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Best Wedding Jewellers in Thrissur

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These are the Best Wedding Jewellers in Thrissur


Kerala is renowned throughout the world for its topography and climate. Three distinct regions make up its geographical feature. The coastline lines, the Middle Lands, and the Highlands. A destination wedding combines a wedding celebration with an...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Jewellery on WeddingBazaar

Ann Joseph4 months, 1 week, 2 days, 6 hours, and 19 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  DC Jewellers

My Beloved sister assured me that this was the place for my daughter to chose her first jewelry and she was so right! The jewelry was GORGEOUS and the service first class. Even managed to design a piece for her birthday which she adores. Thank you!

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Anjuma1 year, 4 months, 1 week, 6 days, 10 hours, and 38 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Bhima Jewels

One of the place for all your bridal jewellery at kochi . They have a great collection to choose from. Value for money. The jewels they provide do looks awesome. Would recommend this place to all the brides to be...thankyu bhima

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Rimmy1 year, 4 months, 1 week, 6 days, 10 hours, and 38 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Bhima Jewels

One of the place for all your bridal jewellery at kochi . They have a great collection to choose from. Value for money. The jewels they provide do looks awesome. Would recommend this place to all the brides to be...thankyu bhima

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Arjun1 year, 4 months, 1 week, 6 days, 10 hours, and 38 minutes ago

β˜… 5.0
Review for -  Bhima Jewels

One of the place for all your bridal jewellery at kochi . They have a great collection to choose from. Value for money. The jewels they provide do looks awesome. Would recommend this place to all the brides to be...thankyu bhima

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Most famous types of Wedding Jewellery with their cost?

Thrissur's traditional jewellery is renowned for its exquisite design. Jewelry from Thrissur displays the majesty of the rich Indian culture. It is embossed with images of gods and goddesses from south Indian temples.

Even more than diamonds, the traditional jewellery of Thrissur, which comprises of trinkets made from large amounts of gold, is a fantastic investment for Keralan brides.

Here is all the information you require regarding the background and cultural significance of Thrissur's traditional jewellery.

Pulinakham Mala

The name "Pulinakham" means a tiger's nails, hence the Pulinakham Mala is made up of glass stones that are fashioned to resemble a tiger's nails. A lovely necklace is created by stringing together these glass stones.

Women from Kerala typically wear this classic jewellery with their native sarees.

Manga Mala Necklace

Small pendants in the form of mangos make up a classic Manga mala necklace. In Kerala, it is the most popular type of jewellery worn. It displays Kerala's elaborate traditional jewellery.

Karimani Mala

Karimani mala, a black and gold beaded necklace worn frequently by married women in Kerala, is comparable to the mangalsutra worn by women in North India. Gold was used to make the Karimani Mala.

Kasu or Lakshmi Mala

Kasu Mala is made using numerous coins that are strung together to form a necklace because "Kasu" means coins and "Mala" means a necklace. Since the goddess Lakshmi is engraved on these coins, they are also referred to as Lakshmi Haar.

Mulla Motu Necklace (Jasmine Buds Necklace)

Jasmine petals are strung together to create a necklace to make the jasmine buds necklace, also known as the Mulla Mottu necklace.

This piece of traditional jewellery from Kerala is available in two different designs: one with pure gold jasmine petals and the other with gold jasmine buds and jewels.

Nearly every woman in Kerala has a collection of mulla motu necklaces because they are an essential piece of Kerala bridal jewellery. 


The traditional bell-shaped earrings are called jhumkis or jhimkis. Jhimkis or Jhumkis, which are worn by Keralan brides, are a significant component of the state's bridal jewellery collection.

It is available in two different designs. The first is an ear stud, while the second is a pair of gold-plated earrings with little bells hanging from them.

Women all around India wear temple jhimkis in addition to Keralan brides. Jhimkis are one of the most popular types of jewellery worn by Indian ladies and come in a wide variety of designs and metal options.


In Kerala, girls and ladies wear anklets called "Kolusu" to weddings, religious ceremonies, and celebratory events. Kolusu is often composed of silver, however it is also available in gold.

Palakka Mala

Palakka Mala, a "leaf" necklace that is green in hue, is made of emeralds or faux green stones. Typically, the pattern looks like a leaf with a gold border.


