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Wedding planning can be quite a tedious task, to begin with. Every bride and groom wish to add a personalised touch to their wedding that makes them stand out and make their wedding more memorable. To help you lessen the planning burden, it's our duty at ShaadiSaga to curate lists of the latest wedding trends and brainstorm new ways to make your weddings more interesting. 

As we enter the winter wedding season, it's time to look back on all the weddings we've witnessed till now and take notes from the couples who are throwing real parties. From new functions to add to your weddings to ways on how to improve your existing celebrations, here are a few creative ideas that will light up your wedding. 

Scroll down to check out all the cool ways you can turn your wedding into the 'wedding of the year'!

Best Creative Ideas For 2022 Weddings

1. Hold A Theme-Based Pre-Wedding Party!

No matter what you're wedding style is, a theme-based pre-wedding party is the best way to guarantee extra entertainment for yourself and your guests. Whether it's a welcome party, or rehearsal dinner or maybe a bridal shower, theme-based parties are trendy and absolutely fun to attend. For pre-wedding events, we've seen couples host pizza parties, movie nights, and events tailored to their favourite things like Bollywood nights or Fairytale wonderland. Whatever style you choose, remember to do it up with a unique dress code, special décor, and a setup that fits the vibe.

2. Go For An Off-Beat Colour

If you're looking to wow the crowd, consider doing so with a statement fashion choice. While choosing to wear off-beat colours for your wedding functions is not a new concept, it sure is a hot trend. Gone are the days of a pretty pastel palette. Instead, go bold and rock a colour that matches your wedding theme and/or means something to you.

3. Customised Bar Menus

One of the best and quirky elements to add to your wedding celebration is a personalised bar menu. It's what you need to add a 'hatke' element to your cocktail night. Choose the drinks you and your spouse absolutely love and recommend and twist that drink with your name in it. Fancy drinks with quirky names, what could absolutely be wrong with that?!

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4. Reimagined Photobooths

Forget all the props and make this more of a "moment" for guests. While we're all about an epic backdrop such as a flower encrusted enhanced wall or a uniquely decorated rickshaw, we're also into the latest trend, which is a more elevated portrait-style photobooth. Done well, it gives everyone a chance to show off their big day look and pose in a way that's more "chic" and less "cheesy." 

5. Rethink Wedding Favours

As times evolve, it's time to put a spin on your traditional wedding favours. Surprise your guests with personalised gifts like artisnal chocolates, gift boxes, potli bags and much, much more! We think this makes for a lasting impact on your guests, even after the party is over. 

6. Hop-On The 'Bride to Be' Cake Trend

Honestly, who doesn't love cake? And a cake fit for a bridal shower is absolutely what every bride needs to wash away the wedding jitters and stress. Gift your bestie the perfect, scrumptious 'bride-to-be' cake and have a blast before the big day.

7. Hold A Flower Filled Haldi

One of the best things to witness at a joyful haldi is a flower shower on the bride and groom. Not only do you get to have some extra, fragrant fun, but the photographs make for some great album worthy shots!

8. Floral Pallas For Anand Karajs

One of the most beautiful elements we've witnessed at a few Anand Karajs is the presence of a floral palla tieing the bride and groom together in holy matrimony. Replacing the traditionally used linen palla, floral pallas are not only beautiful but also something different and unique to make your wedding stand out. 

9. Get An Ornamental Tree Centerpiece

Yes, trees!The ones that we sometimes ignore or let be. But the best part about trees at a venue is that they can be included in the decor as centrepieces without much effort. From floral hanging decor to simple light wraparound, there are numerous ways to turn that simple tree into a grand centrepiece and take your entire decor a notch higher. 

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10. Rock Some Hair Jewellery

If you have long hair and don't want to opt for bridal buns, these embellished braids or open hairstyles are something that you will love. We handpicked these gorgeous head accessories for your function that vary from pearls to jewels and even cowrie shells that are an absolute steal!

Source Floristaa

Source Floristaa

11. Unique Makeup Trends

Deciding on what kind of makeup you want for the most special day of your life is a very big and important decision. From glittery inner corners to graphic liners and bright matte eyeshadows, the latest makeup trends can be some age old classics or something more unique. And we're all about embracing unique styles for our brides!

12. Vintage Getaway Cars

Getaway cars are nothing new, but they've definitely had a resurgence this year alone. It's possibly the best way to exit the night by hopping into a vintage car with your beau! After all, that's one chic and memorable vidai that will surely be one for the books. 


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Top 12 Creative Ideas to Incorporate in Your 2022 Wedding

by Shivani Singh

Top 12 Creative Ideas to Incorporate in Your 2022 Wedding