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Your bridal hairstyle deserves as much attention as your sartorial and makeup choices. An outfit worn with a different hairstyle can totally change the look, and hence, what kind of bridal hairstyles you choose for your wedding revelries should be a thoughtful decision. So, to ensure that your bridal hairstyle perfectly compliments your wedding looks, here we bring to you 85+ latest bridal hairstyles that are sure to win you a lot of compliments. Whether you have long hair or short hair, this blog has all kind of bridal hair inspiration that you will need to finalize your own.

To make your search easier, we have divided this blog into 3 sections, i.e. South Indian Bridal Hairstyles, Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair and Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair.

But mind you, a bridal hairstyle is no more about setting up your hair in a fancy hairdo and adorning it with flowers. In today’s time, a bride’s hairstyles is a speaks about her nature and resonate with her personality. For instance, sleek tight buns depict elegance and class whereas loose open wavy hairdo represents a playful and fun-loving persona. So, select what screams your styles and matches with the mood of the occasion. Right from best floral hairstyles, to braided ones to ones with hair accessories, this blog is a virtual haven for bridal hairstyles. Thanks to the immensely talented hairstylists who are constantly coming up with new and drool-worthy bridal hairstyles. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the mesmerizing world of bridal hairstyles.

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

An epitome of elegance, simplicity and sheer charm, South Indian brides keep us smitten all the time. We absolutely love how they look classic in the most effortless way possible. Be it their classic Kanjeevaram sarees or extravagant temple jewellery, each aspect of South Indian brides makes us go swoon over them again and again.

However, a South Indian bridal look is definitely incomplete without an elaborately adorned hairstyle. Be it their jada-covered long braids or flower bouquet buns, South Indian bridal hairstyles are a definite visual treat to eyes. Whilst traditional South Indian hairstyles are raging like always, but brides are also introducing putting new hairstyles on the table and we’re in complete awe. Swooned by their sheer gorgeousness, here we enlist some of the latest bridal hairstyles for South Indian brides. Whether you a true traditional reveler or looking forward to trying out something modish, these gorgeous 25 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles is all you gotta seek inspiration from.

1. Sleek tight bun

A picturesque tight donut bun wrapped around with gajras.

2. An embellished bubble braid

A wondrous bubble braided-hairstyle for South Indian brides, with dainty stone embellishments scattered randomly! *We're floored with this stunning hairstyle*

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 3.A rose structured bun

Flaunt the length of your tresses by swirling them endlessly to form a bewitching rose structured bun.

Source Pinterest

4. A gorgeous mogra bun

Mogra hairstyles are having a major moment among bridal hairstyles and this one with a traditional brooch accessory is a sure shot winner.

5. When a sleek braid meets traditional silver accessories

We are all hearts for this lovely and captivating sleek bridal braid which is teamed with a lot of traditional silver baubles.

Source Pinterest

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6. Another tight bun adorned with artificial flowers

Don't underestimate the charm of simple bun hairstyles! See how stunning does this bride look with her chic and elegant simplistic floral hairdo.

7. A simplistic gajra bun

Gajras is a staple choice for South Indian bridal hairstyles. Most traditional brides adorn their bridal hairstyles with these whimsical flowers. And here's a simplistic way to add their charm to your bridal hairstyle. Simply wrap around a gajra string multiple times around your bun and you are good to go.

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8. Half-tied braided hair

The brides who wish to keep their hair open can take a cue from this bridal hairstyle. The luscious locks are semi-braided and kept half down. The hairstyle is further beautified with flowers.

9. Gobs of mogras

Deck up your basic braid with gobs of gajras like this bride for a dramatic traditional look.

10. A basic donut bun

We love how this bridal hairstyle features two varieties of flowers to outline the donut bun.

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11. A unique sectioned braid

Braids are a significant part of a South Indian bride's look. While most adorn it with gajras and jadas, you can take the uncommon route and try out this unique braid hairstyle. This hairstyle features semi-open hair and a bubble braid that's adorned with dainty golden pins.

