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What's better than a big fat Indian wedding? Well, a big fat Indian wedding that's on trend! 

For couples getting ready to say 'I do', the internet is their go-to spot for wedding planning. However, the web is a vast space with many opinions and options to browse through, especially when it comes to weddings. So, it helps when all the upcoming year's wedding trends are in one place.  Despite the hours you may spend creating your wedding mood board on Pinterest, it is essential to know what kind of trends will mark the upcoming year. 

So, from makeup trends of 2023 to bright Pantone colour-of-the-year-inspired wedding decor, here is a list of wedding trends that will rule 2023. Scroll down and begin bookmarking!

2023 Wedding Trends 

As the new year approaches, it's time to address the debate that's circling everyone's mind right now. What will be the wedding trends that will dominate 2023? When couples incorporated these trends into their weddings, it takes the whole celebration up a notch. These trends are the 'X Factor' every wedding deserves. While there are certain things about a good old traditional wedding that remain the same, there are certain trends that tend to change. This is partly because there is always a change in the way people wish to spend their money. Here are our predictions for wedding trends for 2023! 

1. Candid, Natural Looking Photos

Just like most things in the wedding world, photography styles are heavily influenced by trends. Back in the birth age of Pinterest, everyone was loving the look of sepia-toned photos and unconventional angles. However, now we've collectively moved on to the 'bright and airy' style of photography, focusing on natural soft lighting and candid moments. Couples are no longer concerned about everything looking perfect and are focusing more on having their photographers capture the day with minimal direction or interruptions. And photographers have moulded their work in the same way, creating editorial-style wedding albums for couples, focusing less on poses and more on imperfections and authenticity.

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2. Daytime Pre & Post-Wedding Shoots Remains In Vogue

If there's one thing we've learnt in the past few years, it's that couples love pre-wedding shoots (even if they slyly deny it). Similarly, post-wedding shoots have also become quite popular these days. However, no one wants to get shot indoors anymore. They did that during the pandemic and they're over it now. Couples want to breathe in the fresh air while getting clicked for their pre-wedding album. This gives them an opportunity to utilise various special locations in their cities like monuments and historical sites as the backdrop while getting gorgeous shots clicked in natural light. 

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3. Homegrown Bridalwear Brands To Take Center Stage

While names like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra have become household names when it comes to bridalwear, they're not as affordable as we'd love them too. The end of 2022 saw a sudden rise in the popularity of homegrown, smaller labels that have a wider reach. And we're expecting this trend to trickle into 2023 with much finesse. From fresh labels to Hidden Gems, brides are moving towards labels and designers that capture their essence while staying within their budget. 

Source Youngberry

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Source Rianta's

Source Rianta's

4. Neutral, Earthy Tones To Dominate Bridal Lehengas

Yes, reds and pinks are the ultimate love. However, we've witnessed a spike in the number of brides going for more earthy and neutral colours for their bridal lehengas. From deep red-browns to burnt oranges, sage greens, golds and even sap greens and purples, the love for such earthy tones for bridal lehengas is growing. And in 2023, we're definitely keeping our fingers crossed for more brides to embrace these unique colours

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Source Payal Keyal

5. Playful Prints For Pre-Weddings

Printed lehengas have our hearts! Easy-breezy & lightweight, printed lehengas have been around for quite some time now! We know brides have already begun embracing this fail-safe trend for their pre-wedding functions and we suggest brides-to-be definitely consider this one. From floral lehengas to ones with geometric patterns & chevrons, there's so much you can experiment with! Plus, the highest selling point is that these beauties allow you to frolic about freely & enjoy your celebrations to the fullest.

6. Destination Weddings Are ON Once Again!

With people now taking off to every part of the globe post-COVID, ‘tis the season for the wedding brigades to arrive on a jet plane to a larger-than-life wedding set against a backdrop of panoramic views. Now more than ever, couples are wanting to travel to far-off destinations and celebrate their nuptials abroad. People got a taste of intimate weddings during the pandemic and they're now combining destination weddings with an intimate setting. This means, fewer people, more parties and a view to kill for!

