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The haldi ceremony is popular amongst many communities throughout the country. Whether the ceremonies are held separately or together, it is a fun occasion for the families to come together and bless the bride & groom before they begin an auspicious new chapter in their lives.

Haldi or turmeric has natural healing properties and thus, it is considered sacred and an imporant ritual to anoint the bride-to-be and groom-to-be in a mixture of haldi and milk/rose water to not only ensure that they look amazing, but also to ward off the evil eye.

Over the last year, we have had a surprisingly fun trend when it comes to haldi ceremonies - the addition of the Urli. The urli, traditionally, is a clay pot used for cooking in Kerala and other southern states. However, gigantic life-sized versions have begun to feature in the modern haldi ceremony to great effect! They make haldi ceremonies more fun and are great decor ideas, for the images are simply spectacular!

We have bookmarked some of these more amazing ideas so you can take a look and decide what you want for your haldi ceremony! Whether you want the bride/groom to sit in the magnificent Urli or use it simply as decor, we have the options for you!

Trending Urli Ideas for Haldi Ceremony

Fun Urli Seating Designs

Increasingly, seating the bride or groom in gigantic urlis has become a viral trend and we are here for it! It looks amazing, plus makes clean-up easier as haldi ceremonies can get very splashy, and messy very fast! You can place two urlis side-by-side if holding a combined haldi ceremony, which also has become increasingly popular, or just have one solo one for the bride and groom ready to be anointed with haldi!

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Source Shivam Dua

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Source Shutterdown

Source Shutterdown

Urli Decor Ideas

Haldi decor is all things bright and cheerful, and urlis of varying sizes can help provide a pop of colours! You can fill them with various flowers or gulal (colours) for an ethnic aesthetic!

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Source DecorDiyaa

Source DecorDiyaa

Source DecorDiyaa

Final Words

Whether you use the gigantic Urli as decor or include it in the haldi ceremony, it is a lovely new trend and we are here for all the possibilities!


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Fun & Creative Urli Ideas for Haldi Ceremony To Bookmark RN!

by Maggie S.

Fun & Creative Urli Ideas for Haldi Ceremony To Bookmark RN!