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Alright, beauties! We are venturing into 2023 and there is just so much to unpack! Let's begin with the fun stuff first, shall we? Of course, I am talking about makeup. It is such an inseparable part of your bridal look and 2023 is surely bringing some life-altering makeup trends with it.

So, without further ado, let's dive straight into the bridal makeup trend predictions for the year 2023! 

PS: Take some notes for your upcoming 2023 wedding and thank us later :) 

Bridal Makeup Trend Predictions For the 2023 Wedding Season 

All Matte Eyeshadow? Yes, please! 

We are claiming the sultry vibe in 2023. That explains the all-matte smoky eyes. Deep matte shades only add to the intensity of your eyes and brides are always in for that. 

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The Colour On The Lower Lash Line Is Fun

Fun is harmless and in this case, it is breathtakingly beautiful as well. Smoking out your lower lash line using some colour instead of the regular brown tones adds vibrance to your face. 

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A Shiny Glossy Pout!

Matte lips look gorgeous but over time, the lipstick cracks and feel dry on the lips. So we are leaving it behind in 2022. In 2023, we are all going to be glossy queens. Glossy lips look fuller and luscious, which is why they are the perfect bridal lips. 

Source Amit Kumar

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Yes To Long Wispy Lashes!

The beauty and charm that long and natural-looking lashes add to your face are unbeatable. We will be seeing a lot of brides rocking some cute and long lashes in 2023. 

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Bye-Bye Matte Foundation! Hello, Juicy Skin!

In 2023, we are inclining towards a skin-like finish instead of the cakey matte. Brides are definitely going for fresh and dewy skin as it is more comfortable to wear and looks quite natural as well.

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Let's Go Nude!

Nude is going to be heavily in demand in 2023 when it comes to bridal makeup. Not only does it photograph well, but also looks stunning in person. 

Source Yasmine

Source Yasmine

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Blush! Lots Of Blush!

Let me tell you one thing! We are not holding back on blush in 2023. Even brides are going to express their love for blush as they sport a cute heavily blushed bridal look!

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Make Them Eyes Foxy!

You know what they say. "The eyes are the window to the soul." We are taking it a little too far in 2023 in respect to the bridal makeup. Foxy eyes will be trending. It is all about elongating your eye shape using eyeliner, both on the top and bottom lash line. The sharp eyeliner stretches up to the inner corner and wispy lashes are used to give the eyes a more lifted effect.

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Let's Go Overlining! 

Overlining is coming in full force in 2023 to give the lip a fuller look. It is perfect for brides who want to give their mouth a pouty shape. 


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Here Are All The Bridal Makeup Trend Predictions For 2023 Weddings!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Here Are All The Bridal Makeup Trend Predictions For 2023 Weddings!