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Every bride dreams of looking absolutely radiant on her wedding day, and choosing the perfect hairstyle is an essential part of creating that magical look. Your bridal hairdo demands as much consideration as your bridal lehenga or makeup. From classic updos to romantic curls, braids, and intricate accessories, there are countless options to explore and personalize that will earn you the praise of everyone on your wedding day.

We understand that every bride is unique, and that's why we're committed to providing a diverse range of hairstyle ideas that cater to different hair types, lengths, and personal preferences. Whether you have long, flowing locks, a chic bob, or an elegant pixie cut, we have suggestions that will help you enhance your natural beauty and express your individuality. So, to make your search easier, we have divided this blog into 3 sections, i.e. South Indian Bridal Hairstyles, Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair and Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair.

Right from best floral hairstyles, to braided ones to ones with hair accessories, this blog is a virtual haven for all kinds of bridal hairstyles. Thanks to the immensely talented hairstylists who are constantly coming up with new and drool-worthy bridal hairstyles. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the mesmerizing world of bridal hairstyles!

Trending Bridal Hairstyles 

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

South Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and attention to detail, and the hairstyles play a significant role in completing the bridal look. Drawing inspiration from the cultural heritage of states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Telangana, we bring you a curated collection of traditional and contemporary South Indian hairstyles that will leave you mesmerized.

An epitome of elegance, simplicity and sheer charm, South Indian brides keep us smitten all the time. We absolutely love how they look classic in the most effortless way possible. Be it their classic Kanjeevaram sarees or extravagant temple jewellery, each aspect of South Indian brides makes us go swoon over them again and again.

Be it their jada-covered long braids or flower bouquet buns, South Indian bridal hairstyles are a definite visual treat to the eyes. Whilst traditional South Indian hairstyles are raging like always, brides are also introducing putting new hairstyles on the table and we’re in complete awe. Swooned by their sheer gorgeousness, here we enlist some of the latest bridal hairstyles for South Indian brides. Whether you are a true traditional reveller or looking forward to trying out something modish, these gorgeous 35 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles are all you gotta seek inspiration from.

All That Glitters...

Is Gold! At least, in this hairdo it is. For a subtle yet effortless touch to a bridal braid, add glimmering accents to take it a notch up.

Gajras Or Braid- Which Is It?

We're honestly floored with this hairstyle. Cover your entire braid and bun in gajras for a dramatic, floral effect!

A Mix Of Baby's Breath & Gota Patti

Baby's breath-covered hair buns look ethereal. Pair that with a long braid tied together with gota patti, the results will amaze you. 

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A Low Bun Covered Halfway In Flowers

If you're not the full floral bun kinda gal, then this bun covered halfway with flowers should be your pick!

Talk About Being In Love With Foliage

Honestly, we love it when hairstylists get creative with their brides. This knotted hair bun meshed with tiny green foliage and white roses is a stunning example of the same

A Simple Round Bun With Gajra

Wanna keep it simple? Then opt for a fuss-free doughnut bun with two layers of mogra strings.

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A Unique Trio Of Buns With Jewellery

This hairstyle is everything! With a three-knot bun on the back and mini curls in the front, this look is giving full-on royal vibes!

Long Open Hair With A Tiny Rose Bun

If you're hopping on the open hair for weddings trend, then let us guide you to this magnificent look with a mini rose bun that will make you look like a million bucks!

Go For An Embellished Braid

You won't be able to scroll past this one! Only because the embellished braided hairstyle is trending hard on the internet.

Match Your Hair Jewellery With Your Outfit

This pastel-hued jada billable is oozing every ounce of freshness we wished for!

We Love A Good Half-Tied Hairstyle

Okay bridal birdies, this one is for those who wish to keep up with the open-hair bridal hairstyle trend but wish to add a touch of glam to natural waves.

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Play With Shades Of Pink

Totally in awe of this bridal hairstyle! In the shades of pink, this pool jada beautifully complements her Kanjeevaram saree. Isn't this a delicate yet classy look?!

Phool Jada's That Are Pure Elegance

One glance at this phool jada and we were head over heels in love! The blend of sheer modernity with elegance cannot be missed.

A Curled Bun With Tons Of Flowers

Tousled loose bun adorned with fragrant blooms, this bridal hairstyle oozes the perfect balance between maximalism and minimalism.

