be the safest option now. Otherwise, there is always the option of having an intimate "Cowed20" wedding like ours."

While the couple might throw a party to all their friends and loved ones post lockdown. Let us know if you're planning to get married like them & we would LOVE to feature you! 


From their viral letter to an intimate at-home wedding, what did you like the most from this wedding? Tell us in the comment section below!

#Viral: Navy Fighter Pilot Seeked 'Permission To Bite The Bullet' For His Bride!

by Chandni Kumar

#Viral: Navy Fighter Pilot Seeked 'Permission To Bite The Bullet' For His Bride!