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With more and more couples going the eco-friendly way for their weddings, seed paper wedding invitations have gained quite a popularity in India. Unlike other wedding invitations which end up getting dumped under the mattresses or in the piles of old newspapers, seed paper invites can be are beautiful remnants of wedding celebrations that can be grown into blooming plants. Once the revelries are over, tear the card & leaflets into smaller pieces, put them in soil, and nurture with adequate water & sunshine. Voila, you’ll soon have blossoming flowers, fragrant of the merry wedding celebrations, in your little garden.

Yet these cards often get snubbed by Indian families! And the reason is a rather untrue perception. People corner seed paper wedding invitations for their unappealing & bland appearance. When asked to think of a seed paper wedding invitation, people are likely to paint a picture of dull textured paper with bland fonts quoting the details. But we’re here to change that! We scouted some uber-pretty seed paper wedding invitations that are sure to change your perception. Wedding card designers are enhancing eco-friendly seed papers with vivacious paint strokes, doodles, illustrations, and even themed artworks. You won't help but instantly fall in love with them, we bet! So, let’s get started already:

Beautiful Seed Paper Wedding Invitation Designs That'll Win Your Heart!

1. How gorgeous is this wedding invitation with peacock feather detailings! The vivid teal font is popping on the muted white seed paper.

2. This pink-themed wedding invite with floral accents is one of the prettiest cards we've ever stumbled upon! Don't miss the floral wreath design on the invite cover.

3. This multifold seed paper invite with floral accents screams modern elegance.

4. The illustration seed paper wedding invitation of this Bengali couple is here to steal your hearts!

5. Watercolor wedding invitations have been a favourite for a few years now! You can also have them customised on eco-friendly seed paper.

Source Dopology

Source Dopology

6. Here's another insanely gorgeous seed paper wedding invitation comprising multiple leaflets, all adorned with blooming floral details.

Source Laura Likes

7. A Harry Potter themed wedding invitation on seed paper? Hell YES!

8. One look at this cutesey personalised invite, and you will never call seed paper invites boring.

9. You can add a jolt of vivid hues to the seed paper & turn'em into memorable & heart-tugging wedding invitations.

10. A seed paper wedding invitation so pretty, you would instantly want to pin it on your mood board.

11. These green-hued tropical-inspired seed paper invitations had us awestruck at the first glance.

12. Want to blend modern elegance with traditions, here is how to do it beautifully on a seep paper!

13. Here's the one with a rustic yet vivid appeal.

14. Concluding the list with the cutest seed paper invite with the couple's illustration printed on it.

15. Bride Sanchita opted for these minimal yet striking seed paper invitations for her eco-friendly wedding in Bikaner!

If you are wondering where to get seed paper wedding invitations from, of course, we are here to help! Seed paper is not a very nouveau concept and hence is easily available across the country. You can ask your regular wedding invitation vendor to use the paper embedded with seeds of your choice. A lot of couples mostly go with marigold seeds. Otherwise, you can also rope in designers with expertise in seed paper invitations. Some of them are:

Final Words 

How can you say no to these sheer gorgeous invites that turn into blooming beauties? We can't wait for more couples to opt for these thoughtful invitations without compromising on their fine aesthetic taste.


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Just 15+ Photos That Prove Seed Paper Wedding Invites Are So Pretty!

by Medha Chawla

Just 15+ Photos That Prove Seed Paper Wedding Invites Are So Pretty!