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Ah! What a sigh of relief for the couples out there whose weddings had been postponed & cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Well, we have a piece of happy news for you wherein you could FINALLY get married inviting 50 guests as a limit while ensuring all safety guidelines as per the Government of India.

Psst... #lockdownwedding in western countries & especially in India are becoming a new trend among couples where one could see the bride, groom & their loved ones wearing face masks, gloves & sanitising their hands, which looks like a #newnormal around the globe! Catching up like a fire & how today we have a pretty couple who went down from 300 guests to about 30 guests & celebrated their #FinallyMeTu with their fam-jam! Be it wearing a stunning gold vintage tissue saree of her mother, decorating her home aka wedding venue all by herself, or having a virtual wedding with about 150 guests over a zoom call. This Delhi wedding of Megha & Tusshar captured beautifully by Gautam Khullar Photography is the best thing that you'll see today! 

Introducing Megha & Tusshar's Lockdown Wedding 

Arrange or love marriage? Love is something, which defeats everything and makes a tough time even more beautiful when you have your partner beside you. Our bride of the day, Megha says, "Throughout our lives, Tusshar and I were both skeptical of getting married and could never even imagine an arranged marriage being the way forward for us, but then we found each other. Rather, we both found someone who would break those walls and makes it seamless." As they say that it is 'written in the stars' these twosomes started meeting quite frequently and all their doubts & apprehensions quickly went away cos all they wanted is now to grow older with each other. 

Having a great bond and a wonderful relationship with each other she says, "It was a feeling neither of us had felt before. We had the shortest time to plan our wedding but within a couple of weeks, we had finalized on our destination wedding to be on the 13th of April at the ITC Mughal Agra, until the pandemic came upon us all." 

Ugh.. the country declared a nationwide lockdown amidst coronavirus & what led from a destination wedding to at-home wedding was beautiful beyond words! "The following lockdown paused all our wedding plans indefinitely. Not knowing any way forward we sat confused and disappointed. We decided that the best way to kick start our new lives, is an intimate wedding, with our close families, following all possible safety guidelines. So as soon as we were given relief by the government is when we started planning it again," said Megha. 

Haldi & Chooda Ceremony

Never imagined that her dream wedding could be planned in such a way she said, "With the unforeseen scenario of the pandemic being together in this time of separation was all we wanted. Never would we ever be in this state of complete togetherness. As soon as the lockdown was relieved we took just a week to organize everything. With an overly enthusiastic group of family and friends organizing it all felt like a piece of cake. Hence a quarantined wedding is all we needed." Hence, #FinallyMeTu started her celebrations in full swing! Adorning her hands with a simple mehndi design Megha enjoyed her haldi & chooda ceremony with her close family members & friends! 

Dapper Groom With A Peach Safa

Here comes the wedding day. Awaiting for his princess to join hands for the rest of his life. Tusshar looked dapper by pairing up a peach safa with a stunning gold brooch. With his white & black sherwani on point, he added a three-stringed pearl necklace, which made him a handsome groom.  

A Stunning Bride All In Golden

Just like her fiancé, our bride decided to look like a million bucks & we are crushing over her bridal look. Where everything just fell into its place she said, "The idea of the whole look was to bring back times when weddings used to happen at the homes of the bride. Going back to the 20s and taking inspiration from India’s royal Maharanis, I chose the tissue sari with a tight bun."

Keeping the bridal makeup warm, minimal and focusing more on the jewellery & saree for the day-wedding, Gomit Chopra did his magic with his makeup skills and revealed that "our team ensured all the pre, during and post sanitisation measures while giving our bride the flawless look for her big day." Making her look fuller Megha realised over the years that center hair partings work well on her face and Deepak Sheshodiya hairstylist did it beautifully. 

Also, don't forget to bookmark her multi-coloured choker with studded long pearl earrings that are simply Whoa!

And, Here Comes Our Blushing Bride, Megha!

