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In today’s time, more and more couples are opting for destination weddings rather than getting hitched in the city that they live in. And, while it is fun to tie the knot in a new city, carrying all the wedding outfits can be a bit of a task. One bridal outfit is in itself so heavy think about the multiple ones that you’ve gotta carry for your destination wedding! But, you’ve got nothing to worry about cuz we’ve got some ultimate tips for you to travel with your wedding outfits.

Scroll below and jot down all these amazing pointers for your upcoming destination wedding!

Here’s How You Can Travel With Your Wedding Outfits

1. Have Your Outfit Packed To Perfection

How you pack an outfit will determine its condition when you unpack it. Ladies, we strongly recommend that you pack or get your bridal outfit packed to perfection so that when you reach the destination, the outfit is in perfect condition. If it's not packed properly, chances are your bridal outfit will reach in a much worse condition. 

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2. Don’t Unpack the Outfit Post the Final Fittings

After you’ve had your final fittings, it will be best if you don’t unpack the outfit till you don’t reach the wedding location. For one, the store or the brand from where you’ve purchased the outfit will pack your heavy outfit perfectly. Secondly, if you open it and then try to pack it again, chances are it won’t stay as intact as it will when the professionals packed it.

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3. Trust Your Garment Bag to Protect Your Outfit

Ladies, we recommend always having your outfit inside your garment bag when travelling. We’ve heard of a plethora of stories where brides put their bridal outfits inside a suitcase but chances are if something is spilled on your suitcase, your outfit will get ruined. So, your mantra should be to blindly trust the garment bag.

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4. NEVER Check in Your Wedding Outfit

If travelling by airplane, never check in your wedding outfit or the bag in which you’re carrying it. If your luggage doesn’t reach you or if there’s any sort of mishap, you will be very heartbroken. So, the only right thing is to carry your outfit as carry-on luggage and put then put it safely in the overhead bins.

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5. If Traveling by Car, Place Your Outfit Flat Out

If your destination wedding is nearby and you’re travelling by car, the best thing would be to place your wedding outfit flat out on the back seat. Make sure that the temperature where the outfit is placed is okay otherwise in the scorching heat and light, the stones will start turning yellow!

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6. Do Carry a Steam Iron! 

Steam iron is a must when travelling with your wedding outfit. Now you may find an iron or a steamer at your hotel but it is just safer to have your own nicely put in the luggage to keep your outfit safe! 


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Having A Destination Wedding? Tips For You To Travel With Your Wedding Outfits

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Having A Destination Wedding? Tips For You To Travel With Your Wedding Outfits