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Best Wedding Jewellers in Surat

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These are the Best Wedding Jewellers in Surat


Surat is the city of Gujarat and is situated at the mouth of the Tapti river. It is now one of the most industrialized cities in India. It became the commercial and economic center of Gujarat with the most specialized and enormous industries. More...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Jewellery on WeddingBazaar

Nilam Patel 7 months, 3 weeks, 23 hours, and 48 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Dhanvi Creations

The workmanship is exquisite and designs are unique. Extremely happy with every purchase I have made so far.Just beautiful and great quality.The product looks good but need to see how the item will last after long usage.Looks very authentic and vommanding.β™₯️β™₯️

...See More

Nilam D Patel7 months, 3 weeks, 23 hours, and 55 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Dhanvi Creations

Dhanvi creation is perfect place for haldi and mehandi Jwellry . Excellent range of earrings and rings and had a ring made up to order that is just beautiful. Service excellent throughout. First and obviously because they have reasonable wholesale prices. But they're also super nice.

...See More

Rinku Mistry 7 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 7 hours, and 48 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Dhanvi Creations

I ordered my haldi Jwelery from dhanvi creation and I loved her work and also finishing.... she made my haldi look perfect with her Jwelery ... Perfect place for haldi and mehandi Jwelery.. I recommend to all for grow her business..

...See More

Patel dixita7 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 9 hours, and 42 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Dhanvi Creations

The product was very impressive And quality was very very good . It's looks as it is as image I was sent it her. The product was make my sister wedding Haldi ceremony special.. I m very happy with the product. Every one asked me where are you buy from...?? I m very happy about said it very confidently it's from dhanvi creation......

...See More

Factors one should keep in mind while buying wedding jewellery

1. Fix a budget and don’t go beyond it 

Before beginning the wedding shopping, the first thing to do is to set a reliable budget plan to organize your savings. Moreover, also track the money spent on various items so as to get an idea of whether you are going beyond your budget. Jewellery is the most valuable and expensive investment and if you invest your money the way you planned, you will face scenarios in which you have to bank loans. A mindful budget planning can also save you money and you won't end up losing all your savings on wedding jewellery only. Moreover, sticking to your budget is also important in case you have already made it.

2. Weight of the jewellery

A single piece of jewellery can be made using different types of jewels and stones. The jewels may or may not be embedded into the gold foil. It is important to check the actual weight of the gold used in your jewellery first as the stones of the jewellery can make it heavier. Eventually, this can increase the value of the jewellery. As a result, you may end up paying a wrong and higher amount for that jewellery piece.

3. Start with engagement rings

Engagement rings symbolize your lifelong promise of togetherness with your life partner. Starting with the engagement rings first is quite good as you can choose the quality and design of your ring properly. Also, do the shopping according to the events and never ride two ships at a time. It may help you a lot to finalize your whole look for an occasion. Decide the look for the engagement party first, planning for the wedding  will be next, and then move on to the reception.

4. Negotiate by making charges

Making charges are additional charges that the jewellers include in the total price of a jewellery piece. This charge refers to the labor and craftspersons used to make a piece of jewellery and this cost is not fixed. It may vary and can be different for all the jewellery shops. So, negotiating with the making charges can be easily done and one can negotiate with the making charges and get a better deal for yourself. 

5. Purity of wedding jewellery 

Knowing the purity of gold used in a particular jewellery set is really important. Because there are a handful of types of gold available in the market with different purity. The purity of gold can be determined by Karats. 24 karat gold is the purest and as you down with the karat number, purity will decrease. The higher the purity, the higher will be the price.  The price of the jewellery also depends on the alloy used to mix with gold and how much labour work has been done in the making process.Hence, you must know the purity of gold, evaluate the pricing and then spend.

6. Off-season shopping 

The rate of gold and silver sometimes fluctuates and at the time of wedding season, the rates as well as the labour charge increase due to high demand. So, on-season shopping can not be as fruitful as off-season shopping. Also, in off seasons, jewellers are dealing with fewer customers and the demands are also low. You can easily get your desired design with the best perfection and cost. Hence, get your jewellery when the sale is going on to get huge discounts and save your little money to spend on anything else. 

7. Compare and then buy 

Buying wedding jewellery is a great investment and that jewellery is going to last long with you for a lifetime. So, never hurry, take a breath, explore, analyze, and compare. When you buy jewellery online, there are chances of getting the imitation of the same design at a better price on any other website or shop. Even if you don't get the exact same design, there may be a slight difference with a similar design that can be a little easier on your pocket. So, always check on various shops and websites, then compare the price  and buy. In this way, you can save a little bit.

8. Buy from trusted jewellers 

Not only for weddings but every time you buy jewellery, make sure to buy from trustworthy and best jeweller rather than any random jeweller near you. Investment in gold jewellery might be a big decision for most people as it requires a large amount of money. Checking the quality and certification of the jewellery can make the investment safe. Hence, hallmarked jewellery is highly recommended especially when we are investing in more than one jewellery piece. Always check whether jewellery is hallmarked or not to ensure purity and quality. At last, ask the jeweller for a cash memo to ensure safe payment. 