A gold pendant on a gold chain makes up the pathakam. Pure gold was used to create this lovely piece of traditional Keralan jewellery.


A significant component of Kerala's bridal jewellery assortment is elakkathali. The bride wore a big choker necklace to her wedding.

It is made of gold and has a complex design, requiring fine craftsmanship.

Most often fashioned of gold, it is quite well-known among Keralan ladies. It is worn on occasions such as religious celebrations and weddings in addition to weddings.


This is a conventional Bajuband from Kerala (armlet).

The classic Vanki patterns are made of gold and set with emeralds, rubies, or rose-cut diamonds.


Nature serves as inspiration for the patterns and motifs used in puffal. It is made up of rectangular sections covered in ornate flowers and foliage.

Nagapada Thali

It is one of the earliest pieces of jewellery made in Kerala, and since it resembles a snake's hood, it is known as a Nagapada Thali. It is made up of green stones like Emerald. These precious stones are suspended from a gold chain.

Factors that you should keep in mind while buying wedding jewellery

There is no denying the fact that Indians adore gold. We have perfected the art of buying gold, or so we believe, and our infatuation with it has no bounds. When Indians buy gold, they typically purchase jewellery. Gold jewellery can be purchased for investment goals as well as for use as a stylish accessory. Indians are known for their love of fashion, and gold jewellery is the ideal accessory for every occasion. We get to witness a variety of gold jewellery on display in our wonderful country, whether it be at birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, or get-togethers.

Our attention is immediately drawn to this valuable metal at the mention of it, diverting our focus from everything else in the immediate vicinity. All it takes is this diversion to transform a dream gold acquisition into a nightmare. Indians buy the most gold jewellery worldwide on average, and there is a continual stream of customers entering jewellery stores all around the country. It is common to make mistakes in this stressful rush to buy gold, but keeping in mind a few basic guidelines might guarantee that one receives the most value for their money.

Making charges – Every item of gold jewellery has a manufacturing fee attached to it, which is effectively the labour cost involved in making it. One could be tricked into paying larger making charges than necessary since making charges mirror the current gold rates. The cheaper and more logical course of action would be to insist on fixed making fees for all gold purchases.

Pure or Impure: Know the Purity - Gold purity is measured in karats, with 24 karat gold representing 99.9% purity and 22 karat gold representing 92% purity. Every karat of gold is comparable to 4.2% pure gold, therefore that 14 and 18 carat gold contain only 58.33% and 75% pure gold, respectively. Because 24 carat gold is unsuitable for making jewellery, jewellers instead utilise 14, 18, or 22 karat gold. Buying gold jewellery without first testing its purity is a bad idea, and it always pays to check purity before parting with your money. Hallmarking is a sign of gold purity, and it is recommended to buy hallmarked jewellery since these items have been inspected by authorised bodies.

Sales – Gold purchases peak at specific times, causing gold prices to rise. It is best to buy gold jewellery during the off season, when prices are cheap and discounts are plentiful.

Man-made Vs machine made ornaments – In this day and age of mass manufacturing, it is usual to stumble across machine-made jewellery. Machine-made artefacts have lower production costs than man-made artefacts, making mass-produced decorations more affordable. Discussing the provenance of a certain artwork might help a buyer save money.

Jewellery store – Thrissur's population is served by millions of jewellery retailers, both large and small. Buying gold jewellery from tiny retailers may pose a danger since they may pass off impure gold as pure gold or sell stolen gold artefacts. It is advantageous to acquire gold from a reputable jeweller since such purchases are guaranteed.

Check the weight – In India, most gold jewellery is sold by weight, with larger items costing more. Precious stones such as diamond and emerald are frequently added to gold jewellery, making it heavier. Jewellers weigh a piece in its entirety, which implies that one may wind up paying for gold that is not present, so bear this in mind while purchasing studded jewellery.

Buy Backs – Most jewellers provide a buy back programme in which customers may return their old jewellery set for a new one. While designs and fashions come and go, the value of gold remains constant, and discussing buy backs during a purchase might help one in the future if they become tired with their jewellery.