When In Doubt Go For The Loose Braid

Brides, if you're ever confused about what you want to do with your hair, just ask your stylist to go for a loose braid and a crown braid, giving your hair lots of volumes.

We're Swooning Over This One

Aren’t your eyes glued to this ethereal poolajada? Then what’s stopping you from taking a screenshot of this image?

Doll Your Hair Bun With Orchids

Love this beautiful combination of white and red. The MUA dolled up this South Indian bride with fresh white Orchids and added a contrast by applying dark red lipstick. A quaint matha-patti adorned over the bouffant made her look like a dream. So magical!

Cascading Curls With A Gajra Wreath

We thought we fell for those cascading curls until we zoomed in on the wreath-like floral arrangement. Absolutely, chef's kiss!

Choose OTT For Your Wedding Day

This is definitely one OTT hairstyle that looks straight out of heaven. All you need to do is side-swipe your braid and add a lot of flowers and a chunky maangtikka and voila. All set with the right amount of grace.

Gajra Wrapped Around a Long Braid Looks Absolutely Stunning!

If you're a bride who wants to wear a braid for your wedding, why not add a thick gajra to your hairstyle by wrapping it around your long braid?

An Elegant Rose-Structured Bun

Flaunt the length of your tresses by swirling them endlessly to form a bewitching rose-structured bun.

Source Pinterest

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A Gorgeous Mogra Bun

Mogra hairstyles are having a major moment among bridal hairstyles and this one with a traditional brooch accessory is a sure-shot winner.

Half-tied Braided Hair

The brides who wish to keep their hair open can take a cue from this bridal hairstyle. The luscious locks are semi-braided and kept half down. The hairstyle is further beautified with flowers.

A Unique Sectioned Braid

Braids are a significant part of a South Indian bride's look. While most adorn it with gajras and jadas, you can take the uncommon route and try out this unique braid hairstyle. This hairstyle features semi-open hair and a bubble braid that's adorned with dainty golden pins.

Source Richa Dave

Go For A Mogra Mesh

Don't wanna go the basic gajra way? Then amp up your bridal bun with a mesh of moras to attain a unique look.

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A Dramatic Long Braid For The Win!

This loosely woven braided hairstyle is a great option for South Indian brides as it accentuates the volume and length of quintessential South Indian hair. 

Source Richa Dave

Cascading Waterfall Braid

This princessy and voluminous waterfall braid pinned with fresh flowers looks so modish.

A Maze-Like Hair Bun

An unusual bridal hair bun with a lot of criss-cross details. It is further amped with a dainty rose in the middle and top-outlined with baby's breath flowers.

Source Richa Dave

A Scintillating Braid Laden With Mogra Buds

Tie your hair into a doughnut bun and replete it with mogras in a way that the centre of the bun stays bare. Then suspend a faux braid and further amp it up with traditional brooch accessories.

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A Massive Bun With Lots Of Swirls

The ones who love dramatic bridal hairstyles can consider this massive bun with proper sectional detailing.

Source Richa Dave

A Braid With The Right Kind Of Accessories

Crown braid, waterfall earrings and the loosely woven braid adorned with flowers come together to form this beauteous South Indian bridal hairstyle.

Set Your Braid With Gajra Like Clip

Weave your bridal hair into a simple braid and set the mogra flowers like a clip on the top.

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Doesn't This One Engulfed In Flowers Look Gorgeous?

Fashion blogger Isha Multani beautifully wore an abundance of flowers intertwined in her gorgeous side braid. OMG! Don't forget about her matching flower necklace, which stole our hearts.

Sleek Straight Hair With A Hair Accessory

Simply straighten your hair and part it neatly in the middle! And there you have it: an easy wedding hairstyle for the big day. All you need now is an accessory to finish the outfit. Choose between maangtikka, sheeshpatti, or mathapatti, depending on your preference.

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Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is often synonymous with romance, elegance, and timeless beauty. Long hair gives you ample versatile hairstyles to choose from, especially when you are looking for bridal hairstyles for long hair. That's why, if you have long luscious hair, consider yourself lucky. Right from braids to elaborate floral buns and trending long cascading curls, bridal hairstyles for long hair are so diverse. 