7. Vivid Colours Will Rule 2023 Wedding Decor

The wedding industry has been privy to the minimalist aesthetic for the past few years. A lot of wedding decor designs done previously, especially from 2020 to 2022 were combinations of black, white and beige with modern and simple aesthetics. However, with Pantone declaring Viva Magenta to be the colour of the year, we're positive wedding decor is about to tilt towards bright hues and vivid patterns. 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

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8. Large Flower Decor To Stay On Top

From larger-than-life organza flowers to bunched-up smaller artificial flowers, flower decor is here to stay in 2023.  Large flower decor has always had a whimsical charm to it that adds the much-needed fairytale element to it. In fact, every time we see large flowers incorporated into wedding decor, we're reminded of the Alice in Wonderland aesthetic that's ideal for a mehndi celebration! So, brides of 2023, take notes to add this decor trend to your checklist!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

9. Haldi Functions Will Keep Seeing The Use Of Urlis

The haldi ceremony has recently gained immense popularity for the amount of fun and playfulness it captures for the couple and the wedding guests. Lately, we've noticed couples choosing to sit in large urlis instead of stools or small chairs for their haldi ceremony. The urli, traditionally, is a clay pot used for cooking in Kerala and other southern states. However, gigantic life-sized versions have begun to feature in the modern haldi ceremony to great effect. Urlis in haldi ceremonies are not only a great decor addition but also make for great photo props for the couple!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

10. Sustainable Wedding Invites

Eco-friendly and sustainable wedding invites are definitely going to be a priority for couples getting hitched in 2023. Luckily, there are several brands making the sweetest wedding stationary out of materials like seed paper and recycled paper. Similarly, those who're not fans of paper invites can opt to send out e-invites to their guests. Sustainability is going to be in vogue in 2023 and we're sure to love it!

11. Minimalist Wedding Invite Designs

Apart from sustainable invites, we're expecting couples to move from luxurious and over-the-top designs to stuff that's more minimal with a neutral colour palette, cursive lettering and very less but chic embellishments. Gold accents will be more prevalent and couples will also choose illustrated wedding invitation designs over traditional ones in 2023.

Invites by BE JALEBI, Delhi

12. Statement Kaleeras To Dominate The Bridal Jewellery Game

If you are a bride-to-be who swears by the mantra of ‘It's all in the details’, then you obviously can’t take your 'kaleeras' for granted. Right from the ones with tassels and pom-poms to the ones that make strong style statements, Kaleeras literally seem to have had a makeover. Switching from traditional and basic kaleeras, brides are now going for unconventional kaleeras that incorporate designs inspired by their love stories and life. And in 2023, this trend is going to pick it pace for sure!

Source BeAbhika

Source BeAbhika

13. Natural Makeup For Daytime Functions Stay Staple

Natural, skin-embracing makeup is so easy and fun! For daytime 2023 wedding functions, we're predicting more brides will embrace natural, no-makeup looks. It's going to be all about bearing your skin which means brides are also going to focus more on their skincare regime. Light swatches of blush, mascara, a little highlighter and glossy lips are going to be the top products being used by makeup artists on brides for their daytime functions. 

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14. Dewy Makeup With Neutral Colours For Weddings

Dewy skin is in! Dewy makeup has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Every celeb and influencer is embracing it and we're honestly, head over heels for it. The fresh, glowing shine of this makeup look has a dreamy appeal to it. When paired with neutral colours on the lips and eyes, this entire makeup look looks absolutely ethereal! And brides of 2023 are surely gonna embrace it without a hitch.

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15. Brides To Choose Open Hair Over Tied

After watching Bollywood star Alia Bhatt and designer Arpita Mehta let their hair loose into luscious waves for their wedding, brides have happily embraced the open hair trend for weddings. In 2023, we're bound to see more brides going for open hair with large curls or waves styled in shades of brown for their wedding. 

16. Reception Entertainment To Make A Debut

The days of just DJs may be behind us, people. Couples have now begun hiring unique and interactive entertainment acts like fire dancers, aerialists, Sufi singers and live bands. In fact, famous singers have often seen headlining weddings of close friends and celebrities! Such entertainment turns your reception into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your guests to experience!

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Final Thoughts

Weddings are a very personal affair. However, they're something that we want to share with the rest of the world. By incorporating these wedding trends into your planning, you're bound to catch the eyes of wedding aficionados and bride-to-be. With 2022 ending and 2023 beginning, we're hoping to see new trends emerge, with alternative ideas taking the reigns of modern-day wedding planning. So, keep your eyes on our blog for more such inspiration!


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Wedding Trends That Will Rule 2023: Earthy Toned Lehengas to Open Hair & More!

by Shivani Singh

Wedding Trends That Will Rule 2023: Earthy Toned Lehengas to Open Hair & More!