Source Richa Dave

12. Mogra mesh

Don't wanna go the basic gajra way? Then amp up your bridal bun with a mesh of moras to attain a unique look.

13. A captivating floral bouquet with a traditional brooch accessory

A lot of modish brides are swearing by the raging trend of floral bouquets. South Indian brides too can check out this lovely yet traditional hairdo that's beautifully adorned with rose petals, baby breath flowers, a variety of roses and faux floral pins. To keep the South Indian aesthetics intact, a traditional brooch has been set in the center. 

14. Pastel floral charm

This double Dutch braid bun beautified with pastel-hued flowers looks so pretty

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15. A cross-sectional braid

How about going all elaborate and leaving every smitten with this cross-sectional bridal braid.

Source Richa Dave

16. A twisted braided bun

A braided bun also goes really well with South Indian bridal look.

Source Richa Dave

17. A voluminous braid

Don't want a boring braid! Here's yet another unusual South Indian bridal hairstyle that features a voluminous twisted braid.

Source Amrit Kaur

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18. Set them loose, maybe?

Check this bridal hairstyle out which features side-parted hair neatly set with minimal red flowers at the back.

19. A massive bun with a spiral floral arrangement

Tie your luscious hair into a huge bun and deck it up with a spiralling floral setting to grab maximum eyeballs.

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20. A dramatic long braid for the win

This loosely weaved braided hairstyle is a great option for South Indian brides as it accentuates the volume and length of quintessential South Indian hair. 

Source Richa Dave

21. Multiple loops of gajras to adorn the braids

Here's yet another creative and a beauteous way to use gajra in your hair. Section your otherwise simple braid with multiple loops of gajras.

22. Cascading waterfall braid

This princessy and voluminous waterfall braid pinned with fresh flowers looks so modish.

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23. A maze-like bun

An unusual bridal hair bun with a lot of criss-cross details. It is further amped with a dainty rose in the middle and top-outlined with baby's breath flowers.

Source Richa Dave

24. A scintillating braid

Tie your hair into a donut bun and replete it with mogras in a way that the center of the bun stays bare. Then suspend a faux braid and further amp it up with traditional brooch accessories.

25. Keep them mesmerizing long hair open

As a south Indian bride, you can curl your down for a rather modish look.

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26. A traditional updo

Real beauty lies in simplicity and this neat bun adorned with mogra is the perfect example of the same!

27. A massive bun with lots of swirls

The ones who love dramatic bridal hairstyles can consider this massive bun with proper sectional detailing.

Source Richa Dave

28. A braid made of braids

This South Indian bridal hairstyle features braids weaved from the sides which eventually meet together to form a braid at the back. It is further amped with a traditional jada.

Source Sabyachaarr

29. A floral dupatta, cuz why not?

If you are keen to turn heads with your bridal hairstyle, you cannot ignore this unusual floral dupatta hairstyle. Just make sure the flowers are tightly pinned, or else they won't stay intact.

Source Paran Singh

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30. A braid with the right kind of accessories

Crown braid, waterfall earrings and the loosely weaved braid adorned with flowers come together to form this beauteous South Indian bridal hairstyle.

31. A neat bun amped with faux flowers

If donning real flowers dreads you, fret not, cover your bridal hair with artificial flowers.

32. Set gajra like a clip

Weave your bridal hair into a simple braid and set the mogra flowers like a clip on the top.

33. Highlight the elaborate accessory

A coiled strand in the front, and the bridal hair bun covered with an elaborate hair accessory to up the oomph factor.

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34. An unusual bridal hair accessory

No better way to make a strong hair statement than amplifying it with unique accessories.

35. A traditional South Indian hairdo with a plethora of flowers

Multiple layers of floral adornments on the inception point of the braid looks so eye-catchy. And we love, how it is amped with pearl and stone-embedded accessories.

Source Pinterest

36. Gajra Wrapped Around a Long Braid Looks Absolutely Stunning!

If you're a bride who wants to wear a braid for your wedding, why not add a thick gajra to your hairstyle by wrapping it around your long braid?

