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If you have always pictured yourself as a wilderness person or somebody whose guilty pleasure is camping then you’re going to swear by this blog post. Bohemian-themed weddings are non-traditional, adventurous and everything quirky. Nobody can dislike the old world charm that a bohemian wedding has. Imagine having vintage wooden decor, dreamcatcher hangings, rustic canopies and crochet photo booths on your special day? Don’t you just want to get married right now!?

To help the free-spirited girl in your plan the boho wedding of your dreams, we have found hipster things that will inspire you to do something as unique as you.

Modern Boho Themed Wedding Decor!


When we think of boho vibes, we instantly think of dreamcatchers and rightly so because these hangings are one of the most prettiest elements when it comes to decor. A dreamcatcher is a must at your wedding so that as soon as your guests walk in, they know your wedding is going to have that old world charm.

Source Event Tadka

Source 7X Weddings

Wooden Canopies

Wooden canopies is a new addition to the boho theme and thank god for this addition because we are going gaga over these. You can replace chairs and tables at your wedding with these adorable canopies. Not only will it bring back old camp memories for your guests but will be also be a new experience for them. 

Flower Power

Boho themed weddings get the final touch by flowers that are added to the decor. Do not miss out on this element because these flowers will only be adding color to your bohomian wedding. 

Source 7X Weddings

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights or bulb decor help in giving a vintage feel to the decor and that is exactly what you would want for your own wedding. It's super cheap and will make your decor look like a million bucks. 

Source Event Tadka

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Rustic Decor

Wooden decor is not just the essence of this beautiful theme but it is also modern yet vintage. Again, this is pocket-friendly and something unconventional to have at a normal wedding but just right for the bohemian one. 

Photobooths, favors & More

These are some of the extra options we have picked out for you which would work magically in a boho-themed wedding. It has crochet elements, intricate hangings, exquisite concepts and what not. 

Source Pink Palki


Aren't you just loving these decor elements? Tell us which is your favorite in the comments section below!

Bohemian Wedding Decor Ideas for some Free-Spirited Vibes!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Bohemian Wedding Decor Ideas for some Free-Spirited Vibes!