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Source Amrit Kaur

When it comes to bridal makeup, the trends keep shuffling.

When once it was all about bold, layered and heavy makeup, the years have seen brides transition into more natural looking, glowing makeup looks. But there are exceptions everywhere, because every bride wishes to look her best on her special day and stand out. With so many eyes on her, her bridal game has to be on point. And making it happen is all the amazing makeup artists that work day and night to create these gorgeous looks. 

So, to ensure that all your brides-to-be stay on top of your game, these MUAs are dishing on all the bridal makeup trends that will rule 2021! Scroll down to find out what they are and start pinning your favourites. 

Makeup Trends For 2021 Brides

Glittery Eyes

According to MUA Rajshree Sinha, "One makeup trend that will rule is 2021 will be glittery eye makeup. Because we all want our eyes to do the talking, and we all want that beautiful eye makeup always."

Glittery eyes are probably one look brides and bridal makeup artists never shy away from. The glitter adds the much-needed glitz to the entire look, so much so that just the eye makeup itself can create a whole look without putting much effort into the rest of the elements. 

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Glowing Makeup With Loaded Blush

When it comes to bridal makeup, using the right amount of highlighter is essential. You don't want to put too much that it blinds everyone, but not too little that it goes unnoticed. MUA Geetanjali Sharma, who runs her own Makeup Studio & Academy, is all about the right kind of glowing makeup, loaded with blush to balance the entire look. Glowing makeup looks require highlights on various stages of applications, and give you a very natural looking glow from within look. Plus, they pair easily with lighter shades of lipsticks like pink, nude, mauve etc. 

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Source Amrit Kaur

Subtle Smokey Eyes With Bold Red Lips

Subtle smokey eyes with bold red lips are a professional MUA favourite. Take it from Akisha Makeovers, who basically know every way possible to make a bride slay in a bold red lip that's paired with a smoked out eye look. A bridal makeup essential, we all love light smokey eyes for they add the much-needed depth to a bride's eyes and the red lips is just the go to colour for any bride. Bold, basic yet fabulous in every way, this makeup trend will never sieze to reign supreme. 

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Source Amrit Kaur

Blush Tones

For MUA Ankkit Malik, it's all about incorporating blush tones into his bridal makeup looks. The artist is a fan of blush tones that highlight the cheeks and eyes of a bride in the most amazing and perfect way. Blush tones in bridal makeups are the best way to give a naturally flushed look to any bride, in order to stick close to making it less of a painted look, and more of a natural look. Incorporating blush tones into any look is a makeup trend that will surely rule in 2021 because brides are moving towards natural-looking makeup rather than the old-school layers and layers of makeup. 

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Coloured Eyeliner

Colourful eyeliner is one of the biggest makeup trends hitting the streets these days, and bridal MUA's are not shying away from it either. Maple Studio, the brainchild of Nikita Gupta, talks about coloured eyeliners as the new and upcoming trend for brides, "With all the mask-wearing in our future, experimenting with eye looks will reign supreme among 2021 makeup trend set. A classic, black liner look can really make us feel put- together. But its time to experiment more, so coloured liners is the way to enhance those beautiful eyes."

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Minimal Base With Shimmery Eyes

Instead of going for bolder cut-creases, brides and their makeup artists are going to stick closer to keeping it simple. While colours will not go out of fashion, complicated makeup looks might. Just like Nav Brar Studios, there are many makeup artists out there looking to modernise the bridal makeup look by incorporating a smooth base, shimmery eyeshadows and neutral lips that match a bride's outfit. Minimal base with shimmery eyes is a look that makes you look naturally and effortlessly beautiful and we're ready to see more of this makeup trend in 2021.

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Nude Lips 

Remember how gorgeous Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone looked in minimal makeup looks and nude on their wedding day? Minimal and nude lips are all the rage right now, and brides seem to love it enough to wear it on their wedding day. Bridal makeup artist Shimmer on by Priyanak Suri is one of the artists who are known to play with various shades of nudes to give their brides the ideal bridal makeup look. Nude lips is a trend we've seen for so many years and was also a ruling trend in 2020. So, it being a part of bridal makeup trends of 2021 comes as no surprise. 

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Source Amrit Kaur

Crystals For Eyeliners

As a move away from traditional bridal glam, ShaadiSaga predicts a turn toward creative makeup looks, with jewelled eyes at the forefront of the trend. Brides looking to take dramatic looks a notch higher may be seen steering towards something that shakes up the monotony that the pandemic has created for everyone. Take Neha Kakkar for example. The new bride's makeup artist Vibha Gusain studded her eyelids with Swarovski crystals in place of liquid eyeliner. Dramatic and eye-catching, but not overdone.

All About Skin

Bridal makeup artist Richa Thakkar believe that 2021 is all about skin. Since many women have overhauled their skincare routines throughout the pandemic, we're bound to see a rise in brides showing off healthier skin. Since most people have started investing in better skincare, brides of 2021 are bound to be those who show off gorgeous and supple skin, which may require very little makeup. Full coverage makeup may take a backseat this year for most brides, as MUAs will choose a more 'skin first' approach. Brides are going to be focusing a lot more on their skincare habits, which will make a huge difference in how their makeup looks on the wedding day.

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Matte Hues 

Now, we all love a good glow, but there's just something about matte makeup that keeps us coming back for it. Especially in the summer season, when brides with oily or combination skin look for ways to minimise the shine and keep their makeup intact. According to Raza Rose Makeovers, not only does a matte makeup look beat a monochromatic colourway but just seems perfect for certain occasions. Plus, it can help keep oily skin looking shine free all day long- no matter the season or the kind of function you're heading off to. 

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Popping Eye Makeup

When it comes to wearing neutral eyeshadows, almost all makeup artists have certainly made a dent—or hit the bottom of the pan that is—on colours they tend to repeat without realizing. And while there's nothing wrong with neutrals, there are so many eye shadow looks we don't see brides embracing. However, thanks to some really talented MUAs like Rainaas Artistry Makeovers and Makeup by Suhasini Shinde, missing out on colourful eye makeup feels like an opportunity missed. These MUAs are inspiring us to embrace colour like never before by putting down the nudes and using colour on their brides, creating unparalleled makeup looks. And if this isn't a bridal makeup trend that will rule 2021, then we're not sure what qualifies!

Bold Lips

Bold lipstick are supreme queens in the bridal makeup category. Honestly, nothing really beats a good bold lip look. Makeup by Deepika and Zorains Studio completing agree on an emphasis on lips rather than eyes. Bold and bright lip colours will surge in 2021. Where a nude lip has always been a go-to for brides, we can easily see a shift in brides about choosing brighter and bolder colours on the lips. And the colours these MUAs suggest? Bright pink, mulberry, deep rose, mauve, maroon and purple- the list is long but worth it. Brides are aspiring to stand out without feeling over the top, and this is the perfect look to achieve that.

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Makeup Artists Reveal: Bridal Makeup Trends That Will Rule 2021

by Shivani Singh

Makeup Artists Reveal: Bridal Makeup Trends That Will Rule 2021