37. Doesn't This One Engulfed In Flowers Look Gorgeous?

Fashion blogger Isha Multani beautifully wore an abundance of flowers intertwined in her gorgeous side braid. OMG! Don't forget about her matching flower necklace, which stole our hearts.

38. Sleek Straight Hair With A Hair Accessory

Simply straighten your hair and part it neatly in the middle! And there you have it: an easy wedding hairstyle for the big day. All you need now is an accessory to finish the outfit. Choose between maangtikka, sheeshpatti, or mathapatti, depending on your preference.


Bridal Hairstyles for Long hair

Consider yourself lucky if you have long luscious hair. Long hair gives you ample of versatile hairstyles to choose from, especially when you are looking for bridal hairstyles for long hair. Right from braids to elaborated buns and trending long cascading curls, bridal hairstyles for long hair are so diverse. And here we enlist some of the best bridal hairstyles for long hair.

As you all know, brides are opting for braided hairstyles more than ever before. And we also agree that sporting a braided hairstyle is one sure shot way to flaunt your long hair. So, in this list, you would find a lot of new braid hairstyle designs that will truly leave you mesmerized. Since braid hairstyles are more suitable for smaller functions like mehendi and sangeet, we have also enlisted some great elaborate bun hairstyles that will blow your mind. Brides-to-be are always on a spree searching for some unique bun bridal hairstyles, and to make their hunt easier, we have mentioned the most unique and beautiful bun hairstyles in this list.
Be ready, the following 25 best bridal hairstyles for long hair is sure to leave you swooning.

1. Multiple french braids bun

Here's a jaw-droppingly beautiful bridal hairstyle that features multiple French braids joined together to form a luscious bun. Don't miss that cutesy pearl embellished bun accessory though.

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2. The signature Kareena Kapoor bridal hairstyle

Here's the bridal bun hairstyle inspired from Kareena Kapoor's bridal look in the film Veere Di Wedding. Not only the bun is covered with flowers but the hair is adorned with them on the sides as well.

3. A voguish updo

Put your long hair to the best use and transform them into this mesmerizing bridal bun hairstyle. 

4. A larger-than-life bridal bun with scattered roses

A surreal and beautifully done low bridal bun accessorized with scattered peach-hued roses.

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5. The Sonam Kapoor's braid hairstyle for her mehendi

We can't thank Sonam Kapoor enough for introducing this stunning braid-gajra hairstyle, which is also a big hit amongst all Indian brides now.

6. Semi-open natural looking curls 

What better way to flaunt your long tresses than keeping them open? To make your open hair look more glamorous than ever before, opt for this gorgeous half-up and half-down hairstyle with natural looking curls.

7. A bun hairstyle with minimal floral detailing

Roll up your hair into a gorgeous bun and set some flowers on the sides.

8. A chignon bun outlined with velveteen florals

Here's a perfect bridal hairstyle for long hair! Swirl your entire hair length and wrap them multiple times to form this elaborate bun. This elaborate bun perfectly highlights the thick hair volume and the length of your hair.

9. An elaborate low bridal hair bun

How stunning is this elaborate low bun with swirling details on the top and that oh-so-gorgeous hair accessory?

10. The raging combo of braids and cascading curls

The bewitching combination of braids and cascading curls is the most trending bridal hairstyles in the present scene. Rightly so, check out how stunning does it look! 

11. A rose affair

Symbol of pure and passionate love, red roses are the best adornments for bridal hair. We are majorly hearting this beautiful braided hair bun that's further amped with gorgeous red roses.

12. A low side angular bun

Here's a voluminous low side angular loop bun with artificial flowers pinned like a hair clip.

13. For the love of florals

A floral bun is what you want to sport on your D-day? Then check out this stunning hairdo with a puffed-up front and a gorgeously adorned hair bun at the back. 

14. A sleek braid amidst curly tresses

A crown braid leading to a sleek braid amidst a plethora of luscious curls looks so beautiful. Also, it is one of the most beautifully accessorised hairstyles. It has dainty crystals and minimal flowers that further lends it an alluring look.

