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Your best friend is going to get hitched and the one thing you’ll look forward to is her bachelorette party. And, a good bachelorette party calls for a good bridal game. Case in point- ‘how well do you know the bride?’ game. This is the ultimate game to play with all the bridesmaids. Not only will it crack the bride but everyone will have an absolute blast.

Scroll below to get the questions you can include in the game along with the tips!

The Ultimate Tips & Questions for the Bridal Game

How to Play "How Well Do You Know the Bride?" Game

For starters, you don’t need any specific equipment or props in order to play this game. You just need to prepare the list of questions beforehand and have them printed on a sheet of paper. On the day of the bachelorette, hand out these sheets to each bridesmaid and have the guests answer the questions in real time. After everyone has answered the questions, swap the answer sheets! 

The actual fun begins when you start asking the bride to answer the questions in front of her nearest and dearest ones. While the woman of the hour is answering the questions, bridesmaids can mark the correct answers. To make it even more interesting, except for the winner, make everyone else down their full drinks!

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Questions for the Bridal Game

Q1. The bride’s first job?

Q2. The bride’s childhood celebrity crush

Q3. The name of the bride’s first pet

Q4. What is the bride's zodiac sign?

Q5. What is the bride's hidden talent?

Q6. The most embarrassing story of the bride

Q7. What's her favourite dessert?

Q8. When did the bride learn to drive?

Q9. Tell us her shoe size

Q10. Where was her first date with the to-be husband

Q11. Bride’s favourite subject in the school

Q12. What is the bride’s guilty pleasure?

Q13. What 3 items would she take on a desert island?

Q14. What is the bride's worst habit?

Q15. What is the bride’s favourite colour?

Q16. Is she an early bird or a night owl?

Q17. How many siblings does she have?

Q18. What does she love most about the groom?

Q19. What is the bride’s most priced possession?

Q20. What is the clumsiest thing the bride has ever done?

Q21. What is the drunkest she's ever been?

Q22. What is the bride’s favourite movie?

Q23. What is the bride's current favourite song?

Q24. Who is the best cook between the bride and the groom?

Q25. What is her claim to fame?

Q26. How did the bride celebrate her last birthday?

Q27. If the bride could be besties with any celebrity, who would it be?

Q28. What does the bride think is her best feature?

Q29. How long has the couple been together?

Q30. Where are the bride and groom going on their honeymoon?


What questions are you including in your game? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

How Well Do You Know the Bride Game: Tips and Questions to Keep in Mind!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

How Well Do You Know the Bride Game: Tips and Questions to Keep in Mind!