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Love always finds a way. Isn't that what we all want to hear? Especially at a time like this. So, when we heard about a wedding that happened literally a few hours before the nationwide lockdown, we just knew that it was something worth sharing. This beautiful story is about Samaira and Dhruv, which is a true example of the statement 'saved by the bell'. Something that started with a tattoo and continues, despite the little 'speed bumps'. 

Introducing Samaira and Dhruv's #LockDownWaliShaadi

"We met on 23rd November 2015 for the first time. I wanted to get a tattoo and somehow I got into touch with him (Dhruv) instead of the studio I was looking for. Dhruv is a tattoo artist himself, so I approached him for my tattoo. So, I went to his studio and got a tattoo of my father," Samaira recalls, "I was so quiet during the process but he thought there is some kind of connection between us."

Initially, despite the chemistry between them, Samaira and Dhruv never really had a long conversation. It wasn't until after a while when Samaira received a Republic Day's message from him and they started talking once again. And this time, it was more than a mere 'hello' and 'goodbye'. The conversation between the two lasted for hours, which went on for over a week. Soon, Samaira and Dhruv found themselves closer than ever, despite their seven-year age gap. 

After almost a year of dating, the couple decided to get even more serious about their relationship, "On his birthday, 6th December, we decided to tell our parents about our relationship. I met his parents for the first time at his place and I remember being so nervous that I was shivering. But they made me feel so comfortable in a matter of time that the fear just went away."

While things went smoothly with Dhruv's parents, Samaira's mother was a slightly different story. But the families got together once more for Dhruv's elder brother's destination wedding. And it was here where Samaira's mother was truly impressed by the man her daughter had chosen to be with. Soon, by the end of 2018, the couple celebrated their Roka ceremony and everything just seemed to be falling in its place. The wedding date was set to be 25th March 2020 and everyone was set to have the wedding of a lifetime. 

But fate had other plans in store for the unlikely couple. 

Their Wedding Against All Odds

With wedding preparations in full swing, the couple and their loved ones were all excited about the wedding. The preparations were done, venues booked, invites sent, vendors booked. However, within two days, authorities regulated and changed rules for gatherings due to the Coronavirus outbreak and announced that no more than 50 people are allowed to attend any wedding. Yet, the couple was ready for this as well. Even though the families considered postponing the wedding, Samaira and Dhruv were adamant about not postponing their wedding. After all, they had waited for four years for this moment, and postponing was not on the cards at all. 

However, lightning struck once more, when the Coronavirus situation got even more severe and on 24th March, at 8 PM, the Prime Minister announced a nationwide lockdown past midnight. The lockdown meant that the wedding's postponement to an undecided future date was imminent. 

Recounting the rush of emotions of both, Samaira went on to tell her story, "And that's when we decided that we have to get married now before everything gets locked down. All of our family members were on their feet to get this done. They rushed to get all the stuff and picked up the Pandit Ji from the temple and soon everything was arranged at Dhruv's place."

With the groom's house as the venue, the couple got married before the clock struck 12 AM.

"Our distant family members witnessed the rituals and blessed us on video calls. It was quite a feat, but we started our path together in this lockdown and it felt wonderful." 

Talk about being saved by the bell! Samaira and Dhruv are just one of the many people, whose weddings were affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. The thought of postponing their wedding after waiting for so long was dreadful. Yet, their rush of emotions at that moment gave birth to a story that they can retell their kids and their kids many years later. Honestly, this is going to be one heck of a wedding story to recall in the future.

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What do you think of this shotgun wedding before the lockdown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

#LockDownWaliShaadi: This Couple Got Married Before The Clock Struck 12 AM

by Shivani Singh

#LockDownWaliShaadi: This Couple Got Married Before The Clock Struck 12 AM