15. A tight braided bun

Here's a tight braided bun outlined with baby's breath flowers. It undeniably looks very pretty and classy.

Source Reba Khan

16. Let the charm of baby's breaths make a roaring statement

Baby's breath flowers are top favorites in the bridal hair scene right now. Tie your long hair into a gorgeous bun and team up with these dainty fresh blooms.

17. A sleek ponytail for smaller functions

Not all bridal hairstyles are meant for the wedding day! As a bride, you gotta make a strong hair statement on several other wedding ceremonies. This sleek ponytail with curled up ends and adorned with baby breath flowers is one of our favorite hairstyles.

18. A side-sweeping low braided bun

Only a long and thick mane can achieve this extremely beautiful side-weeping low braided bun.

Source Shahid Naar

19. Multiple bubble braids

Charm everyone with your long hair and style them up in this captivating bridal hairstyle at your mehendi ceremony. These looped bubble braids amidst straight open hair look absolutely superb.

20. A voluminous low bun

Looking for a classy, elegant yet not so mainstream bun hairstyle for your wedding? Then check out this mesmerizing bridal hairstyle with a knotted low bun.

Source Amrit Kaur

21. A unique bridal hairstyle

Hairstyle artists are unleashing their creative skills and incessantly coming up with unique and new bridal hairstyles. If you too want to have a different bridal hairstyle, check out this side-swept loosely tied fishtail braid hairstyle. Who knew a fishtail braid could look so unique.

22. Side-parted open waves

In case you wanna keep your hair open at your wedding, it is one of the most stylish ways to do so.

23. A beautiful loop braid

A yet another breathtakingly beautiful and unusual braided bridal hairstyle with dainty floral adornments.

24. Long hair + Semi waves + Hair rose formations + Crown Braid + Dainty Embellishments = WOW

If you have long and thick hair, you MUST consider this hairstyle to make a remarkable statement. It is unique, different and simply gorgeous.

25. A twisted low bun

This twisted low bun glammed up with a pretty hair accessory is yet another bridal bun that perfectly highlights the volume and length of your tresses.  

Source Pinterest

26. Baby's breath braid

A lot of brides are opting for baby's breath flower in their bridal hair. And here's a stunning such braid that you can choose for your mehendi ceremony.

27. A sleek crown braid and cascading curls

We can't stop eyeing this mesmerizing bridal hairstyle for long hair; look at how smoothly the crown braid and the curly tresses are flowing!


Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you thought only hairstyles for long hair are versatile, be ready for a surprise! With this list of best bridal hairstyles for short hair, we are going to change this perception of yours. There are so many ways you can twist your short length hair to get the dream bridal hairstyle. Right from loose curls, crown braids to petite buns covered with a plethora of flowers, having short hair provides you with a diverse variety of options for your bridal hairstyle. In fact, having short hair is like being in a win-win situation. You can use hair extensions to don a bridal hairstyle for long hair, but also flaunt a chic short hair bridal hairstyle. 

But to end your fretting about your bridal hairdo, we have compiled this list of 25 best hairstyles for short hair. You would spot a lot of international bridal hairstyles in this list, but they look equally great on Indian hair as well. Without any further ado, let's take you through some of the best bridal hairstyles for short hair that will instantly tug at your heart. And needless to say, this below-mentioned photos will also end your search for a perfect bridal hairdo.

1. Let the rolls and swirls do the magic

Having short hair doesn't mean you can't have voluminous and attractive hairstyles! Let the rolls and swirls cast a spell to your hair bun, and make it look voluminous and stylish.

Source Pinterest

2. Use a lot of flowers

Tie your hair into a basic bun and don it up with an extensive floral arrangement to make your bridal hairstyle look voluminous, captivating and elaborate. This floral bouquet bun features baby's breath, pink carnations and pink rose petals. And don't forget to add some dimension to your bridal hair in the front. Even a side-sweeping swirly hair strand can do wonders. 

