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A minimal makeup look is almost every bride's favourite and go-to option. Plus, not just them but we swear by its gorgeousness! Whether you're dressed in a darker shade or something on the lighter side, light makeup that embraces a colour palette with neutral shades just amps up your natural beauty flawlessly.

And just because we're talking about minimalist makeup looks, doesn't mean it has to be a simple 'no-makeup' look. You can jazz up a minimal makeup look with various kinds of fun aspects like colourful eyeliners, dewy base, bright lipstick etc. What we're sure of is that minimalist makeup looks are dreamy without looking too over the top and can do wonders on your wedding day.

If you're someone who might choose to go the minimal way with your makeup on your wedding day, then here are a few ways you can slay this look! Scroll down and bookmark your favs!

Best Minimalist Makeup Looks For Brides

Add Some Colour To The Minimalist Look

When it comes to wearing minimal makeup look, most MUAs certainly hit the bottom of their neutral coloured eyeshadow pans. However, now and then we see talented MUAs dress their brides in a minimal base but pair it with either colourful eye makeup or bold lipstick. MUAs and brides alike are inspiring us to embrace colour like never before by putting down the nudes and using bright and unique colours, creating unparalleled makeup looks.

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Source Sutej Pannu

Keeping it 'Au Naturale'

Every bride suffers from the dilemma of choosing between high-glam makeup and natural makeup. And some brides that choose the latter can look extremely pretty with very little makeup on. Honestly, a lot can be contributed to their amazing skincare routine, and a lot of contribution goes to the makeup artists, like the amazing Sonali Shangvi, that make it possible.  Looking fresh-faced and effortlessly beautiful, these brides are downright gorgeous with their natural-looking makeup!


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Add Some Much-Needed Glow

Nothing completes a makeup look, be it minimal or not, like a dollop of highlighter. Yes, you heard that right! Glowing makeup looks aren't as easy to slay as many would think. It takes a certain level of artistry from MUAs, like Geetanjali Sharma, to make their brides glow without looking like they've been caked in highlighters.

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Smokey Eyes, But The Minimal Way

Many brides like the subtle smokey eye look for their wedding day. It gives their eyes much depth and makes them look sultry without adding too much eyeshadow. And we all know from a tried and tested fact that smokey eyes, be it bold or subtle, look the best with minimal makeup like nude lips and a light base. After all, you need your eyes to shine in this case. 

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Source Sutej Pannu

Have Fun With Some Shimmer

With all sorts of new trends emerging and even some old ones taking the spotlight, we're especially glad about the comeback of shimmery eyeshadow. Many brides and their bridal makeup artists chose to layer up with shimmery eyeshadows instead of glitter. Not only do these look super gorgeous and dewy but are relatively less messy to carry irrespective of the weather! 

SS Tip: If you're a monsoon bride looking to add some extra glow to your look, chose a shimmery eyeshadow instead of glitter!

Source Amrit Kaur

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Minimalist Makeup Looks To Embrace This Wedding Season

by Shivani Singh

Minimalist Makeup Looks To Embrace This Wedding Season