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With Karva Chauth just around the corner, we're sure that all the new brides and brides-to-be must be looking forward to celebrating this festival with their family in full glory! 

Karva Chauth is that day when most married women fast and dress up for their spouses. Women dress up, apply mehendi, get sargi, fast the entire day delicacies, gifts, mothers-in-law love on this auspicious day. And with the new festival just ahead, we know that you're all looking for makeup looks that are neither on the scale of a full-fledged bridal makeup look, but nothing that passes you off as a plain Jane. Fret not! For ShaadiSaga's got you covered! Makeup is one of our specialities and we're here with the best kinds of makeup looks that you can wear and slay on your karva chauth! So, scroll down below and start bookmarking all the various kinds of makeup looks you can recreate for your special day and look your best on your first Karva Chauth! 

Oh! And, don't forget to bookmark this checklist for karva chauth! ✔️👰

Latest Makeup Ideas For Karva Chauth

Makeup is not about just looking picture-perfect but it's also about enhancing your withstanding beauty with minimal effort. The 'flawless bridal look' starts with the kind of makeup you use. And just like your wedding day, your first Karva Chauth will be a day where all the eyes will be on you. Thus, we understand your wish to look gorgeous on this day! And you also need the opportunity to use all the makeup you've splurged on during your wedding shopping. So why not right now, for this day? So, scroll down and pin your favourite makeup ideas for Karva Chauth without any delay!

1. The Festive Glo-Up

We're all in love with the intense use of highlighter in makeup! However, slaying the festive glow isn't just a matter of applying highlighter. You need to put in a bit more effort into that intense glow. From illuminated moisturisers to liquid highlighters- a glowing makeup idea for Karva Chauth would be ideal!

The Essential Cheekbone Highlight

This gorgeous highlight based makeup by Inaara Beauty Studio has us whipped! Honestly, who wouldn't want to glow like that on any given occasion? 

The Full Face Highlight Look

We're in love with this flawless makeup look by Shwetha Raju, who not only manages to keep the natural look of the bride but also adds the x-factor in the form of that highlight!

The 'Glow From Within' Makeup Look

This makeup look by Zohara Shereen has us swooning! From the base that lights up from within to a dollop of blush and the gorgeous eye makeup- everything is impressive to the very last detail!

2. The 'All-Slay' Eye Makeup

Trying out bold colours, glitters, eyeliner trends is never a thing to be discouraged (floating eyeliner and feather brows, anyone?). Every and any bride can rock a good bright eye makeup look. And if you failed to try this out on your wedding, your first Karva Chauth is the ideal occasion to try this out! So, we've taken the liberty to go ahead and pick out some of my favourite bold eye makeup looks for you!

For The Love Of All Things Green!

If you're someone who genuinely loves this bright shade of green, we say go on all in with it, like these looks by MUA Pratishtha Arora and Symone Neilson, who not only managed to create a stunning minimal makeup look but also ensured that the highlight of the entire look would be the green-lined eyes!

The Pink Magic

New brides in shades of pink? Count us in! From halo eyes to simple washes of the colour with a speck of gold, pink eye makeup never disappoints.

Keep It Simple Yet Sultry

Richa Thakkar is an MUA who inspires us to keep makeup simple yet glam it up with the most amazing touches and finishes. For some, it may be the grandiose lashes, for others, the shimmering eye makeup. 

The Rose Gold Magic

Rose gold is a colour that brides all over are embracing. So, why not use it as the centre of your makeup look for karva chauth? Dip your eyes in this beautiful shade and watch as the world remains mesmerized by your eyes. 

3. The Bronzed Goddess Look

The approaching winter season calls for more dewy, moisturised and bronzed makeup looks. These high contoured looks that show off nice, healthy sun-kissed looks seem ideal for a nice nighttime function. So, pull out your bronzers birdies and look gorgeous with these makeup looks for Karva Chauth!

The Full Glam Dark Makeup 

Going all shades dark is one of our favourite makeup looks to slay during the festive season. A light highlight, paired with a deep bronze, smokey eye and of course a dark lip- that's a karva chauth look worth trying out!

