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These are the Best Wedding Jewellers in Kanyakumari


Every bride's dream is to look great in her wedding gown. And that can occur if you know how to match your wedding jewellery to your wedding lehenga or wedding gown. Every bride plans out every aspect of her dress for this important day, from the ...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Jewellery on WeddingBazaar

Anagha2 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 16 hours, and 56 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Francis Alukkas

I have visited Francis Alukkas Jewels lately. Impressed by their vast and modest collections and the positive and warm attitude of the staff and managers. Exquisite collection, I must say. I'm definitely looking forward to purchasing more from their store.

...See More

MEGHA KR2 months, 3 weeks, 9 hours, and 17 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Francis Alukkas

Best customer service and good guidance from the staffs. really helpful in giving suggestions and clearing doubts. He is really good with his communication skill and patience to manage a customer Like

...See More

Subramoni1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks, 12 hours, and 10 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Bhagavathi jewellers

Old shop, family shopping is always good here. Staff service is best, my experience here was always good. Thali models super, thali best quality. Thali chain buying here is best option. Even one gram purchase here is good.

...See More

Eswaramoorthy R1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks, 12 hours, and 16 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Bhagavathi jewellers

Best shop for traditional and custom made jewellery. Economic price, and wastage. Staff service is warm and welcoming. Jewels quality is always best, 100 percentage 916 jewels, geniun shop. Family shopping experience is good.

...See More

Most famous types of Wedding Jewellery with their cost?

During the Chola dynasty's rule in South India in the ninth century, temple jewellery first appeared. Its name comes from its primary use as sacrifices to statues and deities in temples. In addition to this, monarchs, queens, noblemen, and temple dancers all wore it.

It is typically bulky jewellery made of pure gold that features detailed motifs of deities, dancers, and natural objects as well as patterns like waves, dots, and zigzags. Additionally, it embellishes with valuable and semi-precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and kemp stones. It is the first option for Kanyakumari ladies looking for wedding jewellery.

Choosing the ideal piece of jewellery feels like an overwhelming chore because it is so crucial to complete any bridal ensemble. Particularly when there are a tonne of choices and you are completely unsure of what each one entails.

Formerly crafted to order by master jewellers and talented goldsmiths, temple jewellery is now widely available at well-known retailers like Joyallukas, Josallukas, Tanishq, and Bhima Jewellers.

You've come to the perfect location if you're a bride who adores gold. The ideal wedding accessory could very well be temple jewellery for your special day!

Factors that you should keep in mind while buying Wedding Jewellery


Before you begin your search, limit your ability to spend. Temple jewellery could enchant you with its beauty, but it might also fit in your pocket. Therefore, it is best to start off properly planned than to end up unsatisfied.


Cons are committed in every nook and cranny of the market. Better do your homework before diving into the gold-filled pool. Otherwise, your stupid eyes might trick you. Either speak with a knowledgeable someone who can verify the precious metal, as it is difficult to separate semi-precious metal from precious metal.


The desired length for your necklace, your wrist, and other parameters should be measured. You can do it with inexpensive string while keeping track of the measurements. It is crucial since temple jewellery is available in a range of lengths.

Look and feel

Simply create in your mind's eye the outcome you want to see when you look in the mirror. Your time will be greatly saved by this. To create your ideal appearance, either browse the internet for the many designs that are now on the market or purchase those design brooches.

Multiple Uses

Avoid being daunted by the variety of designs; shop wisely. Choose accessories that will be useful more than just occasionally. Otherwise, spending money on jewellery that will only be worn once is not pleasant. A gorgeous long piece and little chokers are available for purchase; you can wear them together or apart at different occasions.


Always choose patterns that can be incorporated into one another. You now have access to a variety of permuted ornaments. like a lengthy neckpiece like a kamarbandh or a mang tikka.

Your Prior Collection

People frequently seem to make the mistake of narrowing their eyesight as if they were wearing it only for this particular occasion. Take a look at your previous wardrobe in order to make a more fulfilling purchase. Make sure that the new designs you bring should blend in with your prior design family until you decide to flip it over.