Common mistakes that one should avoid when shopping for wedding jewellery

Buy your jewellery before your outfit

One of the most common mistakes individuals make is purchasing clothing first and then attempting to match them with jewellery. However, the proper way to go about it is to decide on your bridal jewellery first, then the attire. Wedding jewellery is the most expensive and secure investment a bride and groom make throughout their wedding. Thus, it is important to choose wisely so that it may be worn beyond your wedding day and combined with a variety of clothes in the future.

Select pieces that will suit your skin tone

It is critical for brides to consider their skin tone while shopping for jewellery. Metals and stones suit various persons depending on their undertones. Choose things that complement your skin tone and fit you best.

Outfit neckline

Because necklaces are the focal point of accessories, the neckpiece design must be considered while planning or picking an outfit. If you have a V or Y-shaped necklace, for example, the neckline can be V-shaped, or if you have a multi-layered necklace, a cowl or turtleneck attire would be great.

Buy a variety of pieces

Brides should purchase a selection of designs rather than simply one for all events. For example, instead of buying chokers for every occasion, choose lengthy diamond jadau pieces, Kundan jewellery, and chokers so that your jewellery does not appear to be repeated. 

Fix a budget

Bridal jewellery is elegant and regal in appearance. These traditional and timeless objects' prices tend to rise with time. Given this, it is critical to establish a jewellery budget in order to explore various styles and patterns.

What is the average cost of wedding jewellery sets in (city name)?

Indians and their obsession with yellow metal is a never-ending love tale. Jeweleries, like the heterogeneous mix of culture, tradition, and language in India, have established their own designated area characterised by their designs and styles particular to cultures, traditions, and customs. The aesthetic attractiveness of Indian bridal jewelry's elaborate patterns and originality draws everyone's attention. Every community in India has its own must-have gold jewellery set for marriage, which is regarded a combination of spiritual and cultural essences for the most auspicious and beautiful day in a woman's life.

Jewelries are more than simply beautiful items; they are also assets and traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. They are ancient blessings that represent auspiciousness and value. If you are seeking for the most recent gold jewellery designs for a South Indian Kerala wedding, the typical cost of wedding jewellery sets in Thrissur is shown below.

A manga mala necklace in the shape of mangos is a traditional manga mala necklace. It is the most popular form of jewellery in Kerala. It showcases beautiful traditional jewellery from Kerala. The price per gramme begins at 5.50 lakhs. When one necklace in the bridal jewellery set may cost you Rs. 1 lakh, the price of a whole set of jewellery.

What latest jewellery trends can you try with your wedding jewellery?

Every bride desires to be the princess at her wedding. When you're settling in with your new family, meeting new people, and establishing new relationships, it's easy to overlook the intricacies of your own shopping. Jewellery is essential for every bride across the world. Bridal Jewellery is extremely important at weddings in countries such as India. For all the ladies who are planning their wedding, here are some recommendations to assist you choose your bridal jewellery.


There are several Bridal Jewellery sets with prices available online; if you want to go for one of those beauties, please try to grasp what would go well with your dress and facial characteristics. For example, a premade Indian Bridal Jewellery set purchased online would include a box of Jewellery pieces; however, not all of the things included in the set may be suitable for you. In such circumstances, you might opt to omit one thing while include another. Wearing a matha patti if you are a bride with a small face is not a good idea since it will make your face even smaller. Similarly, while a Kundan Jewellery set with lengthy hangings may be appealing, it may not be suitable for everyone.


While you're getting ready for your big day, keep an eye out for alternative hairstyles that will complement your earrings. Some earrings look great with a bun, while others look great with plaited hair. As a result, it is wise to have a little demonstration of your bridal jewellery together with your dress.


Weddings are loaded with many traditions, some large, some minor, some celebrated with pomp and display, and others quietly. Wear your bridal jewellery according to the occasion as you treasure each minute of your wedding. South Indian Jewellery sets, for example, include a Vaddanam, Vanki, Haram, Necklace, Earrings, Bangles, and Maang Tikka, but the entire set of Jewellery may not be appropriate for every ceremony. To match the occasion, pick light bridal jewellery sets online for your Haldi ceremony and big Kundan sets with Jhumkis for your wedding ceremony. There are lots of them in 18K and 22K that are modest, light, and double toned for other minor events.