As you all know, brides are opting for braided hairstyles more than ever. But hair buns are doing exceptionally well in terms of popularity as well. The point is that brides-to-be are always on a spree searching for some unique bun bridal hairstyles. So to make their hunt easier, we have gathered the most unique and beautiful hairstyles for long hair in this list. Be ready, the following 37 best bridal hairstyles for long hair are sure to leave you swooning.

A Loose Double Braid

How unique is this loose double braid all down to the green accessories that match the bride's outfit?

Adorn Your Long Hairstyle With Rhinestones

Give your hair the million-dollar treatment. Go for a rhinestone band and add flecks of floral accessories that match your outfit. Plus, the curls give this look so much volume, it's tough not to say yes to this look.

A Loose Flat Braid With Silver Accents

Once again, if you have really long hair, a loose flat braid will do your looks wonders! Add antique silver accents to this look and you're all set to rock!

A Flowery Messy Braid

For those with highlights (or lowlights) in their hair, we're going to send you in the direction of this messy braid, laden asymmetrically with a bunch of multicoloured flowers. 

No Such Thing As Too Much Gota Patti

Bridal hairstyles with gota patti are such a rage these days, especially braids. We're adoring this sleek braid with gota patti string and gota patti accessories.

A Blooming Hair Bun

For all the brides out there, looking to go for the floral bun, we suggest choosing a look like this that makes you look like a blossoming bouquet of flowers. 

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A Unique Checkered Half-Tied Look

From the checkered pattern above the tiny braid to the waves adorned with dots of crystals and the gorgeous hair accessory, everything about this hairstyle is breathtaking!

Bridal Bun With Seashell Strings 

This stunning seashell bridal bun with roses is so unique and charming!

The Messy Curly French Bun

Well, colour us impressed! This curled hairdo shows us what most people consider to be an impossible combination- curls tied into a messy French knot!

Give Your Curls A New Look

Want to rock your hair a little differently for your sangeet or cocktail? Well, get creative with voluminous curls and add a high pony to the look for a more pronounced look. 

Embellish With Pearls

Going for a beachy, oversized pony? Add pearl accessories to your hair for a sophisticated vibe!

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A Curly Messy Bun With Loose Strands

The chaos of this look has us bewitched. Messy low buns like these, especially with loose strands of curls, are the best way to go for something off-beat that highlights the colour of your hair. 

A Messy Low Bun With Pearls

We're adoring this bride's messy low bun. The gajra below her bun and the large pearl accessories add a touch of grace to her look that is unparalleled. 

How Cute Is This Bow?

Channel the trending Barbie-core aesthetic and add a large bow to your open hair for your mehndi celebration!

Nothing Beats Open Hair

Brides, we all know how the 'open hair' trend is changing the entire concept of bridal aesthetics. This is why, we'll always encourage our brides to go for the beautifully styled open curls any day of the week!

High Ponytails Go A Long Way

If you don't wish to accessorize your hair too much, then go for a well-structured high pony with cascading curls down your shoulder. 

The 'Butterfly Effect

Yes, everyone loves butterflies! Add some ethereal jazz to your mehndi look with butterfly accessories and give yourself a fairytale makeover!

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An Extraordinary Infinity Braid

Infinity braids are a stunning choice as a bridal hairstyle. Take your braid up a notch with this look and add stunning gota patti for a 'gilded in gold' effect. 

Seashell Bangle Ring For The Half-Tied Hairdo 

We love this half-tied bridal hairstyle accessorized with a seashell ring and seashell strings!

Go For The Enchanted Forest Vibe

Absolute fans of this bride's open hairstyle with her curls being adorned with multi-coloured butterfly accessories! The strings of her jewellery add extra gorgeousness to it that is unparalleled. 

A Coiled Top Knot

Want to go fuss-free? Well, this coiled top knot is your answer!

The 'Triple Rose' Sensation

Once again, the mini rose buns have us clean-bowled! Paired with the pretty curls, the look is absolutely stunning.

Side Cornrows Never Looked Better

Wanna do something off-beat for your mehndi? Well, these colourful side cornrows would definitely look crazy good!

A Voguish Updo

Put your long hair to the best use and transform them into this mesmerizing bridal bun hairstyle. 

A Larger-Than-Life Bridal Bun With Scattered Roses

A surreal and beautifully done low bridal bun accessorized with scattered peach-hued roses.