Temple jewellery is not only gold

Purchasing temple jewellery as opposed to regular jewellery has many differences. The fact that it is more than just a piece of gold is what makes it so lovely. You can purchase jewellery from the Temple that has diamonds, emeralds, and rubies in it. After all, clashing jewellery is hot right now! Even polka strings could be added by using a temple pendant.

Build your heritage

You can start a new family trend of temple jewellery that you can pass down to future generations. You can examine the metal's dependability.

Become Innovative

The design process is governed by a set of guidelines called "what feels good." In order to introduce another genre of pure gold and the embedded one, always maintain your creative window open.

Common mistakes that one should avoid when shopping for Wedding Jewellery 

The most stressful day of your life may also be the most eagerly anticipated: your wedding day. Even at this very moment, we are aware that you are feeling anxious while you look for your bridal attire, jewellery, and trousseau.

Due to your extreme exhaustion, you may make a lot of blunders, such as being unsure about which jewellery to buy and when to buy it.

Pay Attention to the Detailing of the Bridal Outfit

Before purchasing the items for your bridal set, consider the detailing on your bridal attire. Take note of the sort of embellishment, such as thread work, beadwork, zari, embroidery, as well as the colours, tints, and/or patterns. The neckline of your blouse must also be clearly visible. Every neckline does not suit every necklace.

Consider the Shape of Your Face before Buying the Necklace

You shouldn't assume that just because your friend or the television commercial model wears a particular piece of jewellery, it would look nice on you too. A large diamond "haar" may overshadow your appearance if you have petite, delicate features and a delicate form.

The lesson here is that you should get jewellery that complements your features and personality while looking beautiful on you.

Never purchase any jewellery without first determining this.

Concentrate on Layering Your Bridal Jewellery Pieces, Instead of Buying One Neck Piece

This rule primarily pertains to neckpieces. Consider layering your neckpieces rather than purchasing a single large choker necklace or a diamond necklace. Play around with different lengths, pendants, gemstones, and metals. On your special day, this will give you that special gloss and sparkle. Additionally, it will provide you more alternatives for using the neckpieces in the future than simply putting them in the locker.

Do Not Buy Your Bridal Jewellery before your Wedding Outfit

This is a frequent error that many upcoming brides commit. You are under extreme pressure to purchase jewellery before the wedding attire. Your bridal jewellery must complement your dress, which might be a major obstacle for you.

Therefore, always purchase the bridal attire first. Don't forget to request an additional swatch of the material from the merchant. Take this swatch with you while you shop for your wedding jewellery and just follow the crowd.

Layer Your Necklaces Wisely

Make the best decision possible when selecting the necklaces you want to layer. Play with the stones, appearances, and lengths. Long chains of different lengths can be layered on top of a thick choker without risk. When you combine too many bulky neck items, a problem will arise. You might not look like a beautiful bride on your wedding day, but rather like a shop window gold display.

Avoid Going Overboard with the Size of the Earrings

You should match the size of your choker to the size of your earrings. Choose lighter earrings like short jhumkas or even studs if you plan to wear a choker.

Educate Yourself About Jewellery Before Buying

Researching the many jewellery options is the best course of action. You'll also get a sense of the budget from this. Before you enter the jewellery store to purchase your first piece, make sure you are aware of the differences between Kundan, Polki, diamond, rubies, gold, and the various valuable stones.

Stop Being a Slave to Trends

Trends come and go. Blindly following them won't make you unique; it will make you a slave to them. For example, the "mattha patti" is a very popular trend right now. But they might not look well on your face. If you really must wear a matha patti, be sure to choose one that complements the contour of your forehead.

Buy Certified Jewellery Only

This is a major issue. Only purchase certified jewellery. Additionally, carefully read the warranty, return, and refundable policies first. After checking the aforementioned criteria, only make a purchase when you are 100 percent pleased.

Pick Different Types of Jewellery for Different Occasions

Your wedding festivities begin long before the big day. Different jewellery is appropriate for different events.

Purchase different jewellery types for various occasions. For example, Polki, Jadau, Kundan, or Temple jewellery is favoured on the wedding day itself, while Pearl or Gota jewellery is appropriate for the Sangeet and Mehendi rituals.