This is one of the most important aspects that all brides should consider. Instead of securely keeping all of the bridal jewellery in lockers, search for versions that can be reused. For simplicity of exploration, look for gold bridal jewellery with detachable hooks or convertible jewellery that allows you to restyle it as a Haram, Locket, Vanki, Vaddanam, and Necklace, among other things.

For example, 5-in-1 Vaddanams are meant to be reused in numerous ways. Other types of bridal jewellery online include gemstone bangles that may be interchanged with rubies and emeralds to complement your saree or outfit. Such inventive designs would allow you to wear your bridal jewellery for all occasions rather than merely storing it in a safe. This is a famous example of multi-use diamond Jhumkis that may be styled with either Rubies or Emeralds, providing interchangeability.


Make the large cocktail rings a part of your bridal trousseau; they are eye-catching and flexible party wear rings that would be ideal as reception jewellery. You may not only show off that enormous ring, but also wear it to future gatherings. Stackable rings are another thing that should be included in your bridal jewellery. If you search for unique designs and bridal gold Jewellery designs with prices, you will be bombarded with a plethora of options.


Maang Tikkas are indispensable; they gracefully make their way to be a part of the bridal jewellery in practically every wedding. Care should be exercised while selecting a Maang Tikka; brides with broad foreheads should pick a large Maang Tikka. Brides with shorter brows should wear smaller Maang Tikkas to enhance their attractiveness.

Another gorgeous ornament that outperforms all of the preceding ideas and tactics is the bride's tranquil grin, which exudes intrinsic delight to begin her new chapter. As we say goodbye, make sure you're comfortable in whatever you're wearing.

Tips to choose the wedding jewellery that best suits you. 


The first stop is to remind every bride not to overdo their jewellery since it takes away all of their lustre. Yes, some do add a garish element to the bride's attire. This may be prevented to a significant extent by selecting Indian bridal jewellery designs that are modest and elegant.


Some ladies have a delicate, thin neckline, whilst others have a noticeable, wide neckline. When selecting bridal jewellery, it is critical to understand your neckline. A bib necklace, for example, may not be ideal for someone with a narrow neckline. It would dominate other jewellery and provide a sloppy appearance. If you have a broad, narrow, petite, or stiletto neck, you should be aware of it and start looking at gold bridal jewellery. As a result, before you bring that sought Kundan bridal jewellery or that stunning Temple Choker home, assess your neckline.


Because wedding garments are made of heavy work, such as Zardosi, and because the wedding dress is chosen well in advance, it shouldn't be too difficult to check the dress, fabric, and design and match it with your bridal jewellery. Care should be given to examine the wedding Jewellery designs from all angles for sharp edges or exposed strings so that they do not cause a problem when wearing them by being stuck to the dress or causing a peel off on the fabric design, etc.


Some South Indian bridal jewellery comes in various tones of yellow, deep brownish tint, and so on. These are just the end result of many sorts of craftsmanship. Matching the tone of your jewellery with your wedding saree or lehanga is a great idea. This way, you assure consistency and are certain to appear stunning in every manner. If you want to try your hand at diamond jewellery, pastels are the latest vogue.

Frequently Asked Question About Wedding Jewellery in Thrissur

Q - Is Platinum better than gold?

"Is platinum superior than gold?" is a frequently asked topic among jewellers. In all honesty, there is no proper answer because it all depends on what you're searching for, your budget, and whether or not you're willing to maintain your jewellery on a regular basis. Gold and platinum are both valuable metals that are commonly utilised in the creation of gorgeous jewellery such as diamond engagement rings, bracelets, and earrings. Yellow gold has the unique yellow/golden tint that makes it so beautiful in its natural form. White gold, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly attractive. White gold is made by combining gold with white metals like silver or nickel and then coating it with rhodium. As a result, it seems significantly different from the typical yellow. Platinum is generally more valuable than gold. This is due to the fact that platinum is rarer than gold, has a higher density, and is purer. Platinum rings require more platinum than gold rings, which raises the entire cost. While gold's value increases with karat, platinum is virtually always worth more than gold.

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