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Latest Reviews of Jewellery on WeddingBazaar

Sushil1 month, 2 hours, and 31 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Emori

Unique product design, Good quality products and certified too. Highly recommend if someone looking for lab grown diamond must reach out to emori. They advised me the best jewellery depending on my requirement and budget.

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Anagha4 months, 1 week, 1 day, 4 hours, and 17 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Francis Alukkas

I have visited Francis Alukkas Jewels lately. Impressed by their vast and modest collections and the positive and warm attitude of the staff and managers. Exquisite collection, I must say. I'm definitely looking forward to purchasing more from their store.

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MEGHA KR4 months, 1 week, 2 days, 20 hours, and 38 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Francis Alukkas

Best customer service and good guidance from the staffs. really helpful in giving suggestions and clearing doubts. He is really good with his communication skill and patience to manage a customer Like

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Akhina 4 months, 1 week, 2 days, 20 hours, and 58 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Francis Alukkas

Had an awesome experience.... Great selection, wonderful service. Baichung Boottiya was attentive and really helped with options within my budget...They have really good and amazing collection........

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Factors one should keep in mind while buying wedding jewellery

Fix a budget

Your topmost priority after getting your wedding date fixed is to set a budget that your spendings can rely on. You need to manage your wedding budget otherwise you will spend too much on jewellery and be left with nothing to spend on other things like venues, caterers, etc. Therefore, finish fixing your budget as soon as possible, before you plan wedding jewellery shopping

Explore and research

Read, explore and find out something that matches your style and is in trend at the same time because sometimes the jewellery that you like is not in trend and no one wants to wear outdated and boring jewellery on her special day. That’s why thorough research is a necessity before making a purchase.

Know the quality and authenticity

Crossing the quality and purity of the jewellery that you are going to purchase is really important. When buying gold or silver jewellery, do check the purity and current price. As there are different kinds of alloys of gold that are used to design jewellery, also the price differs for all of them. Hence, it is highly recommended to know the purity and overall gold content of the jewellery for which you are paying.

Go for hallmarked wedding jewellery

Always choose jewellery with a hallmark as it ensures the quality, purity, and authenticity of the jewellery. If any local trader offers you jewellery without a hallmark, never buy it. As investing money in jewellery is a huge investment that can even dig a hole in your pocket if not spent carefully, so make your every invested buck worth it by buying hallmark jewellery.

Compare and buy

Nothing is much beneficial than a comparison shopping. Before buying any particular jewellery, it is highly recommended to compare the purity of gold, price, after-purchase services and quality of the same jewellery at other shops because why pay higher price, when you get the same jewellery at lower rates. Moreover, you can also compare different pieces or the same piece of jewellery at various jewellery stores near you, so that you can shortlist the best wedding jewellery with the best price and quality.

Buy from trusted and best jewellers of the city

No matter what, always buy your bridal jewellery from a reported jewellery brand that has been in the industry for decades and one that is popular for its high-quality wedding jewelleries. No one would ever want to compromise with the quality and authenticity of their jewellery and a random local jewellers may be unable to offer you the quality that a reported jewellery brand or certified jewellers can provide you. So, reach out to best jewellers in Patan.  Moreover, do ask for an invoice from the jeweller.

Choose jewellery according to your taste and personality

What is the point of investing in such expensive wedding jewellery when you can only wear it once which is on your wedding day, so shortlist your wedding jewelleries that suit your taste and personality, instead of blindly following any celebrities’ look or trend. That trend, at some point in time, gets outdated and you probably do not want to wear outdated accessories. Therefore, go for evergreen jewelleries that you can wear in your daily life without having a second thought.

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What are the most famous types of wedding jewellery in Patan?

Temple Jewellery

As the name suggests, this jewellery originated to adorn the goddess and god  of temples. Temple jewellery is made up of pure chunks of gold that give a truly bold and eye-grabbing look to the bride. Without any gemstone embellishment, it still looks super exquisite with a beautiful depiction of deities of the temple that extremely stands out in the temple jewelleries. Moreover, temple jewellery is an important part of south Indian weddings, it's not just jewellery for people in Patan. But there is the great cultural significance of south Indians attached to temple jewellery that they never forget to include this beautiful and blissful jewellery type in their list.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery is a traditional form of wedding jewellery that is made of glass stones or gemstones set in  gold foil. This method of embossing glass stones in gold is known to have originated from the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Nowadays, they are the most talked-about jewellery for their grand and royal touch that is perfect for a bride-to-be to look like a queen on her wedding day. The glass stones used in Kundan jewellery can be precious and semi-precious. Besides, it somewhat looks like Polki yet isn't as expensive as Polki jewellery since glass stones are used instead of real diamonds. However, this Kundan jewellery is a good wedding jewellery that keeps a traditional touch intact without costing you an arm and a leg.

Kasu Haram or Kasulaperu

Kasu haram is an essential type of traditional necklace that is also known as Kasulaperu. The term “Kasu” means coin and the word “haram'' refers to mala. Besides, it is made up of small coin-shaped gold pieces that are placed  together in order to overlap each other. A south Indian bride is incomplete without a Kasulaperu necklace.

Moreover, Kasu Haram is an important element of the south Indian Wedding Jewellery set as it resembles the culture and pride of south Indians. However, it is a very popular jewellery all over the country with its wide varieties from plain, Lakshmi depiction Kasumala to designer Kasumalai. 

Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari is an ancient method of colouring and painting the surfaces of precious metal in any jewellery through enamelling. This jewellery is one of the most popular jewellery types due to its ethnic roots and delicate colourful design. Jaipur is considered to be the main hub of meenakari where craftsmen decorate the details in the jewelleries or any other object with beautiful colours and illuminate the overall ambience of the jewellery. 

Polki Jewellery

Polki is a timeless art form that has its origin in Rajasthan. Polki jewellery is one of the most popular Rajasthani jewellery types. In this jewellery, uncut diamonds in their mined-form are secured in place with the help of gold foil at the back. Polki is a thousands-year-old jewellery style that is still considered to be the best wedding jewellery in this modern era. These jewelleries are so precious and beautiful because of their raw diamonds which gives the jewellery a natural shine and purity. Because of the pure diamonds, Polki jewellery is bit more expensive than other jewellery on the list, however that extra investment worth it as it is often passed down to another generation in the family as an heirloom.

Golden Jewellery

Gold is the most precious metal which has been used as the setting of many jewellery or to design beautiful jewellery for centuries. Also, other jewellery types have some parts of gold used to give it a final finish and setting. Besides, most of the brides of our country, after wearing modern jewellery in small ceremonies, consider completing their whole bridal look with gold jewellery with a traditional and royal touch on their wedding day. However, there are few forms of gold available on the basis of purity, and the standard measurement to know the purity of gold is karat. Gold jewellery with 24k is entirely made up of 99.9% of gold and is the purest type of golden. Descending with the value of karats, the percentage of gold used in particular jewellery decreases.

Common mistakes that you should avoid when buying jewellery in Patan

Do not buy wedding jewellery before the outfit

It is a very big myth among people that it would be better to buy the jewellery first and then the outfit. That’s why you have to go the other way round which means “buy the outfit before jewellery”. If you get your hands on the outfit first then it would be very easy to decide what colour, design, range, and type of jewellery will be best to complete your attire.   

Never pick the same type of jewellery for every occasion

Brides, sometimes, unknowingly select a similar type of jewellery set for every function of their wedding. However, on pre-wedding functions like sangeet and mehndi, light floral and statements jewellery works great and for the main wedding day, you can go for Polki, Jadau, or Kundan jewellery whereas filigree and diamond jewellery are best to compliment your reception gown or saree. 

Do not make Impulsive purchases

In this era, scams and being cheated are not new, so you have to be very careful while buying wedding jewellery. Never make any hasty decision that may lead you to end up with regret in the future. There should be no place for regret when you are investing a huge amount of your savings. Hence, take enough time, explore, research, and inquire about the quality, price, and things like that. If needed take advice from your parents or trusted jewellers and make an informed decision for the purchase.

Never forget to negotiate with the making charges

Making charges are the additional amount charged by the jewellers and it depends on the labour required to design any particular piece of jewellery. Besides, the making charges are different for every jewellery store. Therefore, you can always negotiate with the making charges that can save a small part of your savings.

Do not get distracted

Having too many options around you, can result in distraction and we all know that distraction will take you on the wrong track. So, be very particular about what type of jewellery you want to pick, especially you have a tight budget.   

What are the wedding jewellery that a bride must have

What are the latest jewellery trends to follow with wedding jewellery?

Statement handcuffs

Beautiful handcuffs or bangles embossed with fine detailing of diamonds or gemstones are surely a woman's first choice no matter what the occasion is.

Big cocktail rings

Stunning cocktail rings give a super glamorous look to your pretty manicured hands. Moreover, it is a game changer for those with classic and statement jewellery pieces as it adds a little bit of spice to subtle look.

Exotic temple jewellery 

It's a no-brainer that temple jewellery is the heart of a south Indian wedding, without which a south Indian wedding is incomplete. Being visually unique with chunky golden depictions of  Indian deities is the best part of temple jewellery.   

Kundan anklets

Apart from any other jewellery, anklets have a separate traditional value as it is one of the parts of the “Solah Srinagar” of a married woman. So, to add modernity with tradition, Kundan anklets are there that can be easily matched with your attire to give it a traditional yet elegant look.  

Tips to choose the best wedding jewellery

Frequently Asked Question About Wedding Jewellery in Patan

Q - What Jewellery should I buy for a wedding in Patan?

In south Indian culture, there are some specific kinds of jewellery that are worn by south Indian brides, and wearing these south Indian jewelleries is itself a ritual in Patan. Besides, Vanki (bajubandh), contemporary Jada Billa, Vaddanam (kamarbandh), Manga malai, Kasu Haram, Temple jewellery, Maang tika, Mangalsutra, bangles, and anklets are the list of wedding jewellery that every south Indian bride should buy.

Q - Do Indian brides wear real jewellery in Patan?

Yes, Indian brides do wear real jewellery. Gold and temple jewellery are the most widely used jewelleries in Patan. However, everyone has their own taste and budget, according to which they buy jewelleries for their wedding. Therefore, it is totally fine if you want to wear artificial wedding jewelleries. There are lots of beautiful imitations of real jewellery available in the stores that are also the best bang for your bucks.

Q - Which gold is best for weddings in Patan?

On the basis of the alloys used and colour, gold is categorised as Rose gold, White gold and Yellow gold. South Indians usually prefer yellow gold over the rose and white gold at weddings or any other occasion. Moreover, when talking about “Which carat of gold is best for wedding jewellery?”, then the simple answer is 18k or 14k because these are the most durable forms of gold with enough luster.

Q - Is Platinum better than gold?

No, Gold is better than platinum as it is cheaper than platinum and provides maximum stability to the jewellery piece making it last long.

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