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The battle to decide the right eye makeup for the wedding day is a never-ending one. It’s always the same story for every single bride that should she opt for smokey eyes makeup or pick shimmery eyes instead. And, when one does finally decide which eye makeup to go with, there’s always the confusion and stress lingering on whether their decision is right or wrong. That’s why today we have decoded the best ways to figure out which eye makeup to pick from the two for your big day. Scroll below and find the eye makeup that is made for you! 

What To Wear When: Smokey Eye Vs Shimmery Eye Makeup

When To Wear Sultry Smokey Eye Makeup

All you to-be-brides should know that smokey eye makeup can sound simple in practice but can be pretty elusive in practice. This makeup is no doubt tricky but if you’re able to pair it with all the right factors then you’re going to have an absolutely amazing makeup look at your wedding functions. Scroll below to find out what suggestions we have for you to keep into consideration when opting for smokey eyes! 

1. Stay Wary of Pastel Outfits

Brides, you’d never want to go with that eye makeup which takes away all the attention from your outfit. Rather, you’d want to go with the eye makeup that compliments your outfit which is why we say that you stay wary of this type of eye makeup if you’re planning on donning pastels. You’d just end up having a bold face with a subtle outfit; which nobody wants! 

2. Smokey Eye for Night Wedding Functions

If any of your wedding functions is going to take place during the night, we recommend going with smokey eyes that night. No matter what function it is, if it is taking place at night then everybody expects your wedding look to be much more formal than usual which is why we say that smokey eye makeup will come in handy.

3. Smokey Eyes Is Always Great If You Have Big Eyes

If you’re blessed with big eyes in proportion to your face, then you can very easily opt for smokey eye makeup for any of your wedding functions. The bold eye makeup will truly shine and help you make a statement on one of the most important days of your life!

4. Think About Your Skintone Before Picking Your Eye Makeup

It is extremely important for brides to understand their skin tone well before making a decision about which eye makeup to opt for. Smokey eye makeup does go well on all skin types however, there are so many variants of this type of makeup that you need to understand which one would work best for your skin type! 

When To Wear Radiant Shimmery Eye Makeup

If you’re a to-be-bride who simply loves making a statement and are a fan of everything bling, might we recommend shimmery eye makeup for you? Ladies, there are a plethora of pros for opting for this type of eye makeup and we have listed down each and every reason why this makeup is the right choice for any of your wedding functions!

1. Pastel & Shimmery Eyes- Match Made In Heaven!

If you’ve decided to don a pastel outfit on any of your wedding functions, we say that you should definitely get shimmery eye makeup done that day. Firstly, your makeup will compliment your wedding outfit, and secondly, you’d get that glam factor that won’t be overpowering.

Source Shahid Naar

2. Perfect Eye Makeup For Your Intimate Wedding 

Ladies, if you are set to tie the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony, we suggest that you opt for shimmery eye makeup. Intimate weddings are all about having your nearest and dearest ones around and shimmery eyes seem like a great choice for the occasion. The eyes won’t look over the top and you’d end up looking like a beauty on your wedding day.

3. Shimmery Eyes for Both Natural & Bold Makeup

Whether you’re looking for something natural or wishing for a bold look, shimmery eye makeup will match both looks. It completely depends on the intensity of the shimmer and if you can control that then you can also pick which type of makeup out of the two do you wish for.

4. Less is More!

A lot of time to-be-brides make the mistake of going over the top on their wedding functions and end up caking their face with a ton of makeup. Ladies, we know how important it is for you all to look surreal on the big day but that doesn’t mean that you need to have a lot going on. Opting for an eye makeup look such as the shimmery eyes one will help you attain a natural look and you’d see how well your wedding look will be with this eye makeup!


Brides-to-be, both the eye makeups can look exceptionally beautiful on you if you can keep in mind the above-mentioned tips. Remember, you should pick that eye makeup which will make you happy with your wedding look!


So which eye makeup are you planning on going with? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

What To Wear When: Smokey Eyes VS Shimmery Eye Makeup

by Shweghna Gursahaney

What To Wear When: Smokey Eyes VS Shimmery Eye Makeup