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Divij, my husband and I  are college sweethearts. We started dating six years back and have known each other for over seven years. When it came to our wedding, we knew that every single element should reflect our personalities and highlight our relationship in the best possible manner be it the decor colour or the rituals. And, while there were many things we planned together, what Divij didn't know was that I had planned a plethora of surprises for him. Scroll below to read more about my wedding and all the things that went down there! 

Inside My Crazy & Fun-Filled Wedding

My Fun-Filled Mehendi Function

Our wedding festivities kickstarted with the mehendi function. I wanted the first function to be an intimate one to ease into the festivities and what a right call it was. Both Divij and I could be our candid selves, dancing our hearts out with our loved ones! 

I went with a chic saree gown and a traditional half-tied hairdo. For my jewelry, I went with a contrasting pink jewelry set to get a vibrant bridal look. Divij, on the other hand, went with a beige bandgala. 

The Lovestory Bridal Mehendi

For my bridal mehendi, I decided to go with a love story mehendi. I had elements like his favorite football club, a blue French horn (to represent our love for HIMYM), a football, our dating and wedding dates, social offline’s hashtag, etc incorporated in my bridal mehendi. While I absolutely hate getting mehendi put and have never gotten it put, I went all out during my own wedding!

Cocktail Function

Our cocktail function was one wild night. We had a conveyor belt which had shots moving around the entire night. Oh, and we also had a bartender dressed as Christiano Ronaldo who had a bottle to get all the guests drunk. We wanted the function to be sort of like a pre-wedding party where the rituals are finished well in advance and post that, everyone can simply focus on having a good time!

My Cocktail Look 

I always wanted to be a Kamaali bride. The first time I ever laid my eyes on the brand's pieces, I could envision myself in them. And, to top it up, Divij wanted me to twin with him in blue. So, as fate would have it, we ended up finding the perfect blue gown at Kamaali. I wanted a trail on at least one of my wedding functions and you can only imagine my excitement when I saw that the gown had a trail too

I went with an open curled hairdo and blue smokey eye makeup absolutely loved my look and could not have hoped for a better bridal look. 

The Customised Chooda Covers & Kaliras 

For my haldi ceremony, I opted for customised chooda cover ups and customised football kaleeras for the wedding. Divij is a die-hard football fan and over the years, we’ve bonded a lot over football. I wanted to have football as a big part of my surprises and it only seemed reasonable to have customised football kaliras. 

I hunted for customised football kaliras for months but no vendor was able to recreate my vision. I gave up and went to Choteylal & Sons to get traditional ones but as luck would have it, they offered to do customised football kaliras and also suggested that I get customised chooda cover ups. I was so anxious for that one month that I was only able to calm down after seeing the final outcome! 

This was one of the major surprises I had planned for Divij and boy was he over the moon! 

My Heartwarming Haldi Ceremony 

All our wedding functions took place at different venues in Delhi but I wanted my haldi ceremony to take place at home. My home has always been my calm amidst all the chaos and I wanted to feel that calm one last time before getting hitched. For this function, I opted for a yellow kurta and dhoti set that was super comfy. 

My haldi was very heartwarming because everyone around me was overwhelmed and full of emotions! 

Wedding Day

Divij and I were dead set that we wanted a wedding followed by an after party. We’re not the type of couple who can just sit around while everyone around us is having a good time. Right after our early pheras ended, we headed to the dance floor and had one hell of a night with our loved ones. Everyone was on the dance floor for over 5 hours after getting us hitched! 

The Bridal Look

I always knew that I wanted to be a quintessential red bride. I went with a blood red lehenga with gold embroidery and embellishments. I was very close to opting for open hair, but thank god my amazing makeup artist talked me out of it and gave me a traditional sleek bun hairdo. After getting ready, I looked in the mirror and felt prettier than ever. It was exactly the look I had envisioned for myself for my wedding day! 

My Bridal Entry With Seven Vows 

Divij is the most considerate person who likes to put thoughts into everything he does so I wanted to do the same for him on our wedding functions. As someone who likes to make a statement, I knew my bridal entry could not be ordinary. I always knew that I wanted to enter on the song, “Baagay” by Hari & Sukhmani but the idea of entering with my seven vows, for my boyfriend of six years, came later. I wrote very realistic vows like watching football matches with him, letting him only play songs on date nights and laughing at all his lame jokes (there are quite a few!) 

He was absolutely smitten and could not stop smiling throughout my entry! 

My Epic Vidai 

None of my friends or family members let me shed a single tear during my vidai. They made sure that I felt as happy as I did when I entered the wedding venue. To make me laugh, they all started singing songs and cracking jokes. Until we sat in the car, everyone at the venue smiled ear-to-ear! 

Wedding Vendors

Outfits: Frontier Raas (mehendi), Kamaali Couture (cocktail), Alaya by Stage 3 (haldi) | Divij’s Outfits: Unit by Rajat Suri (mehendi), Study by Janak (cocktail), Dhruv Sehgal (wedding) | Photographer: Delhi Velvet | Jewelry: Kanyaadhan by Dhiraj & Aayushi | Makeup Artist: Vikram Madaan (mehendi and cocktail), Makeup by Jazz Wahan (wedding) | Mehendi Artist: Kundan Mehendi | Kaleeras and Chooda Cover Up: Chotteylal Sons | Venue: Park Boulevard (cocktail), Shagun Farms (wedding) | Bar: Deli Cocktail House 


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#FirstPerson: My Quintessential Winter Wedding With Quirky Surprises for My Other Half!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

#FirstPerson: My Quintessential Winter Wedding With Quirky Surprises for My Other Half!