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There are so many things to take care of at a wedding right from your bridal outfit to the wedding decor. Yes, when it comes to weddings, every small detail matters. After all, the good decor has an unmatched charm, no?

And when it comes to decor, right now the need of the hour is good sofa decor options. Yes, while sofa decor has been around since forever, lately a lot of couples have been started focusing on how to amp up the sofa decor at their real wedding. So, if you too have been on the lookout then you’re in luck cuz we’ve managed to find some amazing sofa decor ideas for 2022 weddings. Scroll below and take a peek!

Top Sofa Decor Options For Intimate Weddings

Boho Sofas Are The ‘IT’ Sofas

If you and your other half are into all things rustic and like the old world charm then boho sofa decor is your calling. Boho decor not only helps a place look eclectic but doesn’t take away any sophistication. You can incorporate elements such as pampas grass, dreamcatchers, textured fabrics and whatnot for your wedding sofa decor just like these real weddings had!

Source Jenny Pawan

Exotic Canopy Sofas

Canopy sofa decor is a new sofa trend that every couple is opting for when it comes to their weddings. These canopies behind the sofas will accentuate your wedding decor and will be great backdrops for everyone to take their wedding selfies. So, no matter what colour palette or theme, you can easily go with this sofa decor for your upcoming wedding.

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Add Some Flowers to Your Sofa Decor

Ah, we did not forget about the classics y’all. Flowers be it as a backdrop, as table centrepieces or with your sofa decor, always look good. Not only do they add a certain fresh and colourful element but they also smell absolutely amazing. We recently came across some lovely sofa decor options with flowers and we think that these might be a great pick for you. Scroll below and get ready to bookmark some amazing options!

Monotone Sofa Decor For Minimalist Couples

While elements like flowers and boho can be statement-making and loud, a simple monotoned sofa can look really classy and chic. So, for all you minimalist brides and grooms who would prefer going with simple decor options, we’ve found these superb monotone sofa decor options. Guys, we promise you’re gonna end up having amazing wedding decor after seeing these!

Printed Sofa Decor For A Quirky Effect

Who doesn’t want to stand out when it comes to their wedding functions? Especially your mehendi when everything is supposed to be loud and colourful. So ladies, if you do agree with us on this then we know that you must be on the hunt for all things quirky. And, we think there’s nothing more quirky than a fun print which is why we recommend these printed sofa decor options which can add the fun and bold element to your wedding. Scroll below to see the ones we’ve finalized for you all!


So ladies, which is your favourite sofa decor option? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Trending Sofa Décor Ideas to Bookmark For This Wedding Season

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Trending Sofa Décor Ideas to Bookmark For This Wedding Season