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With the new year around the corner, it is only wise to recollect all our fond memories from 2020. 

Though 2020 may have been a year of many bad things, there were a few good things too that happened this year. And since we're the more silver linings kinda people, we try to look and admire the good rather the dwell on the bad or the ugly. And our silver lining of 2020 has been all the amazing inspiring weddings that took place this year! 

So, without further ado, scroll down below to check out all the amazing weddings of 2020 that left us inspired!

Inspiring Weddings of 2020

An Impromptu Wedding

You know what, after years of covering and witnessing amazing weddings, we've realised one thing- the specialty of a wedding is not in its grandiose decor, or the amount of money you spend on it. It's in the willingness of a couple to face the odds while holding each other's hands. Even if those odds are the size of a global pandemic!

Such was the romantic story of Pallabi & Francesco, a couple that set goals for all the couples out there who were left distraught due to the pandemic. Having been turned away from their dream destination wedding in India due to Covid restrictions, the couple decided to ease their wedding blues on the beaches of Thailand, using their remaining vacation time to escape the chaos of the situation. But while in Thailand, the couple's minds took a turn and they decided to get hitched right then and there! And so, in the presence of two of their friends, Pallabi & Francesco said 'I Do' on the beach!

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Before The Clock Strikes 12

Love always finds a way. That's exactly what we all wanted to hear when the pandemic struck and we were unsure on how to proceed in our lives. And the beautiful story is about Samaira and Dhruv, which is a true example of the statement 'saved by the bell'.

When the Coronavirus situation got even more severe, on 24th March, at 8 PM, the Prime Minister announced a nationwide lockdown past midnight. And this lockdown meant that Samaira and Dhruv's summer wedding plans were going to go down the hill. So, in the spur of the moment, the couple decided to tie the knot before the clock struck midnight! And thus, the entire family sprung into action, getting together everything for the wedding, including a pandit ji from the temple. With everything set at Dhruv's home, the wedding vows were exchanged and the couple got married before the clock struck 12.

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The Prettiest Wedding At The Bride's Ancestral Home

They say that there is nothing more surreal than marrying your childhood sweetheart. And the story of Ritu and Avinash truly proves that! Being childhood sweethearts, their story is full of all sorts of romantic elements! And even though the couple had planned to celebrate their lifelong relationship in the grandest way possible, their wedding plans hit a snag because of the global pandemic

Yet, the couple's love prevailed and they finally held an intimate wedding at the bride's ancestral home - covered in gorgeous decor with lush green grass and deep-hued marigolds everywhere. Ritu and Avinash are a couple that have inspired us to prevail with a smile, even if the odds are stacked against you!

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The Bride Who Wore A Pantsuit & Inspired Us All

Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that it's okay to be different or to want different. Such reassurance comes from the offbeat bride Sanjana, who ditched the yee age old lehenga vibes for a stunning powder blue pantsuit as her wedding attire. And her message to all was loud and clear, "The only thing your bridal looks must fit (other than your body) is your personality!"

When discussing further about her outfit choice, Sanjana said, "I wanted to choose a wedding outfit that encapsulated my style but also stayed true to my commitment to supporting sustainability, local artisans and ethical shopping. I think I did great cos it's all about the unprecedented vibes!"

Sanjana Rishi's wedding took place at her groom's backyard, with just their closest of family present. Honestly, this bride took the internet by storm, and we're all cheers for her!

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A Modern Day Romeo & Juliette For The Hopeless Romantics

Source Shaista H.

Whenever we think about Romeo and Juliet, we don't remember the hatred between the Capulets and Montagues, neither do we recall how the love story ended. The thing we do recall is their undying love for each other. One such modern-day Romeo and Juliette is that of Puja & Reza -college sweethearts that beat the odds of being from two very different cultures and finally tied the knot this year!

The bride and groom, just like any and every other couple about to hold their wedding were left very confused about whether they should postpone their wedding day or stick to what it was. However, after going back and forth on various decisions, the couple decided to stick to their August wedding plans, and after cutting down the guest list and the number of functions, the celebration was afoot!

The reason that makes this couple so special is not that they come from starkly contrasting cultures. It's the fact that despite the differences in their roots, the couple has never met someone more similar to them as each other. The sense of familiarity and comfort that they share is almost unparalleled and their love, which has faced and overcome so many obstacles, is absolute.

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The Bride Who Designed Her Wedding Outfits From Scratch

While everyone loves a grand wedding, it's not every day we come across a wedding where the bride designed her outfit and a family decorates their house fit for a wedding. And Bhavdeep's wedding was especially inspiring, as this entrepreneurial bride, who has run a successful label for years, came forward with the most stunning wedding outfits and matching masks that she designed herself from the scratch. 

Since there was a new change in circumstances every day, Bhavdeep and Harkarandeep along with their families, opted to go ahead with an intimate wedding. With less than a month to prepare, the two families managed to pull off a successful and close-knit wedding. And what's even more inspiring is the bride's self-designed outfits, which ranged from a stunning crimson Anarkali embroidered with massive mansions, animals & birds to a bridal mask studded with Kundan stones. Every element of this wedding was pin-worthy!

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A 'Two States' Romance That Everybody Loved!

On the outside, Jigyasa and Sandeep seem like any other couple who faced the uncertainty of being unable to marry due to the lockdown. However, when you do get to take a deeper and clearer look into their story, it is a story of those who overcame their share of odds that life put in front of them. 

Sandeep and Jigyasa are a couple that had braved through immensely tough times. And when the pandemic hit, their wedding postponed, they still held a brave face. Soon, when a few relaxations happened, the couple decided to get hitched in a close-knit wedding. And even though this suddenly planned wedding didn't come without its hurdles, the couple endured and showed us all how much love can prevail in the harshest of times!

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The Bride Who Made Greece Happen At Her Wedding

When Tanushree and Nishant were planning their wedding, it was going to be a grand summery affair with almost 1000 guests. However, due to the pandemic, the couple's plans were turned from a big wedding to a more intimate wedding in Surat. 

However, much to everyone's delight, the bride and groom did not abandon their plans to recreate their ideal summer wedding. In fact, they set the theme to a very Athen's inspired vibe, with vibrant decor and bright and colourful elements. They decided to keep the rest simple by registering their marriage, and showed us all, that despite all the challenges the world may throw at you, you should never loose your sparkle.

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A Quaint Backyard Wedding That Stole Our Hearts

Over the course of 2020, we heard a lot of stories of couples who had to take the tough decision of turning their grand affairs into intimate ones. However, no couple has surprised us the way Harneet and Sim did when they happily embraced the idea of an intimate wedding, and execute it with such finesse- all in the bride's backyard!

From 34 attendees to strict social distancing protocols and gorgeous boho decor that won every onlooker's heart, this backyard wedding was a winsome affair that will forever be etched in our hearts!

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Weddings That Inspired Us In 2020!

by Shivani Singh

Weddings That Inspired Us In 2020!