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Source: Amrit Kaur Artistry; Meraki by Ritika

For every bride-to-be, her wedding day is a fairytale in the making, and she's the radiant protagonist. In this magical journey towards the aisle, makeup artists play a pivotal role, turning brides into the best versions of themselves on their special day. But as these makeup maestros work their magic, there are countless untold secrets, unspoken thoughts, and invaluable tips that they long to share.

In a world that celebrates flawless looks and Instagram-worthy beauty, makeup artists are the unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all happen. Whether you're a bride-to-be eagerly preparing for your wedding day or simply a makeup enthusiast curious about the behind-the-scenes magic, get ready for an illuminating exploration. So today, we unveil the inside opinions and thoughts of makeup artists that they've been itching to share with you!

Scroll down and witness as we reveal things makeup artists want you to know but will not tell you directly!

Things MUA's Want You To Know

1. Fairness Isn't Always Lovely

It's mostly ashy. India is, unfortunately, a country obsessed with light skin tones, despite it's mostly wheatish or dusky population. While things are changing slowly and more people are embracing their complexions, many are still stuck on the 'Fair & Lovely' concept of beauty.

One MUA reveals, "I have so many brides who come to me and tell me they want to look fair on their wedding day. Most of them want me to apply a foundation that's at least three shades lighter and does not understand that a lighter foundation will make them look ashy. Unfortunately, the unrealistic, and frankly racist, beauty standard drilled into their heads is the culprit here. It takes a lot of counselling and convincing with such brides to let go of that notion and let us apply the shade that matches their skin tone."

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2. Your Reference Image Is Just That- A Reference

Despite your deepest desires, you cannot replicate your reference image to the T. Your makeup artist can create a look that is similar to it, but not clone it. Often, the references brides compile are from platforms like Instagram or Pinterest (or even their friend's wedding pictures) which generally feature models whose faces have been tuned and airbrushed digitally to look even more appealing. Similarly, not every kind of eye makeup suits every person. Eg. not everyone can pull off smokey eyes. However, a makeup artist has to work on your skin, and in reality, no skin can ever look as smooth and filtered as it does online. So, ask your MUA to create a similar look, not replicate it. 

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3. Your MUA Cannot Reshape Your Face

A Popular makeup artist revealed that she often meets brides who want to change the shape of their face using makeup, "They'll often say that they saw a video on Instagram where the makeup was done in such a way that a round-faced person ended up looking like they had a long yet small face. It kind of made no sense but at the same time, considering the way digitally altered makeup videos are rampantly consumed by people, it wasn't surprising. However, I always tell my brides that while I can add depth to their faces or sharpen their features (albeit with a lot of makeup) I cannot reshape their original face structure. And if you do choose to get a very heavy makeup look, you will look cakey in real life. Ultimately, the choice is theirs."

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4. Please Don't Expect Freebies

Source Amrit Kaur

"Please stop asking your makeup artists to do free makeup for guests, bridesmaids or family members. It is not only impolite but also devalues our work," one bridal MUA speaks, "Generally, when I take a bridal makeup booking, I throw in something complimentary, like a free party makeup for one of her functions, or maybe like a free hairdo. However, it irks me when brides or their relatives ask me to do free makeup for others. First of all, I don't have that kind of time. Second, if I'm not charging for my services, I will want to decline but the whole situation becomes very awkward."

It's important to recognize the value of a makeup artist's work and compensate them fairly for their time, expertise, and the products they use. If you're on a tight budget, consider discussing rates, negotiating a package deal, or seeking makeup artists who offer more affordable services rather than expecting them to work for free.

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5. Stop Letting Others Dictate How You Should Look On Your Wedding Day

Source Amrit Kaur

Okay, here's the deal. It is YOUR wedding day. It shouldn't matter what your mother, sister, mother-in-law or your uncle's sister's daughter's cousin has to say about your makeup look. Everyone is free to offer suggestions to you. However, ultimately you must decide what you want on your wedding day. If you want red lipstick, go for red lipstick! If you want tons of highlighter, go for it! Your makeup look is a decision you should take with your makeup artist only. Everything else is a welcome suggestion only.

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6. Makeup Is Not Magic

"Once, I had a bride and her mother who came in with the image of Aishwarya Rai from Devdas and wanted me to make her look like her. Not just as a reference, but she actually wanted to look like Aishwarya. I tried my best to replicate the look, but ultimately, it was an impossible task. Makeup cannot make you look like a Bollywood celebrity. In the end, despite looking beautiful, she left unsatisfied with her final look and I felt terrible as well considering how much effort I put into her bridal makeup look. Since then, I always tell my brides to keep realistic expectations and remind them that makeup is done to enhance natural beauty rather than mask it."

Makeup, when done skillfully, can enhance one's features, hide imperfections and create stunning transformations. However, it doesn't perform magical, permanent changes. Makeup artists want to manage clients' expectations and ensure they understand that makeup is temporary and can be washed off. Fortunately, you'll have your wedding pictures which will immortalise your makeup artist's handiwork.

