Wedding Planning affected by Corona?

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Wedding Planning affected by Corona?

You’ve come to the right place!

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We totally feel you. We understand it’s frustrating to see plans go in vain and being not able to do anything. Everyone is in the same situation. With high amount of money involved in weddings, it surely becomes confusing as to what to do in such uncertain situations. For various decisions such as – What about the advance I paid for booking? Should I postpone to Nov-Dec? What about the possibility of second wave? – we’re here to help you. We’ve constantly been talking to thousands of brides, tens of thousands of vendors, medical professionals, investors, etc. to understand how can weddings quickly adapt to this unsure situation. We have prepared this guide to help couples like yourself in these testing times. We encourage you to Call/WhatsApp us and discuss your concerns, or let us know something you know and we’ve missed out. Let’s share, adapt, help and get going!

Our views on the COVID situation

So it’s now clear that everyone is engulfed in this situation all around the world and it seems like it is here to stay for a while. Indian weddings have been known for their big fat nature – huge guest lists, lavish spending & celebratory gatherings filled with loads of food, love & hugs – each of which is now under threat. But for how long? Can’t we just wait for a while & then get back to how it was?

We believe that we, the Indian society, will not be able to go back to our pre-COVID normal of big fat weddings till the virus is completely eliminated. Till then, there may be some element of risk which will need some kind of precaution. For complete elimination of the virus, we’d either need a vaccine or any other way to reduce the deadly effects of this virus. Till then we’re going to have to adapt and live with it. The longer we live with the virus, the bigger the change in our behaviours – e.g., we’ve already been started getting accustomed to working from home, ordering more stuff online, etc.

Now since the situation is highly uncertain, when even the governments have no clue how will it pan out, it is best that we as members of the wedding community start adapting. Hence, we’ve begun updating our various policies for vendors, safety guidelines, flexible payment clauses, etc. With a lot of renewed efforts on all fronts, we aim to strengthen our vendor partners to be able to go through this crisis and adapt to the new requirements of the new times.

How are we trying to help couples & vendors?

🤝  Flexible Payment Policy

By making sure that you lose less or no money, even if your guest count changes (up or down) due to COVID, govt. restrictions, rescheduling or cancellations

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😷  Safety Assurance

By making sure that every person in your wedding (family, guests, all vendors) follows safety guidelines prescribed by the government & WHO

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🙏🏻  Guest Management (Live + Virtual)

By innovating & finding new ideas to keep guests engaged during your wedding – be they present in person or virtually present on video/VR call

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✅  Adherence to your city restrictions

Complete adherence to restrictions and safety guidelines of your city/zone. Facilitation of getting permission from relevant authorities.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Is it even allowed?

Yes. Weddings of upto 50 people have been allowed by the Indian Govt. but obviously, with all safety measures in place.

Is it safe?

Well, anything other than total isolation is not 100% safe. But since this whole situation is getting prolonged for even-god-doesn’t-know how long, it makes sense to start doing things that we did earlier but with caution, so as to reduce the risk as much as we can – that is precisely why the Indian govt. & other countries around the world are opening up their economies. So a gathering is not 100% safe, but by taking relevant precautions we are able to reduce the risk down to 4-8% (Even lesser than going to work at your office, which has a 10-12% risk.)

When will it be safe to have 300 guest weddings?

Truly speaking, nobody can estimate that right now. Not even the govt. So if you’re very adamant on having a 300 guest wedding, the best estimate (i.e., if 50% of all predictions become true) is that you’ll be able to have it safely by Dec 2020 to Apr 2021. Now you can start booking your venue and other services with a flexible policy which takes care if you finally decide to increase or decrease your guest count.

When will things be back to normal?

That is quite literally, the trillion dollar question! The simple answer is – nobody knows. There are several estimates based on never-before-seen rapid scientific advancements. If “back to normal” means living without masks and without following social distancing – for that to happen, everyone should either be vaccinated of somehow immune to COVID-19. The best, average and worst time estimates for distribution of vaccine are – Dec 2020, Jun 2021, Never, respectively. So instead of waiting for things to get back to normal, it is best to start adapting to current situation quickly.

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