With a sudden approach in wedding planning, Megha tells us, "Honestly, wanting to do 4 to 5 events for 3 days now feels like a complete waste in this time of excess and planning this wedding at home couldn’t have felt more fruitful." Owning a clothing brand Megha decided to keep the heritage alive for her bridal look and thus, picked her mother's vintage saree that she made years ago. Where reducing the guests' list from 300 guests to 30 guests seemed hard to come to terms with in the beginning but soon enough they realised it's the wedding that matters the most with their close family members and friends.  

Ring Ceremony With An Amazing DIY Decor

Successfully sticking to 30 guests their wedding bells started with exchanging rings. "Doing the DIY décor with makeshift materials and the ever-blooming flowers we are seeing around us these days, we created backdrops from which we would get stunning photographs with an excellent background with florals. We literally had to personally cut off spring flowers from the trees around our house and we just aimed to limit external interference," said Megha. 

Rose Jaimala With A Tinge Of White!

With a gorgeous decor setup & enthusiastic guests, they exchanged floral jaimala that looked super-duper elegant & chic. Having the liberty to invite guests for your intimate home wedding there lies many precautions that you must take care of. Due to COVID-19 Megha & Tusshar maintained all safety measures for their lockdown wedding and highlighted some key pointers such as: 

  • We were very sure that ours and other people's safety was the most important for us. Hence keeping emotions aside we made sure we had a very limited gathering of 30 people regardless of the 50 people limit given.
  • My cousins and I also did the decor, the food was all prepared at home and PPE kits along with masks and gloves provided to all.
  • Secondly, there is nothing you can’t do yourself. Be it decor, outfits, food, you just gotta be creative and have some fun with it. 

7 Pheras & A Coy Bride

Next up was the time for wedding rituals. With a blushing bride and dapper groom, they had a fun-filled Phera ceremony with photos that are immensely heart-warming to ogle at! PS: Don't miss out on the cutest expression of this bride while taking her wedding vows... 

Sindoor & Mangalsutra Ceremony

Post the 7 Pheras it was now time for sindoor and mangalsutra ceremony. Guests enjoying the ceremonies wearing face masks, our couple was having a gala time & measuring to live their wedding day to the fullest. Check out their candid photographs clicked by renowned Gautam Khullar that are jaw-dropping! 

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Arora

"They knew it. Time, distance, nothing could separate them. Because they knew. It was right. It was real."

- Annie (Ryan)

Wasn't this Quarantined home wedding just wonderful? "Having the support of over 150 people over zoom call and our dear friends Gomit Chopra and Gautam Khullar agreeing to do my makeup and our photography was just perfect. I can't thank enough to everyone for coming together & making this possible," said Megha. 

Sweet Blessings With Tips For Brides-To-Be!

And, lastly what's a wedding without a delicious wedding cake & guests showering their blessings? From cake cutting ceremony to tons of hugs & kisses to the newly-married couple, this wedding was filled with sweet blessings. With her own experience & learning our bride of the day has some tips & suggestions for the brides-to-be who are getting married soon during the coronavirus outbreak: 

  • I would like to tell the brides who are feeling terrible at this time of crisis to not lose hope and remember love is over everything. I don’t think a generic wedding would have been as fun as this was.
  • Believe in your gut. Do exactly what you feel would make you happy and never settle. If this is what you want you’ll make it work if not I’d suggest waiting it out. It’s a memory of a lifetime. 
  • For all the upcoming brides wanting to get married at this time, we would just like to say be brave and be loving. It all just works out in the end.


Photography: Gautam Khullar Photography | Venue: Bride's Home | Bride's Outfit: MKRL | Makeup Artist: Gomit Chopra | Hairstylist: Deepak Sheshodiya | Decoration: By bride and her cousins


 Wonderful Delhi wedding, isn't it? Share your thoughts on intimate weddings in the comment section below. 

With ONLY 30 Guests, This Bride Wore Her Mom's Sari For Her #LockdownWedding

by Chandni Kumar

With ONLY 30 Guests, This Bride Wore Her Mom's Sari For Her #LockdownWedding