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7. There's No Such Thing As A 'No Makeup' Look Without Makeup

The extremely popular and viral 'No Makeup' look is what every bride wants. But it would be better to call it a 'Minimal Makeup Look'. However, what most brides do not understand is that this wrongfully named look can be quite deceptive for those who do not understand makeup that well. Ultimately, even to look natural in your wedding pictures, you need a little makeup. 

One makeup artist says, "While the whole point of the 'no makeup' look is to look as natural as possible, it doesn't mean that there is no makeup involved. To achieve the appearance of having no makeup on, we use makeup products strategically. This can involve using foundation to even out skin tone, concealer to cover blemishes, mascara to enhance eyelashes and other makeup techniques to create a subtle, natural enhancement. More often than not, this look is reliant on makeup to achieve its desired effect."

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8. Say No To Bad Breath

This may sound brutal, but unfortunately, in the frenzy of the wedding functions, brides often forget that their breath starts smelling. An MUA revealed, "It's not uncommon for brides to have bad breath and it's nothing to be embarrassed about. However, it is very uncomfortable for a makeup artist to work on them if their breath smells, considering how close we have to get to them to work on their faces. So, please brush your teeth or use mouth freshener before sitting for makeup."

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9. MUAs Are Human Too. Please Be Kind

"I cannot stress how many times brides (or their family members) have been rude towards me or my team. As makeup artists, we are in a professional relationship with our clients and expect to be treated with courtesy and respect. After all, we're human and being kind towards us contributes to a positive experience for both parties and enhances the overall quality of service you receive."

Stories of rude brides or even rude guests are pretty common within the MUA circle. However, displaying good etiquette and manners towards your makeup artist is not only a sign of respect but also helps build a professional and collaborative relationship, ensuring that you achieve the makeup look you desire.

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10. Black Smokey Eye Isn't For Everyone, Unfortunately

"Smokey eyes are a timeless trend, sure," a popular makeup artist reveals, "But it doesn't mean it will suit your face. If you have small eyes, it will only make your eyes appear smaller and would not suit your facial features."

Not every person can pull a black smokey eye off. On certain features, the eye makeup may end up looking like panda eyes. Therefore, let your MUA assess your features correctly before going in for any kind of eye makeup look. If you want to get smokey eyes done, then ask your bridal makeup artist if they can tailor the look to your specific features. After all, there are various ways to adapt the smokey eyes look to suit individual preferences and features. 

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11. Please Stop Experimenting With Your Bridal Hairstyles

"Choice of weird hairstyles is a major problem. I feel classic understated hair never goes out of style. Your hair & makeup should be so on point that even after 20 years if you look at your wedding pictures you should not regret your decision."

Of course, many hairstyles come and go in vogue. Some of them can feel very cringe down the years (Ahem! beehives & hair puffs). However, what might be considered "weird" or unconventional to one person may be a perfect expression of style and personality for another. Still, makeup artists always advise their brides to go with natural and effortless looks that are easy to carry throughout the function. If it's too complicated, it may hamper your comfort. Unique can often become wacky. So, be careful when you're finalising your bridal hairstyle. 

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12. Glossy Lips Are Fun But Not Long Lasting

"Glossy lips are all the rage these days. In fact, as a bridal makeup artist, I love doing a juicy glossy lip. However, they do not last at all. This is why I always tell my brides this and also tell them to carry lipstick or matching gloss to refresh the look as and when required. It's a bit troublesome, but there's no other option when you choose a glossy lip."

To ensure your makeup stays fresh and looks its best throughout a long event, many makeup artists recommend opting for matte or satin lipsticks with good staying power. These formulations tend to be more resilient and require fewer touch-ups. However, if you love the look of glossy lips, you can still use a gloss but consider using it as a topcoat over a more long-lasting lipstick or lip liner to enhance the shine without compromising longevity. Additionally, carrying a small touch-up kit with your chosen lip products, like lipstick & lip gloss, can help you maintain your desired lip look throughout the event.

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13. Punctuality Is Very Important

"While most of my brides have been on time, there are always a few out of a dozen who are either late for the appointment or make me wait even if I've reached the location on time. Sometimes, I have back-to-back brides booked. And delay from even one of them can upset my entire schedule. Honestly, the situation is very infuriating sometimes."

As mentioned by a makeup artist above, punctuality is very important when it comes to your bridal makeup appointment. Wedding days are meticulously planned, with various events and activities scheduled throughout the day. Being punctual for your makeup appointment ensures that your makeup artist can stick to the agreed-upon timeline. Delaying the makeup process can set back the entire schedule, potentially causing stress and anxiety for everyone involved.

