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Summers are here and so is your summer wedding. I am sure you are on top of all the wedding planning preparations but everyone could use a little help. WeddingBazaar enters the chat to make sure that your dessert menu is full of finger-licking good delicacies. Since mango is one of the sweetest blessings that the hot summers endow upon us, we will be talking about tasty mango desserts that deserve to be a part of your summer wedding desserts menu!

Scroll down to know all about Mangolicious desserts for your Summer Wedding. 

Mango Desserts For Your Summer Wedding

1. Creamy Mango Pudding

Pudding is the way to go if you want to serve a mango dessert to your wedding guests which they can eat straight out of a small cup! The best thing about mango puddings is that they are perfect for hot weather and totally satisfy the taste buds. Well, come on, it's all about Mangoes this season so a creamy mango pudding is a must to add! 

PS: You can also serve your Mango pudding in an earthenware mitti or clay pot. 

Source Katarina

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2. Refreshing Mango Mousse

A mousse is one of the lightest desserts you can serve to your wedding guests, especially a mango mousse. It is just so delectable and easy to eat. So, if you are thinking to add a refreshing element to your food menu, then Mango Mousse with fresh Mango cubes as garnishing is the perfect summer dessert to add to your upcoming wedding. 

Source LA Slice

Source Vizo Achet

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3. Bite-Sized Mango Tart

Get some delicious bite-sized mango tarts prepared for your wedding guests and watch them eat them wholeheartedly. We love how a mango tarte has a variety of textures and add a whole new drama to your wedding food and menu list. 

Source Raj Uphaar

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4. Fresh Mango Cake

Want a hatke dessert for your wedding? Mango cake is one of the most loved desserts of all time. For a summer wedding, mango cakes make for the best dessert which you can topple with some fresh mangoes. So, if you are confused about how to incorporate mangoes into your dessert menu - a Mango cake is to your rescue. 

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Source CakeZone

Source SR Foods

Source Subah

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5. Flavorful Mango Cheesecake

Mango cheesecake is the perfect treat for cheesecake lovers. It melts oh so softly in your mouth leaving you satisfied to the core. 

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6. Delicious Mango Kheer

You have to have mango kheer as a part of your summer wedding menu as it brings the best of both worlds, mangoes and kheer in one dessert. Now, that's a Mangolicious deal! 

Source 12dragons

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7. Innvoative Mango Tubs

Mango tubs are all about the fresh and juicy goodness of mangoes and they can be layered with any dessert base. This dessert can be customized easily as per your liking and we love it for that. 

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8. Unique Mango Rice Pastry 

Want a Mango dessert that nobody has heard of or tasted? Well, we have Mango rice pastry which is a yummy and quite filling dessert. The soft texture of cooked rice with some juicy mangoes is a beautiful match!

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9. Traditional Mango Phirni

Phirni is the perfect dessert on its own but when combined with mangoes, it tastes like pure bliss. You have to have it on your wedding dessert menu and thank us later! 

Source Maayeka

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10. Indian Fusion Mango Shrikhand

Mango Shrikhand is the perfect Indian fusion dessert that deserves a spot on your wedding menu. Because it is so beautifully yellow, you can present it to your guests at your Haldi ceremony or even at your day Summer wedding. 

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11. Classic Mango Shahi Tukda

Mango Shahi Tukda is an Indian dessert that your wedding guests will deeply appreciate. The flavours are so delectable that your wedding guests might appreciate you for having them on the menu. Ah! And, the mango on top will do Chaar-Chand. 

Source Samana Agha

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12. Yummy Mango Malai

Looking to add a creamy and healthy texture to your mango dessert? Mango Malai is a perfect treat for mango lovers who are looking to add a hatke taste to their mango dessert. 

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11+ Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Say "Yum" with Mango Desserts

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11+ Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Say "Yum" with Mango Desserts