What are the most famous types of wedding jewellery in surat? 

1. Kundan Jewellery

The word Kundan refers to “pure gold”. It is one of the most expensive types of wedding jewellery, famous for its quality and beautiful finish of the glass stones. Moreover, the method by which it is designed is more or less similar to Polki jewellery in which uncut diamonds are used. When we are talking about Kundan, it means we are actually pointing toward a style of setting gems. In Kundan jewellery, setting gems is done by using 24 karat gold foil. Uncut diamonds are the most common and famous gem used in Kundan jewellery whereas emeralds, rubies, and diamonds are other gems used in kundan jewellery.

2. Golden Jewellery

Gold jewellery is something that a bride would definitely buy for her wedding. In fact, brides who wear modern jewellery at other wedding ceremonies, prefer to wear golden jewellery on the mandap. Gold is a very soft material that can be easily molded to give a beautiful unique design. On top of that, there are not only one, but a few types of gold available in the market such as white gold rose gold, and yellow gold. 

3. Polki Jewellery 

Polki is a very famous type of jewellery that originated in the era of the Mughals and is still in trend. Uncut, raw diamonds are placed on a gold setting to keep the raw diamonds in place. In addition to this, due to the natural form of uncut diamonds used in Polki, it is an expensive jewellery, even more, expensive than Kundan. 

4. Temple Jewellery 

Temple jewellery is generally designed with depictions of God and Goddesses like Lakshmi Mata and Ganesh. Sculptures of god and goddess add up more charm, love, and blessing to any ritual. You may see temple jewellery in every south Indian wedding as it is an important part of our south Indian culture. It is considered one of the best South Indian wedding jewellery. However, brides from other cities also love to have this jewellery as it visually stands out more than any other wedding jewellery. 

5. Meenakari Jewellery 

Meenakari refers to Indian art of enameling or a method of filling colour to the jewellery. The colour enameling is done to highlight the small detailing of jewellery with colourful contrasting colours. The enameling is done on metal with beautiful vibrant colours. It is a traditional art of decorating jewellery with different colours to make it more fascinating and alluring. This jewellery is very popular among brides for the exquisite colours that it adds to the bride’s look. 

6. Pearl Jewellery 

Pearl jewellery is made of expensive pearls collected from deep down oceans. These pearls do not need any polishing and are used in their natural state to maximize shine. Long haars beaded with pearls are the trendiest wedding jewellery nowadays. 

7. Filigree Jewellery 

Filigree word is derived from two Latin words- filum and granum. The word filum means thread and the meaning of granum is grains. This form of art of jewellery making was first introduced in french and Italy. Now, this type of jewellery designs can also be seen in India. It is one of the most widely used jewellery in engagement rings or necklaces. Eye-capturing beautiful filigree jewellery is created by twisted and curling highly pliable metals like gold and silver. 

Common mistakes that you should avoid when buying wedding jewellery?

Not finalizing the outfit before the jewellery

Some might find it a better option to buy the jewellery before the outfit which is totally pointless because the outfit is the major part of the bridal look and the jewellery should complement the attire. So, both things must be in a contrast. Once your wedding lehenga and neckline of the blouse are decided, now it is easy for you to decide whether you want to carry a Kundan or Rani haar. Therefore, never buy jewellery before getting done on the outfit part. 

Forget to check the clasp of the necklaces 

This can be one of the important things that brides always forget to check. Apart from the necklace’s quality and design, you also must check the quality of the clasps of the necklaces and whether they give a comfortable fit or not. As you never want to be uncomfortable on your day just because your necklace is too loose or too tight to handle. To avoid all this mess, make sure to check the quality, thread, grip, and hook of the clasps. 

Choosing heavy earrings. 

Keep everything in balance, such as a Nath and big Maang tikka with medium-sized earrings so that you do not look all decked up. Hence, keep it moderate and classy. Let your face seek all the attention of guests. 

Following the trend blindly. 

This is a major mistake done by most women which is to follow the trend blindly. Following the trend and style can help you to look more modern and ravishing on your special day. However, searching for the exact same piece that you saw on the internet or in any picture can leave you with nothing. The picture on the internet is edited to enhance the look of any simple jewellery that does not look that much attractive in real. Moreover, the same piece that looks good on any particular piece never guarantees to give you that exact same look. 

Do not checking whether the jewellery is certified or not 

Buying an expensive wedding jewellery set can sometimes eat up two-third part of your savings. And that’s why it is very important to check whether the jewellery is certified or not. Moreover, make sure to ask for an authenticity certificate when you are investing in jewellery like diamonds, gold, or pearls. 

