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Your wedding invite is the first glimpse for your nearest and dearest ones into the wedding functions that await them. So, naturally, the invites have to stand out and make a lasting impression. So, to help you set the appealing and unique tone, we’ve found the most unique and ethereal wedding invites. From wedding passport invites to love story ones, scroll below to find the wedding invite of your dreams!

Unique Wedding Invites You Should Bookmark

A Wedding Invite That Comes With Stationery

In today’s time, a basic wedding invite ain’t enough. That’s why we recommend going with a complete set of wedding stationery when it comes to your invites. Include things like name tags, envelopes, and whatnot to stand out!

Buy here:  Wedding Stationery

Wedding Passports

Planning on having an international wedding? Then how bout you get wedding passport invites made for your loved ones? Not only will this help your guests get in the travel mode but will get them super excited ahead of your wedding!

Buy here: Wedding Passport Invitation 

Buy here: Wedding Passport Invites

A Wedding Invite That Comes With a Wardrobe Planner!

Unlike anything we’ve seen before, this wardrobe planner is a brilliant thing to send out with your wedding invite. Not only will the planner make all your guests’ lives easier but you won’t have to worry about someone not following the dress code!

Buy here: Wedding Invite With a Wardrobe Planner

Monogram Invite with Meanings

Adorable, we cannot stop swooning over these chic monogram wedding invites. Every element comes with a deep meaning for the bride and groom, making it super special and worth remembering. Go for this if you want to incorporate storytelling in your wedding invite.

Buy here: Monogram Invites

Invites with Personalised Luggage Tags

If you’re flying down your guests to a different location then a great way to set the stage is by giving personalized luggage tags with your wedding invitations. The guests will feel important and your invites will be one-of-a-kind!

Buy here: Invites with Personalised Luggage Tags

Embrace the Tradition & Culture!

The guests need to understand your cultural wedding. And, what better way to honor your culture and tradition than by incorporating them in your wedding invites!?

Scroll below and see how you can incorporate cultural elements into your wedding invites.

Buy here: Traditional & Cultural Invites

Acrylic Invites

Chic, unique, and sophisticated, these acrylic invites are perfect if you’re looking for something different to hand out to your guests. Not only will this add a whimsical twist but your wedding details will pop off the page, creating an unforgettable experience!

Buy here:  Acrylic Invites

End-to-End Custom Pack

Bring your personality and personal style to life by incorporating an entire wedding invitation custom pack. From tags, door holders, and an itinerary to a love story map, there’s so much you can do with your end-to-end custom pack.

Buy here: Custom Packaged Invites

Wedding Invite With an Itinerary

It is always better to keep your guests informed about your wedding schedule. From the first minute, they reach the venue to when the festivities are bound to end, a wedding itinerary will not only help your wedding guests plan better but will also keep your schedule aligned.

Buy here: Wedding Invite With an Itinerary

A Beautiful Calendar Invite

Another great way to have the most wedding invites is by simply incorporating a wedding calendar instead. Seeing the dates on a calendar will get your guests all amped up for your wedding functions and will create the ultimate buzz that you need for the most special days of your life!

Buy here: Calendar Invites

Get a Love Story Invite Made!

Tell your love story through your wedding invites by showcasing significant milestones and things that truly define your relationship with your other half. This is also a great way to have your nearest and dearest ones up-to-date with your beautiful love story that they can share with other people for years to come!

Buy here: Love Story Invites

Customized Opaque Packaged Invites

Dainty, captivating, and charming, these opaque packaged wedding invites are what dreams are made of!

Whether you are having a day wedding or a pastel-themed wedding, the soft opaque invites will help achieve the feel of your wedding functions.

Buy here: Opaque Packaged Invites

Journey Invite for the Win

We’re sure that you and your other half have one hell of a journey together and it only seems right to share it with your loved ones. That’s why we suggest that to honor this beautiful journey, have ethereal journey wedding invites. This way of storytelling is both unique and gripping for the one receiving the invites!

Buy here: Journey Invites


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Unique Wedding Invites That Will Wow Your Wedding Guests + Purchase Options Available!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Unique Wedding Invites That Will Wow Your Wedding Guests + Purchase Options Available!