What is the average cost of wedding jewellery sets in Kanyakumari?

In Kanyakumari, you may expect to pay between 80,000 and 1 lakh for a pair of earrings and at least 3 lakhs for a necklace.Priced between 8 and 15 lakhs, a complete bridal set would comprise everything from a maang-tikka to a payal. Since genuine temple jewellery in Kanyakumari is often very expensive, it is possible to lower the price by lowering the purity of the gold and using stones with lower value.


What latest jewellery trends can you try with your Wedding Jewellery?

An important and prominent component of a South Indian bride's wedding ensemble is temple jewellery. Only royal families afterwards owned and loved the gold temple jewellery that was perfect crafted to adore Gods and Goddesses. The designs and motifs of the temple jewellery collection include those of Lord Shiva, Goddess Laxmi, swans and peacocks, flowers, and royal figures. They were once only available in other metals, handcrafted in pure gold, and set with pearls, diamonds, rubies, and other valuable and semi-precious stones.

Traditional temple jewellery is incredibly expensive, which is why fake temple jewellery was created. Every woman in Kanyakumari can now feel like a princess by donning replica temple jewellery.

Necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, and jewellery pieces adorning from the feet to the forehead come under the category of artificial temple jewellery. Temple jewellery typically looks lovely when worn with traditional sarees. Because the temple jewellery is so substantial and ornate, it is best to keep your attire basic to get that stunning appearance.

¾ A temple princess necklace has been artfully matched with the stunning bridal choker from temple jewellery. The accessories, as exquisitely detailed as they are, highlight the artistic quality of the outfit.

¾ A big pendant on a beaded necklace is amazing. It features unusual depictions of the Goddess Laxmi and peacocks.

¾ Grace the modern temple jewellery that combines pearls and Kundan with traditional design. The exquisite craftsmanship that the Kundan and the pearls bring to the piece is astounding!

¾ Matt gold with Kundan stones and a large, hefty pendant with a peacock pattern. Have we already described the ideal bridal temple jewellery set?

¾ This timeless Temple necklace and earring set with ghungroo accents is made entirely of gold.


The Lakshmi motif earrings are a work of fashion miracle. The folding Polki, fine craftsmanship, and wrapped pearls make this piece of jewellery even more all-encompassing.

For the bride who won't give up tradition or style, there are complex gold jhumkas available! The earrings with ruby and emerald accents are obscenely ornate.

Kamar Bandh

In terms of style and design, this temple jewellery is as genuine as they get, but the Kamar bandh combined with the hanging chain ornamentation leaves little room for missteps.

A distinctive gold coin called a Kamar Bandh has a sir and other really detailed details. Its complexity is simply increased by the bundle of pearls.


If you're a contemporary bride with a touch of tradition, these mismatched bangles should be your go-to option because they are intricately crafted in edgy shapes and distinctive designs.

Another suggestion for a timeless bride from the millennial generation: a set of handcuffs with intricate design, large motifs, and pearl accents.


delicate pearl embellishments set off powerful yet complex designs!

All guests who have a space in their hearts for fashion will be drawn to jadas because of their intense, weighty jada design.


These Kundan-studded royal mor (peacock) rings are so majestic and independent that they may spruce up any traditional ensemble.

This handcrafted ring has a gilded bird motif and is aromatic. You feel even more majestic because of the lavish white polkis that are scattered around the boundary.


Tips to choose the wedding jewellery that best suits you. 

Every girl dreams of having a royal wedding. You frequently have a tendency to overlook the details of your own shopping when you are getting settled with your new family, meeting new people, and welcome new relations. Here are some advice and ideas to help you relax before your wedding. Jewelery is important to every bride on the planet. Wedding jewellery has a prominent role in cultures like India. Here are my top ten suggestions for choosing your wedding jewellery for all the brides who are eagerly anticipating their special day.



If you look closely, some South Indian bridal jewellery has a rich reddish hue and various colours of yellow. These are nothing more than the products of various forms of craftsmanship. Matching the tone of your jewellery to your wedding saree or lehanga is a smart idea. By doing this, you may guarantee uniformity and guarantee that you will appear stunning in every aspect. If you want to try out the latest trend in diamond jewellery, pastels are it.