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A Bun Hairstyle With Minimal Floral Detailing

Roll up your hair into a gorgeous bun and set some flowers on the sides.

An Elaborate Low Bridal Hair Bun

How stunning is this elaborate low bun with swirling details on the top and that oh-so-gorgeous hair accessory?

The Raging Combo Of Braids & Cascading Curls

The bewitching combination of braids and cascading curls is the most trending bridal hairstyle in the present scene. Rightly so, check out how stunning it looks! 

For The Love Of Florals

A floral bun is what you want to sport on your D-day. Then check out this stunning hairdo with a puffed-up front and a gorgeously adorned hair bun at the back. 

A Sleek Braid Amidst Curly Tresses

A crown braid leading to a sleek braid amidst a plethora of luscious curls looks so beautiful. Also, it is one of the most beautifully accessorised hairstyles. It has dainty crystals and minimal flowers that further lend it an alluring look.

A Tight Braided Bun

Here's a tight braided bun outlined with baby's breath flowers. It undeniably looks very pretty and classy.

Source Reba Khan

Let The Charm Of Baby's Breaths Make A Statement

Baby's breath flowers are the top favourites in the bridal hair scene right now. Tie your long hair into a gorgeous bun and team up with these dainty fresh blooms.

Multiple Bubble Braids

Charm everyone with your long hair and styles them up in this captivating bridal hairstyle at your mehendi ceremony. These looped bubble braids amidst straight-open hair look superb.

 A Unique Bridal Hairstyle

Hairstyle artists are unleashing their creative skills and incessantly coming up with unique and new bridal hairstyles. If you too want to have a different bridal hairstyle, check out this side-swept loosely tied fishtail braid hairstyle. Who knew a fishtail braid could look so unique?

Side-Parted Open Waves

In case you wanna keep your hair open at your wedding, it is one of the most stylish ways to do so.

Baby's Breath Braid

A lot of brides are opting for baby's breath flowers in their bridal hair. And here's a stunning such braid that you can choose for your mehendi ceremony.

A Sleek Crown Braid & Cascading Curls

We can't stop eyeing this mesmerizing bridal hairstyle for long hair; look at how smoothly the crown braid and the curly tresses are flowing!

Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Brides-to-be have the option to do nearly anything with their hair before the wedding, but if you're a bride with short hair, the hairstyle options may seem almost nonexistent! Not to mention, finding hair inspiration can prove a bit challenging for brides with short hair. Still, just because your hair hovers above your shoulder and doesn't go down by your waist, doesn't mean you cannot have a show-stopping hairstyle on your wedding day. 

Whether you have a bob, lob or pixie, the options are many. Just scroll down and check out all the whimsical and fun ways you can style your short hair with these best bridal hairstyles for short hair.

One For The Shoulder-Length Hair

Brides with shoulder-length hair tend to fall into the short hair category, missing the long hair category by (literally) a few inches. But fear not, for we have something cute for you to bookmark!

Go For A Low Bun With Baby's Breath

Who says you gotta keep your hair open when they're short? Thanks to all the tools and accessories at our disposal, brides with short hair can go for a low-hair bun. To add some spice, add some baby's breath encircling them!

Slay That 'Alia Bhatt' Look With Short Hair

Of course, Alia Bhatt inspired a whole new aesthetic for brides with her wedding look. But if you're wondering how to rock that look with short hair, here's a great example!

Hair Accessories Never Fail Short Hair

Whether you have long or short hair, hair accessories never look bad on anyone. When it comes to short hair, one of the best ways to wear a messy bun is by adding a large hair accessory!

Mix A Loose Side Braid With A Low Bun

Wanna do something whimsical? Go for a low loose bun with a loose side braid. Leave a few strands of curls free to give an effortless vibe.

This Glitter Low Bun Trend Is Everything

From glitter ponytails to glitter low buns, this new trend of adding glitter to your hairstyle is all about serving looks. If you're someone with short hair, then we suggest you get a sleek low bun with these glittery accents. 

A Short Bob With Soft Curls

If you have a reverse bob, then it's tough to tie it up into a pony, braid or bun. That's why free-flowing curls are always the best. Add a tiny hair accessory or two and you're all set to rock your wedding!

