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We’ve come across numerous lockdown wedding stories but the one we are talking about today is like no other and one that we’ll remember for years to come. It’s the love story of Jigyasa and Sandeep who overcame their share of odds that life put in front of them. 

Jigyasa and Sandeep’s love story bloomed by having all-night-long conversations, many-many long walks, and constant exchanging of WhatsApp texts before they realized that they are endgame. The couple took their own sweet time into giving in and finally realizing how strong they are together. And it was sooner than later that both the families agreed to take their love story to the next step, which was beautifully captured by Tasveer Productions

Introducing Jigyasa & Sandeep’s Intimate Wedding in Delhi

Jigyasa and Sandeep got #rokafied on 25th May 2019 and were all set to tie the knot on 13th February 2020 but their love story had a few more speed bumps stored ahead. As Jigyasa was shifting her career, she had to move back to her hometown Delhi while our lover boy stayed back in Jaipur. Their only source of meeting and spending time was the Chandni Chowk wedding spree for the wedding during which Sandeep drove from Jaipur to Delhi on the weekends & played the role of a translator between the Punjabi-Telegu families (talk about being the ideal fiancé!). 

When the long-distance relationship didn’t throw them off, life had some more twists planned for this couple. Not long after, a family mishap took place in Sandeep’s family which left his entire family shattered and their wedding got postponed for the time being. Jigyasa was Sandeep’s support system and helped him recover immensely from the unfortunate situation. Gradually, when the groom and his family recovered, the wedding planning began in full swing, and this time the new wedding date was set for 8th April 2020.

If you think their share of adventures was finally over and they could finally get married peacefully, then you’re so wrong because then nature took its turn and the coronavirus happened. Everybody was locked in their homes, interstate travelling was banned and yet again, Jigyasa and Sandeep had to put a pause on their wedding; this time for the unforeseeable future.

However, if you’ve ever been in love you would know that love knows absolutely no boundaries and this couple rightly proved so. As soon as the lockdown 4.0 took place and a few relaxations like interstate travelling were announced, Sandeep waited no more and headed straight to the authorities to seek their permission to be able to travel from Jaipur to Delhi for his wedding. Sandeep went alone so that his parents and siblings were avoided to undergo any risk through air travel.

And before they knew it, Jigyasa and Sandeep were 4 days away from their wedding to finally take place. All the preps were made in those 4 days by the bride’s family for the ceremony to take place at their house in Delhi. So, with the blessings of Jigyasa’s parents, sister, brother, and aunt, the wedding concluded while other family members were gathered on a zoom call for the ceremony. Besides, a priest conducted the North Indian traditions including the Hindu saat phere and mangalsutra while the groom’s family performed the South Indian rituals (imagine the fun in using YouTube for the Telugu mantras!) such as Talambralu, Jeelakarra-Bellam and Arundhati Nakshatram.

And, finally, Jigyasa and Sandeep tied the knot on 24th May 2020, almost one year after their Roka ceremony during which they went through their share of adventures and odds that life threw at them.

Final Thoughts!

Not many couples could get through the other side if given the same instances but their bond only became stronger and we’re so sure now that Jigyasa and Sandeep can go through absolutely anything together! After all, what's a better use of the dramatic lemons offered by life to make a sweet-adventurous lemonade! ;)


Wedding Photographer: Tasveer Productions | Venue: Delhi, Bride’s Residence | Makeup Artist: Bhavya Batra


So on which unexpected part of their gripping love story did you get chills? Tell us in the comments section below!

Two States With A Twist: From Roka To Wedding Day This Couple Will Give You Chills!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Two States With A Twist: From Roka To Wedding Day This Couple Will Give You Chills!