There are numerous bridal jewellery sets with prices available online. Before choosing one of those beauties, please make an effort to grasp what would best complement your dress and facial features. For instance, a package of ready-made Indian bridal jewellery sets might be available online. However, not all of the jewellery items included in the set may be suitable for you.

In such circumstances, you can decide to get one specific thing excluded and add another. Wearing a matha patti wouldn't be the best option if you are a bride with a small face because it would make your face look more smaller. A Kundan jewellery set with long hangings could be alluring to purchase, but not everyone may like it.


Weddings are full of various rites, some major, some minor, some done with fanfare and display and others quietly. Wear your bridal jewellery appropriately for the occasion while you savour every moment of your wedding. A Vaddanam, Vanki, Haram, necklace, earring, bracelet, and maang tikka are included in South Indian jewellery sets. However, the entire set of jewellery may not be appropriate for every ritual. To be appropriate for the occasion, select light bridal jewellery sets online for your Haldi ceremony and hefty Kundan sets with Jhumkis for your wedding ceremony. For other less formal events, there are lots of them in 18K and 22K that are delicate, light, and double toned.


Some females have a noticeable, broad neckline, while others have a delicate, small neckline. When selecting bridal jewellery, it's crucial to know your neckline. For illustration, a person with a narrow neckline might not look good wearing a bib necklace. It would look awkward and overpower other jewellery pieces. One should be aware of their neck size, whether it be wide, narrow, small, or stiletto, and then begin looking at gold bridal jewellery. So, before you bring home that sought Kundan bridal jewellery or that stunning Temple choker, consider your neckline.


This is one important factor that every bride should consider. It is wise to look for models that enable reusability rather than securely locking all the bridal jewellery in the lockers. For ease of exploration, look for gold bridal jewellery with detachable hooks or jewellery that can be changed into another style, such as a necklace, locket, vanki, or vaddanam.

For illustration, there are 5-in-1 Vaddanams that can be used in many ways. In order to coordinate with your saree or outfit, some bridal jewellery models online also provide gemstone bangles that may be switched out for rubies and emeralds. Instead of merely locking them in a safe, such cutting-edge designs would provide you the freedom to wear your bridal jewellery for any occasion. Here is a famous example of a diamond Jhumki with multiple uses, enabling interchangeability so that one can accessorise with either rubies or emeralds.


It wouldn't take much work to examine the dress, fabric, and style and match it with your bridal jewellery as the wedding garments include significant work like Zardosi and the wedding dress is chosen well in advance. To avoid causing trouble when wearing them by sticking to the dress or creating a peel off on fabric patterns, etc., care should be given to inspect the bridal jewellery designs from all angles for sharp edges or open strings.


Include the large cocktail rings in your bridal trousseau; they are eye-catching and very adaptable party wear rings and would be perfect as reception jewellery. You can wear that large ring to parties in the future in addition to showing it off. Stackable rings are another such thing that should be included in your bridal jewellery. If you look for unique styles and bridal gold jewellery designs with prices, you will find a tonne of options.


Maang Tikkas are essential; they gracefully make their way into the bridal jewellery in practically every conceivable wedding. You should be cautious while selecting a Maang Tikka, and brides with broad foreheads should choose a large Maang tikka. Brides with shorter foreheads should, alternatively, wear smaller Maang Tikkas to accentuate their attractiveness.

The tranquil grin of the bride, who is naturally excited to start her new life, is another exquisite adornment that surpasses all the aforementioned methods and advice. Please make sure that whatever you wear is comfortable before we part ways.


Reminding every bride not to overdo their jewellery since it drains all of their shine is the first step. Yes, some do in fact give the bride's appearance a garish touch. By choosing delicate and lovely Indian bridal jewellery designs, this can be substantially prevented.


Watch out for various hairstyles that will complement your earrings as you get ready for your big day. While certain earrings look great with a bun, some look great with plaited hair. It is also advisable to bring a tiny sample of your bridal jewellery together with your outfit.


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