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Glossy ombre lips, frosted eyeshadow, space buns and chunky highlights have all become part of our current beauty lexicon. You don’t have to scroll far on your social media to find beauty references from the late 1990s to the early 2000s—#Y2K has racked up over 4.5 million posts on Instagram alone! The trend has now begun trickling into bridal makeup looks and we're all for it.

Defining the Y2K beauty aesthetic is easy: it’s about taking a light-hearted and fun approach. There’s less focus on heavy contouring and perfection, and more on colour, cute details, and playful texture. Thanks to award-winning, viral shows like Euphoria, the Y2K makeup look has returned to fashion. And though we may still cringe at how we carried this look back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, this trend is easier to carry when mixed with the current makeup looks. For example- mix the frosted eyeshadow look with fluffy, brushed-out brows and you have an eye makeup look that will slay for sure. 

Ultimately, the point is how the trends of today work with bridal makeup. After all, brides today don't just want something generic. They want to look like a million bucks while adhering to the trends of today. So, if you miss the unapologetic glitz of Y2K makeup looks, then this one's for you!

Scroll down and check out all how you can look like the quintessential bride while also honouring your love for Y2K makeup.

Trending Y2K Makeup Looks For Brides To Try

1. Include A Pop Of Colour 

Nothing screams Y2K like a pop of colour. Be it your eye makeup, your lipstick or even your hair & nails, adding a bright colour to your overall neutral makeup look will instantly add a touch of this trend to your look. It allows you to step out of your makeup comfort zone and embrace something stunning. 

Thanks to some talented makeup artists and the power of Instagram, we've gotten a lot of inspiration as to how you can start to wear colour and feel good about it. And it's not that tough to pull off either, considering brides love playing with colourful makeup, especially for their mehndi and sangeet functions!

Source Amrit Kaur

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2. Go For The Rosy Cheeks

No matter how much we try to work with the 'no makeup look', there's no denying that a tonne of blush always brightens a bride's face up. When it comes to Y2K, contouring and harsh bronzing take the backseat. Instead, MUAs tend to lean towards the natural look of the face, working with more blush to give a nice rosy tint to your cheeks. 

Looking fresh-faced and effortlessly beautiful is the Y2K way to go!

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3. Smudgy Sparkly Eyes For The Eve

Many brides like the subtle smokey eye look for their wedding day. But you know what really adds drama to a bride's makeup? Smudgy sparkly eyelids! Yes, you heard it folks. Y2K is not just about subtle colours or pastel eyelids. Night looks inspired by this trend embrace glitter and shimmer like a pro. 

It can easily help one switch from a neutral and warm look to a more glamorous and cooler look.

#WBTip: You can go for coloured lenses, thick eyelashes, bold eyeshadows and whatnot. 

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4. Dazzle With High-Shine Glossy Lips

Matte lips look gorgeous but over time, the lipstick cracks and feel dry on the lips. But when it comes to Y2K makeup, it's all about that glossy pout. You can either apply gloss on single-toned lips or go the extra mile and line your lips with a darker lip pencil then wear a lighter shade of lipstick in the middle of your lips then top it off with lipgloss. 

Glossy lips look fuller and luscious, which is why they are the perfect bridal lips!

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Source Amrit Kaur

5. Play With The Frosted Eyeshadow Look 

When looking back at 2000s red carpet makeup looks, it’s hard not to notice the amount of frost 一 or pale shimmer 一 gracing the faces of starlets. From icy white eyeshadow to baby pink frosty lips, the more shimmer the better at the time.

If you want to get in on the trend with a 2023 spin, opt for a shimmery eyeshadow in neutral or pastel shades. When paired with a glossy pout, this look slays!

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6. Artistic Eyeliner Will Always Slay

While graphic, artistically applied eyeliner is a newer trend, we're happy to announce that it's a major part of the Y2K look of today like glossy lips or frosted eyeshadow. Ask your MUA if they'd be ready to experiment with your look with different eyeliner styles. You could go for the double wing, the Egyptian eyeliner look, a colourful eyeliner or even bedazzled your liner's outline!

There are so many ways of getting artsy with your eyeliner as long as you are open to new things!

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7. Shine Bright With Dewy Skin 

The glowy, dewy face makeup trend was prevalent in the early 2000s—and is back in reigns today. You can let your natural skin shine through with this Y2K look. Having a minimal makeup look that highlights your face's strongest features is the goal. 

The best way to achieve a glow-from-within effect is to apply a hydrating primer and illuminating moisturiser as your base before makeup, mix some liquid highlighter with your foundation or even go for some good powder highlighter when finishing the look. 

Source Sutej Pannu

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Like many things in life, makeup trends tend to be cyclical. We fall head over heels for a particular makeup style, love it for a few years, are totally over it for a decade or two and then fall in love with it all over again. Which is why Y2K has become such a craze these days. If you keep your finger on the pulse of current beauty trends, then this makeup trend is one to add to your bridal ensemble!


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The Y2K Makeup Trend- Here's How You Can Include It In Your Wedding Looks

by Shivani Singh

The Y2K Makeup Trend- Here's How You Can Include It In Your Wedding Looks