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Best Wedding Decorators in Surat

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These are the Best Wedding Decorators in Surat


Surat is a city in Gujarat state, India, and one of the fastest-growing cities. Surat has been famous for its textile industry and heavy industries. Surat is also famous for its diamond cutting and polishing and industries that make jewellery form...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Decorators on WeddingBazaar

Nipu Saikia 1 month, 1 week, 5 days, 13 hours, and 39 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Om Shree Events

Om shree events has made our special day even more special. Everyone in the team was very organized, professional and helpful. Specially Mr Dikshit was way more responsive.. Also I have to mention that they are very budget friendly. They quoted us almost the half of the price compared to other decorators. We are glad that we choose Mr Dikshit and his team for our wedding. PS: They also surprise you with some service that you didn't opt for and it brings smile to your face.

...See More

Lakshit Singh1 month, 3 weeks, 6 hours, and 35 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Om Shree Events

Best event management in the town , you can go for any type of event booking to them and they will make it happen in a sweet yet in a grand way . They have the best team to ensure your needs and your comforts to make your dream weddings and other events come true.

...See More

Ranbir 1 month, 3 weeks, 21 hours, and 31 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Om Shree Events

I had an exceptional experience with the wedding management services provided by this company. From the initial consultation to the final execution, every aspect was handled with professionalism and attention to detail. The team demonstrated a deep understanding of our vision and worked tirelessly to bring it to life. Their communication throughout the planning process was top-notch, ensuring that we were informed and involved in every decision. They seamlessly coordinated various vendors, managing the logistics flawlessly and ensuring a smooth flow of events. The dedication and commitment of the team were evident as they went above and beyond to accommodate last-minute changes and requests. What truly stood out was their ability to create a magical atmosphere that exceeded our expectations. The decorations, lighting, and overall ambiance transformed the venue into a dreamlike setting. They ensured that every guest was taken care of, leaving a lasting impression on everyone. If you're seeking a wedding management company that not only understands your vision but also executes it with finesse and creativity, I wholeheartedly recommend this team. Their expertise, professionalism, and passion for creating unforgettable experiences make them a standout choice in the industry. Our wedding day was everything we dreamed of, thanks to their unwavering dedication. Best weeding planner of udaipur, budget friendly Best Location Best Food Must visit

...See More

Piyush 1 month, 3 weeks, 23 hours, and 26 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Om Shree Events

thank you so much for putting on a spectacular production! our team is still talking about it, flooding teams channels and emails, commenting on what an amazing and memorable event we just had. we couldn’t have done it without you all of you. thank you for bringing our vision to life, and then some!great, excellent, friendly team members, co-ordinates team members

...See More

Latest Wedding Decoration Ideas

Types of Services Offered by Wedding Decorators :

1. Decoration and Design :

The decoration is a process of supplying everything which is needed for making the place more pleasant and pleasing to the eyes. It is one of the important elements of decorations. Every item in decor should be planned well according to the style or theme of your wedding ceremony. In this way, the decorations become more pleasing and attractive to the guests. It is due to the fact that decoration is a part of any wedding.

2. Floral decorations :

Floral decoration is a major part of any wedding event. Every bride and groom should use flowers in their decoration items because they are the best and most compatible with them for any type of function. Floral decoration is one of the most pleasant and captivating elements among all types of decoration items. It is an important element that plays a very significant role in the arrangement of your wedding ceremony by enhancing its beauty and making it more lively and attractive.

3. Lighting & Candles decorations

Lighting decorations give a special and enchanting touch to the wedding ceremony. It is one of the most important elements of a wedding ceremony and is worth spending money on. A proper lighting arrangement gives the ambiance of your wedding ceremony a very beautiful and pleasing look. Candle wax has very special scents which make it pleasant to smell when they are burnt in large quantities. Therefore candles are used with great enthusiasm in all types of ceremonies including weddings.

4. Sounds & Entertainment :

Sounds and entertainment decorations are one of the most important elements in a wedding ceremony because they are the main part of it. The entertainment program of your wedding is a very significant part of it. A proper entertainment program makes the whole wedding ceremony more enjoyable and fun for all participants. Music instruments make various types of music which are liked by all people.

5. Catering :

Catering is another service for making your Wedding more pleasant, enjoyable, and inviting for all guests. Food is a very important factor that gives happiness and pleasure to your life. A portion of good food makes all people happy and pleased. A good catering service is a big asset for your wedding and gives comfort to your guests and pleasure in your wedding ceremony.

6. Backup Plan :

Every wedding ceremony should be planned properly. In case of any unforeseen situations, you must have a backup plan to make your wedding go smoothly. Therefore make a backup plan in case of any unexpected result so that you do not have to panic. Proper planning helps your budget also as far as decorating expenses are concerned.

7. Arranging the venue :

The venue plays a vital role in the wedding ceremony, and the wedding decorators take good care of it. They ensure that the reception hall is decorated well and that enough lighting arrangements provide sufficient light to each guest. The venue is decorated with flowers, plants, sculptures, and other art pieces that give the place a royal touch. It also ensures that every person who visits your wedding feels like they are visiting a palace instead of an ordinary function hall.

8. Setting up the decorations :

The decorators arrange the main decorations, such as chandeliers, table arrangements, flower arrangements, wedding bouquets, and the placement of decoration items in all areas of the venue. Some decorators provide artwork on tables and flooring as well. The decorators arrange them to create one beautiful, alluring, mesmerizing display. All the decorations serve many purposes and offer a great look or ambiance that would be loved by everyone who attends your wedding.

