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Color Specific Theme Decor

Wedding, a solitary day; full of fantasies and elation. Dolled up in your wedding dress along with the dream partner when you enter the venue how would you feel being carried away by the ambiance. Yes, that’s what you used to imagine your wedding to be. Along with your dresses, venue, food, one thing that has become most intrinsic is the ambiance. What’s trending in ambiance is an enchanting color theme. Whether you plan a royal wedding or a simple one, a fairy-tale kind of or based on a forest or greenery theme, what holds the foremost importance is your choice of colors. So, here we are with a list of trending color themes for your wedding.

#1 White and Yellow

White & Yellow Theme Decor

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White is the divine color and a symbol of purity. Yellow is an auspicious color and our tradition is so connected with. These are the best combination of a pure traditional Indian wedding. This color scheme looks soothing and fresh for summer weddings. White in itself is unparallel and always enhances the color used along with it. Yellow and white can be beautifully combined in wedding invitation cards, envelopes, ring boxes, bouquets, floral decorations, etc. White tables with yellow liners bring a dose of bohemian coziness. Added to this, a yellow bouquet at the tabletop will pop up the lunch table’s look. Use it creatively for signature weeding drinks or at your dessert table for a stunning result.

#2 Pink

Pink Theme Decor

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Romantic, playful, elegant are the words that symbolize pink. Due to its versatility, the pink color theme for the wedding is most popular. It is easy to match and brings a charm to your wedding. An entire pink ambiance full of flowers is no less than a fairyland. No one can deny the beauty of your wedding place when decorated with pink roses. Color-coordinated gift boxes and goodies in beautiful pink will never go unnoticed. Pink wedding dresses have always been a fashionista statement. Grooms can also add a bit to their wedding attire. A pink boutonniere is classic with a twist.

#3 Red

Red Theme Decor

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The color of love, passion, and strength is one of the most favored color themes in weddings. Full of romance this color brings intensity to your big day. Red is a bold and dominant color that enhances décor. Silver, gold, and metallic combo give a glamorous look to your wedding. Right from red wedding invitations, wedding rings, outfits, shoes what not can be included to give an ultra-glam vibe. A romantic ambiance with an aisle lined up with red petals, candles and lights make a complete atmosphere lively.

#4 Purple and White

Purple and White Theme Decor

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When it's hard to decide which color theme to choose, go for purple. There is something mysterious about this color. Several shades of purple when paired with white are sure to alter the mood of the ceremony from elegant to carefree. There are many ways to add a pop of purple with white at your wedding. Right from stationery, cake, centerpiece, to wedding attire, lights are available in purple shade. Indian weddings where commonly used flowers are red and yellow, a combination of white and purple flowers will give an amazingly fresh look. Ceremony space with white fabric falls and a white and purple bouquet along with a purple runner will leave your guests awestruck.

#5 Multicolored

MultiColor Theme Decor

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All colors in one place will make your memorable day cheerful and bright. A Rajasthani-inspired décor that defines a true Indian wedding can be made more exciting with a similar dress code for guests. This color theme goes very well in Sangeet and Mehandi function. All the vibrant colors look really attractive with colorful lights. Multicolored drapes along with similar sitting arrangement for guests looks effortlessly amazing. There can be a lot of things to do with this theme. Tiny decorative, hanging, lamps, flowers play a great role in making the atmosphere bright and lively.

#6 Green

Green Theme Wedding Decor

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This color theme looks so natural and will stay for a long time. Whichever way you style them different shades of green look amazing. Green color can easily transform the plain to lavish and lush. When used in wedding attire this color looks so unique and very few brides and grooms experiment with green. In open space decors, green enhances the beauty of complete space and will make your photography more beautiful. This color goes extremely well with white, gold, and all pastel shades.

#7 Pastels – Mint Green, Light Pink, and Shimmery Gold

Pastels Theme Wedding Decor

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Pastels are all the rage right now. From décor, attire, jewelry, pastels can be spotted everywhere. These subtle and calm tones give a neutral and clean décor to your wedding. Baby pin and blush pink have always ruled the pastel palette and when combined with mint green and shimmery gold, the alluring beauty of every corner can never be left unnoticed. These color shades will sure make the ambiance playful and eye-catchy.

#8 Classic Indian – Red, White and Gold

Red, White and Gold Theme Wedding Decor

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This classic color scheme is a great idea for a timeless décor. It’s the best choice for winter weddings. Red and gold are very bold shades, adding white makes them neutral and stylish. Incorporating red and white in wedding attire is classy and will add a pop to your wedding photography. You can create a gorgeous wedding space by using bright red and white flowers, red velvet runners, white drapes, and gold lights. A lush red rose wedding arch with gold and white chairs will make a memorable and refined ceremony space.

#9 Purple and Red 

Purple and Red Theme Wedding Decor

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Bored of traditional wedding decors, try something unique go for red and purple. Dark colors look more fashionable and chic than light ones. When it comes to purple it combines beautifully with red. Especially when we talk about the wedding pandal or mandap this combo seems so creative and modern in itself. Flowers of these vibrant colors make the atmosphere vivacious. The beautiful purple lights will surely take your heart away.

#10 Peacock Themed – Blue, Purple, Green, and Gold

Peacock Theme Wedding Decor

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The colors are so close to our tradition and you can’t imagine how beautifully can be used in your wedding theme. Right from the dresses, pandal, lights, invitation there is so much you can do with these vibrant colors. These shades look very attractive in dresses, jewellery, bouquets, and centrepieces. This colour combination will make your guests' heads turn at every single corner.

These trending color themes are going to make your day memorable. Add colors to your wedding and to your life with these beautiful décor ideas. Follow ShaadiSaga for more such glamourful and trending ideas.

10 Trending Color Themes to Make Your Wedding Chromatic

by Dr. Sonam Jain

10 Trending Color Themes to Make Your Wedding Chromatic