3. A messy yet elegant bun

A petite yet detailed bun with casual flicks swinging out in the front. And we love how this simple bridal hairstyle has been amped with that gorgeous accessory.

Source Pinterest

4. A bouffant bun with a french braid twist

Here's a lovely bridal hairstyle for short hair that is sure to win you a lot of compliments. In this, a french braid is weaved from the top is leading to a rolled up bouffant bun. The bun looks voluminous because of the use of a bun puff. 

Source Pinterest

5. A messy crown braid bun

Simply brush your hair back and weave a loose crown braid, and set the remaining strands to make it look like a bun. Don't forget to adorn them with flowers.

Source Pinterest

6. Let'em curls make a loud noise

In case you wanna keep your hair open, here's the ultimate one. Finely curl your hair and keep them open with a side partition.

7. Bob hairstyle with bangs

Loose curls and those striking bangs make for an attractive bridal hairstyle for the brides with short hair.

Source Pinterest

8. All roses

Brides with short hair must befriend floral buns. The extensive use of flowers can instantly lend bridal feels to their dainty buns. Take cue from this one, an all-rose floral bun with accents of baby's breath flowers.

9. A uniquely twisted loop bun

This classy hairstyle is sure to give an effortlessly beautiful look. In this hairstyle, the hair are twisted to form a loop and then set with a hair spray. To further glorify the hairstyle, use a striking hair accessory.

Source Pinterest

10. Go the effortless way

Flaunt your effortless style and strut in style donning this casual hairstyle where the ironed tresses are simply kept open. 

11. Blow dry them for a neat and voluminous look

A yet another simplistic yet elegant way to style your short hair is by blow drying them and keeping them open with a center partition.

12. A playful bun with braids and curls

Your bridal hairstyle reveals a lot about your personality and this curled-up braided loose bun is sure to make you look playful. 

Source Pinterest

13. A rolled updo

When you want to keep things crisp and classy, nothing better than setting your hair in a rolled updo like this. Accessorize it with minimal embellishments to bring in the bridal element.

Source Pinterest

14. A dainty hair bun wrapped with gajra string

Short hair buns are usually petite, so wrap around a gajra string to up the glam factor.

15. French twist bun

The signature French Twist bun can be a great hairstyle option for the brides with short hair.

Source Pinterest

16. A casual hairstyle adorned with dainty blooms

Now, here's a casual bridal hairstyle you sport on your wedding functions, Simply tuck side-braids at the back, let the flick swing and decorate the hairstyle with floral accessories.

Source Pinterest

17. Half tie those crisp curls

Be the sassy lady that you are and carry this chic half-tie hairstyle.

18. A yet another beauteous half-tie hairstyle

Instead of a single crown braid, this hairstyle features multiple braids coming together to tie the semi-open wavy tresses.

Source Pinterest

19. A low bun volumized with a hair puff

How gorgeous is this semi-circular low bun that's buffed up with a hair puff?

Source Pinterest

20. Half tied waves

An absolutely pretty bridal hairstyle for the brides with short hair. This one features loosely curled open hair which are half-tied with a rose-like hair structure.

Source Pinterest

21. A gorgeously crumpled braided low bun

Oh you minimalist lovers, your search for the most elegant bridal hairstyle ends here.

22. Bob hair with curled-in ends

The brides with a short hair length can opt for this gorgeous and edgy hairstyle.

Source Pinterest

23. A side braid bun

Here's a head-turning bridal hairstyle for you all gorgeous divas. Have a simple braid on the sides, and roll your hair up using a hair puff. It is undeniably one of the most voguish bridal hairstyles for the brides with short hair.

Source Pinterest

24. An accessorized bun

How about having a lovely low bun and adorning it with a beauteous accessory?

Source Pinterest

25. Side-parted open hair with crisp waves

Another way to make a bridal hair statement with short hair is by having this chic hairstyle. It features side-parted and crisply waved open hair. This hairstyle is sure to lend oodles of elan to your bridal look.

Source Pinterest


We hope that you found the hairstyle for your wedding!

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