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14. Just Because It's Trendy, Doesn't Mean It's For You

Not all makeup trends are wedding-worthy. When it comes to your wedding, you want to look amazing, sure. And certain makeup trends surely work in such cases. However, there can be some trends that look great on the runway or the Gram, but not so much in your wedding album. While incorporating some elements of current trends can be fun and fashionable, it's essential to balance this with considerations of timelessness and personal authenticity to ensure that you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

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15. Say Yes To Skincare, But Be Wary Of Skin Hacks

"I once had a bride who was convinced by a beautician to wax her face just a few days before her wedding. Result- her entire face was riddled with 1st-degree burns and pimples that formed as a reaction to the post-waxing oil blocking her pore. It was a nightmare. She was crying right before her wedding because of how her skin looked. However, I soothed her and tried my best to give her a makeup look that hid the scarring and acne without looking too cakey. This is why I always tell brides to invest in good skincare and beauty treatments but be wary of any kind of 'hacks' people may suggest for they may hack your skin for good."

As the artist mentioned above, it is very important to be careful with your skin before your wedding. Go for facials only at a trusted beautician, choose skincare that suits your skin and specifically stay away from 'skincare hacks' that may harm more than heal. 

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16. Yes, You NEED That Lip Liner

On the subject of lip liners, we've had several MUAs talk about how many brides don't want it, "Some brides are very picky about the makeup that goes on their face. Some will say things like they don't want lipliner applied because it looks very prominent, and others will rebel against eyeliner. But to make them understand the importance of certain makeup items can be challenging sometimes. Sometimes, I just wanna tell them that yes, they NEED this product."

It's important to trust your makeup artist. They know the purpose of each product being used on your skin. Therefore, even if you're not applying them regularly, consider it a professional touch!

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17. No One Enjoys Being Compared To Others

"Honestly, being a bridal makeup artist is a skill that comes after years of hard work and practice. And everyone has a certain style of doing makeup. No makeup artist likes being compared to another. That's why anytime this happens to me, especially while performing a service, it irks me out," says a prominent makeup artist. Makeup artists should be appreciated and recognized for their talents, styles, and contributions to the beauty industry. Rather than making comparisons, it's more constructive to appreciate the diversity and creativity that each makeup artist brings to their craft. Every artist has something unique to offer, and celebrating these differences enriches the makeup artistry profession as a whole.

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18. Don't Book Before You Look!

"Never, ever book a makeup artist for your wedding before checking out their work and reviews. As a recognised MUA myself, I always advise others to do their research before finalising an artist for their wedding. Instead of feeling frustrated about not getting the look you want or dictating how the look should be every step of the way, get a makeup artist who aligns with the look you want for the big day.

Booking a bridal makeup artist without first examining their portfolio is a risky decision. A makeup artist's portfolio is a valuable tool that allows you to assess their skills, style, and suitability for your wedding. By doing your due diligence and reviewing their work, you increase the likelihood of a successful and satisfying bridal makeup experience.

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19. Communication Is Key

"Tell your MUA what you want. We would want our brides to be particular about their looks and share reference images well in advance which will give us an idea of how they like their makeup. We want them to tell us what they like and dislike. This will help us to give them their dream look."

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20. Trust Your MUA

"If your bride constantly keeps questioning you about what you're doing or why you're using a certain product or if the look will turn out fine, she has little faith in you. And honestly, that's hurtful. It's essential to trust your makeup artist for them to create the wedding look you desire."

Trusting your bridal makeup artist is fundamental to achieving the wedding look you desire and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience on your special day. Furthermore, trusting your makeup artist allows you to fully enjoy the pampering and transformation process.

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21. Don't Come In With Dirty Hair

Source Amrit Kaur

"Call it a pet peeve, but coming into your hair appointment with dirty hair is a big no-no. I always remind my brides to either wash their hair the night before or make sure they're washed at least three to four hours prior. Dirty hair would require us to first wash the bride's hair which takes up too much time. Furthermore, freshly washed hair can be a bit tough to style and requires too much styling product, which can feel uncomfortable later."

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22. Last Minute Changes Will Cost You

Whether it's last-minute cancellations or last-minute changes to your look, it will cost you. Makeup Artists generally take book months before the date of the wedding. They've blocked a slot on their calendar for you and prepared everything needed to create your wedding look. If you cancel them at the last minute, it is expected that they will not return the deposit for obvious reasons. Similarly, if you want pearls in your hair instead of crystals just a few hours before, it may cost you. It is very impolite to crib about such things, so be prepared for such scenarios. 

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23. Follow Basic Etiquette

"We loathe when you're constantly using your phone while getting your makeup done. Yes, this involves constantly making reels or posting stories. Your head is constantly facing downward which makes it almost impossible to complete your job. Help us help you. Get all your messaging out of the way. Or if you can't help it, just call and put the phone on speaker."

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*PS. We've kept their names anonymous for privacy purposes.

Final Words

We hope these insights have helped you gain a deeper understanding of the artistry, dedication, and passion that goes into making every bride feel like the most radiant version of herself on her special day. Behind the brushes and palettes, bridal makeup artists are not just skilled professionals; they are dream-weavers and confidence-boosters who use their talents to turn wedding day visions into reality. So, whether you're a bride-to-be, a makeup enthusiast, or simply a curious reader, we hope these reveals help you in the future!


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23 Things No Makeup Artist Will Tell You But They Really Want To!

by Shivani Singh

23 Things No Makeup Artist Will Tell You But They Really Want To!