Source Lea Bredin

Inspired By The Enchanted Forest  

If you're looking to try a fairytale-esque look, we suggest you go in for a low-coiled bun, that's slightly messy and mix that up with some leafy accessories. 

Try The Glam Glitter Ponytail

For those looking to try something off-beat and new, the glitter ponytail trend is definitely one to bookmark and try!

A Ponytail Bun With Baby's Breath & Roses

People, if you wanna try a different kind of bun, we suggest you go in for a ponytail bun and on top of a bun like this, line the hair with white roses and baby's breath for an ethereal look. 

For All The Brides With A Pixie Haircut

Well, if you're scared that you won't be able to style a pixie haircut, let us push your worries aside. Pixie haircuts can be styled with jewelled hair accessories like hairbands or even tiaras. 

Source Pinterest

Rock A Low Coiled Bun

For short hair, a sleek, coiled bun can do wonders for a formal look. 

Dutch Braid Half-Updo

When in doubt, go for the Dutch braid half-updo for short hair! It's super easy and absolutely fabulous. 

Source Pinterest

A Low Twisted Knot Bun

One of the best ways to style your short hair is by going for a messy, twisted knot bun. If you wish to add some pizzazz to this look, go for a dainty accessory, like this bride has here. 

A Short Bob With Hair Accessories

For those with a short bob, go for some beach waves and style them on one side. For some added drama, go for a chunky hair accessory that matches your outfit. 

Source Pinterest

Mix Curls With A Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are an awesome choice for any bride with short hair, especially one who has highlights or balayage. The curls are a great way to add volume. 

Source Joanna Bylo

For Our Curly Haired Birdies

For all you curly-haired brides out there who wish to retain your curls, this top bun is a fabulous choice!

A Simple Yet Romantic Hairdo

Let your hair shine with a style like this where your hair is parted on one side and the parting is covered with a silver plated hair accessory.

Source Pinterest

Go For A Minimally Bejewelled Hair Bun

Bedazzle your low bun with dainty hair accessories like these teardrop jewel pieces. 

Bun for a Chic Look

Another great hairdo for a chic and sophisticated look can be a nice bun. If you want to channel a subtle look, we recommend going with a sleek bun; if you’re after a dramatic look, a braided bun is your best bet!

A Messy Yet Elegant Bun

A petite yet detailed bun with casual flicks swinging out in the front. And we love how this simple bridal hairstyle has been amped with that gorgeous accessory.

Source Pinterest

A Bouffant Bun With A French Braid Twist

Here's a lovely bridal hairstyle for short hair that is sure to win you a lot of compliments. In this, a French braid is weaved from the top leading to a rolled-up bouffant bun. The bun looks voluminous because of the use of a bun puff. 

Source Pinterest

Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

Loose curls and those striking bangs make for an attractive bridal hairstyle for brides with short hair.

Source Pinterest

A Twisted Loop Bun

This classy hairstyle is sure to give an effortlessly beautiful look. In this hairstyle, the hair is twisted to form a loop and then set with a hair spray. To further glorify the hairstyle, use a striking hair accessory.

Source Pinterest

Go The Effortless Way

Flaunt your effortless style and strut in style donning this casual hairstyle where the ironed tresses are simply kept open. 

A Playful Bun With Braids & Curls

Your bridal hairstyle reveals a lot about your personality and this curled-up braided loose bun is sure to make you look playful. 

Source Pinterest

A Casual Hairstyle Adorned With Dainty Blooms

Now, here's a casual bridal hairstyle you sport at your wedding functions, Simply tuck side braids at the back, let the flick swing and decorate the hairstyle with floral accessories.

Source Pinterest

Half Tie Those Crisp Curls

Be the sassy lady that you are and carry this chic half-tie hairstyle.

Yet Another Beauteous Half-Tied Hairstyle

Instead of a single crown braid, this hairstyle features multiple braids coming together to tie the semi-open wavy tresses.

Source Pinterest

A Side Braid Bun

Here's a head-turning bridal hairstyle for you all gorgeous divas. Have a simple braid on the sides, and roll your hair up using a hair puff. It is undeniably one of the most voguish bridal hairstyles for brides with short hair.

Source Pinterest

An Accessorized Bun

How about having a lovely low bun and adorning it with a beauteous accessory?

Source Pinterest


We hope that you found the hairstyle for your wedding! For more inspo, click here!

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