Wedding Decorators Hiring Tips :

1. Determine the number of guests you are expecting :

The first step in hiring decorators is to determine the number of people you are expecting for your wedding ceremony. You should decide how many guests are going to be invited to your wedding ceremony. Decorators work according to your requirement and provide you with the perfect decoration service.

2. Choose the latest theme & style :

Decorators come up with various themes and designs of decoration items to make your wedding ceremony more colourful and attractive. They help you choose any theme or design which suits your budget, taste, and personality. Decorators also advise you about colours & designs as per the requirement of your wedding ceremony

3. Think about your budget :

You should think about your budget before hiring decorators for your wedding ceremony. Decorators are of high premium and according to the advance payment you make, they will be able to fulfill your wishes. Decorators give service according to the estimate you have given them. Therefore it is necessary that you estimate the number of decoration items required and pay accordingly.

4. Ask for their proposal :

You should ask your decorators to give you a proposal through which you can understand the things they are going to do at your wedding ceremony. They will give you a fair and realistic price according to your budget. Decorators also know how much money they can make after providing services that are not yet provided in their proposal. Therefore it is necessary that you take some time and talk with them properly so that you can discuss all the things properly.

5. Make a list of decorative elements :

Decorators will come up with decorative items which you may want to decorate at your wedding ceremony. Make a list of all the items you require with the help of your decorators. The decorator will give you proper design & colour suggestions as per your requirements and also advise you about the financial conditions of each item. Therefore it is necessary that you make a list of all the items you require with decorators so that they can do a proper design for your wedding.

Things to keep in mind while booking wedding decorators :

1. Select a qualified and experienced decorator :

You should choose a qualified and professional decorator who can provide you with the desired decoration service. The decorator should have proper qualifications and experience in this field so that he can provide you with the best services. A professional decorator provides the best decoration service with proper security & safety measures, the latest designs & stylish themes, the best coordination with other decoration items, good performance on time and many more things.

2. Check their previous work :

You should ask your selected decorators for some of their previous work so that you can have a sneak peek of their talent and skills in this field. Decorators will name their past work to give you a fair idea about the quality of their services and whether they fulfill your needs. Ask your decorators to show you some of their previous work before selecting them.

3. Think about the resolution & coordination :

The decoration is a very sensitive thing in a wedding ceremony. It is related to everything which makes the whole celebration more pleasant. Therefore you should select decorators who have good coordination skills, proper knowledge about their work, and fair resolution of any problem during their performance. Hiring such a decorator will never create any problems for your future wedding but only help in increasing its value.

4. Check their performance on time :

The most important factor of your wedding ceremony is its start and end on time. Therefore it is necessary that decorators do not make any delay in completing the decorations according to your wishes and with good resolution also. That is why it is better to hire decorators who have proper time management skills so that they can complete their work on decorations on time.

Things to discuss with the wedding decorator :

1. Price & budget :

You should discuss with your selected decorators about the price and other financial terms after selecting them. You should fix a proper price for the decoration service before asking them to do the work. Decorators will give the exact price after discussing their budget with you. Hiring decorators at a price lower than the estimated amount will create some problems in your wedding ceremony.

2. Venue Location :

You should discuss the venue location with your decorator properly before asking him to start the work. There are many things to be considered when you hire decorators for your wedding ceremony. The first thing you should do is discuss the venue location and decide where you want to get fitted.

3. What Is Their Process :

Define your expectations with the wedding decorator and their process to create a perfect ambiance for your event. The process will help them understand your needs, which will help them develop a suitable plan for decorating your event. They will also discuss how much time they need to complete all tasks to give you an accurate estimate of how much time they can take to complete these tasks.

4. What Services Are Included :

Ask your wedding decorator about the services included in their decoration plan and how much time they will need to complete the work. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of all the services included in the decoration plan so that you can decide whether this is suitable for your budget.

5. Time limit :

You should discuss the time limit with your selected decorator after giving them their estimated price. You will ask your decorator to complete their work on decorations before the start of your wedding ceremony. If you want to decorate your venue early then you should discuss this matter with your decorator before asking him to take up the work.

6. The theme and style of decoration :

Decorators will design different themes of decorations according to the requirements of your wedding ceremony in order to make it more attractive, enchanting and attractive for all your guests. You should discuss your theme with your selected decorators so that they can provide you with the exact design according to your desire. Decorators will also advise you about the latest designs and styles of decoration available in the market according to your budget so that you can choose accordingly.

Frequently Asked Question About Wedding Decorators in Surat

Q - What is included in a typical Indian wedding decoration package?

Decorators will provide you with everything according to your budget and requirements. They will provide decoration at different locations of your wedding ceremony including the venue, entrance gate, reception, wedding ceremony hall and dining table.

Q - Do all wedding decorators do home decor as well?

Yes, wedding decorators also do home decoration for their clients. They have experience in decorating homes of different modern designs, themes, styles and sizes.

Q - Do all wedding decorators provide theme-based wedding decor?

Yes, all the wedding decorators will provide you with theme-based decorations according to your budget and needs.

Q - How does WeddingBazaar help me book the perfect wedding decorator?

Wedding decorators from all across India participate in the ShaadiSaga program and showcase their profiles, price quotes, services and portfolio. You can browse through their profiles, read reviews from past clients and get in touch with them directly.

Q - What to ask wedding decorators while booking?

Make sure that you check all the details about the decorators and their services before hiring them. Ask them about the prices, time limit, theme and style of decoration, venue location and resolution of any problems in the ceremony.

Q - How do Wedding Decorators charge?

Most wedding decorators charge a fixed amount for the decorating of your venue and decoration. You will have to decide the budget for the decoration service before asking your decorator to start with the work.

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