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A beloved wedding tradition that is taking the Indian wedding scene by storm is a fun shoe game. Not only does it add a touch of humor and fun to the celebration but is a great way to show your truest selves to all the guests who will be present. So, if you’re keen on playing this game and are searching for the perfect list of questions to keep the laughter rolling, we have the ultimate list for you. Scroll below to get exclusive 65+ shoe game questions. 

From lovey-dovey questions to the ones that highlight your other half and your personality, these are the best shoe game questions that will hit the spot!

Ultimate Shoe Game Questions to Ask at Your Wedding Function

The shoe game needs no introduction! Or maybe it does. So, for the uninitiated ones, The Shoe Game is one of the most common and fun wedding games that revolve around the couple. The couple sits back-to-back holding their shoe in one hand and their partner's shoe in the other. The couple is asked a few questions related to them and their relationship, which they must answer by raising a shoe. For instance, the question can be 'Who burps more?'; raising the bride's shoe means the answer is the bride and raising the groom's shoe means the groom burps more.

This game has gained much popularity in Indian weddings and is super fun to play at weddings. While the bride and groom answer hilarious questions about each other, it is equally joyous and a laughter riot for the guests watching them play it.

So here are some best Shoe Game Questions that you can ask the couple while playing this game at one of their wedding functions. These funny wedding shoe game questions will elicit endless giggles and help the couple understand each other well. But before I jump on to the list of questions, here is a basic run-through of how the Shoe Game is played and some fun tips to play the game.

How to play the Shoe Game at Indian Weddings?

  • It goes like this, the bride and groom are supposed to be seated on chairs with their backs towards each other.
  • Both the bride and groom remove their shoes and exchange one with each other. The idea is that the bride and groom must be holding one of each shoe.
  • The host/bridesmaids ask questions to the couple. The answer must be either 'bride' or groom'. The couple is to answer the questions by raising a shoe; raising the bride's shoe means the answer is 'bride' and vice versa.

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Some tips to make the Shoe Game more fun

  • Have a list of questions handy.
  • Ask your wedding guests to shout questions to ensure everyone's involvement.
  • You can also ask the guests to write impromptu additional questions.
  • Keep a check on the answers/scores to announce the results.
  • Choose funny questions to elicit maximum giggles.

Love Dovey Questions

Well, it only makes sense to include some questions that reflect the love and the bond that you and your other half share. Have cute questions that will not only spark joy but will help you relive your best days!

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  1. Who is the first to apologize after an argument?
  2. Who said "I love you" first?
  3. Who is the better kisser?
  4. Who is more likely to forget important dates?
  5. Who is better at creating funny nicknames for each other?
  6. Who is the better at planning thoughtful surprises?
  7. Who is better at giving compliments?
  8. Who made the first move?
  9. Who is the first to say sorry after an argument?
  10. Who is a crybaby?
  11. Who is more involved in wedding planning?
  12. Who is needier and acts like a baby when they’re sick?

Funny Questions

The shoe game ain’t fun if you don’t throw in some funny questions. Isn’t it fun to pull your other half’s leg and ask the most hilarious questions while at it!?

Scroll below and save the ones that you enjoy the most.

  1. Who is more likely to forget where they parked the car?
  2. Who is more likely to fall asleep during a movie?
  3. Who is always hungry?
  4. Who is more likely to embarrass the other in public?
  5. Who is better at remembering directions?
  6. Who is more likely to max out their credit card?
  7. Who is never wrong?
  8. Who is more likely to kill someone and get away with it?
  9. Who is a better bathroom singer?
  10. Who is most likely to start a fight?
  11. Who is always confused about what food to order?

Questions That Highlight Their Personalities

For the game to be successful, one should include questions that highlight the couple’s personalities. Fun and quirky questions will help the other half show how much they know the other person and keep your wedding guests entertained throughout!

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  1. Who is more likely to get lost without GPS?
  2. Who is more likely to bring home a stray animal?
  3. Who is more likely to cry during a movie?
  4. Who is the better driver?
  5. Who has a better style sense?
  6. Who is the better at handling stress?
  7. Who spends more time getting ready?
  8. Who is the bigger sweet tooth?
  9. Who has better taste in music?
  10. Who is the better at handling finances?
  11. Who is an early riser out of the two?
  12. Who checks themselves out in the mirror the most?
  13. Who is the more spontaneous one?
  14. Who uses the phone the most?
  15. Who passes out first while drinking?
  16. Who is more likely to bring home a stray animal?
  17. Who is a bigger party animal?
  18. Who is the bigger foodie?

Questions That Will Even Crack the Guests

While the importance of some questions can only be understood by the couple, many other questions will also make the guests crack a laugh. We’re sure your nearest and dearest ones would like to be a part of this game and these questions are perfect for them to pitch on from the side!

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  1. Who is more likely to finish the last piece of dessert?
  2. Who is more likely to burn dinner?
  3. Who is better at handling spicy food?
  4. Who is more likely to win in a staring contest?
  5. Who is the pickier eater?
  6. Who was more studious in school/college?
  7. Who is more likely to get injured doing something silly?
  8. Who needs more pampering?
  9. Who throws maximum tantrums?
  10. Who cooks better Maggi?
  11. Who skips bathing the most?
  12. Who farts more?
  13. Who is the biggest fan of shopping?

Anticipated Questions Post the Wedding

Ah, how fun it is to bring questions that will help increase the anticipation of what will happen after the big day!

Include several questions around this theme to make the game even more fun. We promise everyone will be crying with laughter once they see you guys fight over who does what more!

  1. Who is more likely to leave their belongings around the house?
  2. Who is more likely to hog the remote control?
  3. Who is more likely to leave dishes in the sink overnight?
  4. Who is better at folding laundry?
  5. Who is better at assembling furniture?
  6. Who’s more likely to kick the other one off the bed?
  7. Who never forgets to take their mobile to the washroom?
  8. Who doesn’t believe in organizing the wardrobe?
  9. Who is better at managing finances?
  10. Who snores louder?
  11. Who is the better at handling stress?
  12. Who is the better morning person?

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65+ Cute & Funny Shoe Game Questions to Ask the Couple

by Shweghna Gursahaney

65+ Cute & Funny Shoe Game Questions to Ask the Couple