Not checking the small intricates of the outfit

Not paying attention to the small detailing and colours of the outfit before choosing a type of jewellery is the most unconscious mistake that you will ever do. Some colour, patterns, and designs of the dress can go with a certain type of jewellery only. For example, a pink or white gown for a reception with silver thread detailing goes better with filigree, silver, or beaded jewellery. If you pair your outfit with the wrong jewellery, it can cause trouble as the jewellery does not compliment your outfit. This is the reason that one should pay more attention to the outfit and then to the jewellery set.

What is the wedding jewellery that a bride must-have? 

● Maang tika 

● Mangalsutra 

● Nath or nose ring 

● Necklace or choker 

● Bangles 

● Anklets 

● Waistband or Kamar bandh 

● Armlet or bajubandh 

● Hathphool 

● Rings 

● Toe rings

What are the most popular jewellery trends in Surat? 

Matching toe rings and anklet 

Toe rings are as important as Mangalsutra for Indian women as only the married one can wear this. Toe rings, the mangalsutra, anklet, and bangles complete the look of a woman. Besides, there is a unique yet beautiful wedding jewellery trend that is becoming very popular nowadays to wear anklet and toe rings of the same design that matches your outfit. 

Pendants and necklaces

The long pendants are something that has always been popular and useful for brides. Wedding jewellery shops in surat basically sell pendants made of different metals and designs like precious stones and diamonds. The pendants are also used to look traditional and beautiful as well. These are also available in different sizes and colours per the user's requirement and choice. 

Big Maang Tikkas 

Maang tikkas are a beautiful part of wedding jewellery that beautifully exaggerate the bridal look. Moreover, Big maang tikka goes really well with someone who wants a classy yet elegant look. Nowadays, big mang tikkas are in great trend. Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, mang tikka is your good-to-go jewellery piece to grab some attention towards your hair and face. 

Multi-Layer Necklace 

Layered jewellery adds a royal flavour to the personality. Probably, that’s why multi-layered necklaces are there with three or more layers to bring royal taste to the bridal look. Moreover, these types of layered necklaces are very common among celebrities as you can see Priyanka Chopra’s layered necklace at her wedding. 

Best tips to choose the best wedding jewellery in Surat?

Buy different jewellery for different occasions 

Choose different jewellery according to the various ceremonies of weddings like mehndi, sangeet, and haldi. Keep the heaviest and most beautiful jewellery for the main marriage day so that you could make your look really stand out on your big day. 

Big and lightweight jewellery

Go for lightweight earrings that look big in appearance because big earrings can cause pain and make you uncomfortable. And I know that no bride will want to feel bad just because they didn’t take it seriously to check the earrings before. 

Buy the necklace according to the neckline of your outfit

While buying the necklace, make sure that the necklace’s silhouette must match the neckline of your wedding dress. 

Check your mom’s jewellery collection first

Before buying any wedding jewellery, check your mommy's jewellery collection. Because old is gold and there are chances that you can find something that matches your taste and attire as well. Even though that heirloom jewellery could not be used as it is after some customization as per your needs, it can work really well. Moreover, nothing can be more satisfying for a daughter to wear her mother’s love and blessings on her special day. 


Frequently Asked Question About Wedding Jewellery in Surat

Q - What type of Jewellery should I buy for a wedding in Surat?

To add bling to our outfit, find wedding jewellery that best matches with shades of your dress to put everything in contrast. There are different types of wedding jewellery in surat such as Kundan, polka, pearl, gold, diamond, etc. And suggesting one out of these is only possible when you know what you need as per your wedding theme and the contrasting colours of your outfit. So, explore and experiment to find the best wedding jewellery.

Q - Do Indian brides wear real jewellery in surat?

Whether a bride wears real jewellery or imitations at her wedding, it's all her choice as to what she wants to wear and what not according to her budget, lifestyle, and personality. There are many women who are fond of artificial jewelleries and wear them on their wedding day which is absolutely okay. Fashion jewellery or imitations comes at a very low price but looks very beautiful. However, if you are someone who wears real gold or diamond jewellery on a daily basis, I would recommend you to buy real jewellery as you can use and wear it after the wedding also.

Q - Which gold is best for weddings in India?

In India, gold with 14k and 18k is considered to be the best option for wedding jewelleries, especially for rings and bands. Any other type like 18k with bright-toned gold is a little softer and is more prone to breakage. However, 14k is highly durable and lasts long which makes them perfect gold for engagement rings.

Q - Is Platinum better than gold?

Yes, Gold is better than platinum due to its stability and sustainability. On top of that, gold is a metal that can be easily mined, whereas platinum is rare and expensive. Moreover, the price of gold does not fluctuate as much as the price of platinum. Platinum is more expensive than gold due to its rarity. But if you are someone who can spend some extra then platinum is not a bad option.

Q - Is rose gold real gold?

Yes, rose gold is real gold. However, rose gold does not have 100% gold in it, but it is made up of 75% of gold and 25% copper by mass. Besides, rose gold is a type of alloy metal and is only available in 14k or 18k. The copper used to make rose gold is cheaper than other alloy metals, hence rose gold is less expensive than real, white, or yellow gold.

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