A Mix Of Light Colours With Bronzer

Playing with colours is one of the specialities of pro-MUA Kulsum Parvez, who keeps the colours of her brides minimal in the shades of light pinks while ensuring that the bronzer is always on point!

The Fab Lashes & Bronze

New brides and brides-to-be, this is the easiest way to slay any makeup look. Bronze your cheeks, add some blush and ensure that you pop on the most feathery lashes!

4. The Minimal Makeup Look

While some of you love rocking an OTT makeup look, some may prefer a more subtle, no-makeup look. And for those of you who like to look fresh in a minimal makeup look, then the following ideas for perfect for you!

All The Shades Of Nude

The famously loved trend of the no-makeup look is truly one that many have mastered. While some enjoy mixing shades of brown to create the look, others choose bare shades close to their skin colour to create a beautiful look that is with the right amount of highlight and a nice warm shade of lipstick that gives them a good flush of colour. 

Recreate Your Wedding Look

If you were someone like the gorgeous Isha Multani Daftary, then you probably chose to sport a minimal makeup look for your wedding. Recreating that minimal makeup look along with reusing your jewels or lehenga from then is a wonderful option for the upcoming karva chauth.

Nude Makeup With Deep Eyes

One of our favourite looks, that many pro MUAs also opt to do for brides, is the minimal makeup look with a deep shade of eyeshadow like the ones shown below. 

5. Rock A Haughty Smokey Eye

A smokey eye is a timelessly classic and elegant makeup look for brides. The smouldering style is unbeatable for night-time and can even be reworked for the daytime and we believe it to be ideal as a makeup look for karva chauth. From browns, blacks to blues, here are all our favourite smokey eye makeup looks for brides!

The Matte Black Look

Who doesn't love the all-black, matte makeup look? We know for a fact that most would opt for this look for it's easy to recreate at any given time fo the day

A Smokey Eye With Shades Of Mauve

One of the other more prominent smokey eyes we see on new brides is the eyeliner smoked out with shades of mauve. It's not too much but not very little and adds the right amount of 'oomph' to any makeup look. 

Go Metallic

Yes, metallic smokey eyes are our favourites and if someone's considering it, then we can never tell anyone to go otherwise.

6. The Bold Lip Look

While we're all fans of nude lipsticks, the bold red lip always wins the hearts of onlookers. It's a classic look, which by itself can help create a gorgeous effect! We already predicted 2020's makeup trends to include the quintessential red lip look. We say 'yay' to anyone who chooses to look fab in a red lip!

The Deep Reds

This particular shade of a red, with a hint of maroon in it, is a shade many brides prefer even for small functions. If you're someone planning a minimal makeup look for karva chauth, then choose to top it off with a deep red. (Shade suggestion: M.A.C  Russian Red)

The Coral Reds

Coral red lipsticks may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who can slay in it, it's the ideal shade to commemorate not only the auspicious occasion of their first Karva Chauth but also the changing season. (Shade Suggestion- Kay Beauty Matteinee Matte Lipstick - Publicity)

OTT Bright Reds

Every woman should own a bright red shade of lipstick in her trousseau. It's that one shade that should always be handy so that if you change your mind last minute and decide to rock a bright red lip (which we always encourage), then there's nothing stopping you.  (Shade Suggestion- Maybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick - Dynamite Red)

7. Ditch The Eyeliner

We know what you're thinking. Does a makeup look without any eyeliner? How peculiar. Unlike the regular heavy, shimmery eyes with deep-set feline eyeliner, the no eyeliner look is popular among minimalistic brides and brides-to-be. And honestly, this makeup look for Karva Chauth is a blessing in disguise for many of us, as we're no Picasso with the eyeliner! 

Bronze Eyes

When you've decided not to touch the eyeliner for a makeup look, you need to ensure that your eyes don't look bare or incomplete. One of the ways of doing that is by choosing a bronzy shade for your eyeshadow and adding a dollop of mascara. 

Chose A Pastel Metallic Look

If you're not doing eyeliner, then another way to alleviate your eyes is by choosing a bright metallic colour for your eyeshadow and pair it with a matt shadow in your crease line. 


Keep It Simple

And if you're someone who barely likes doing makeup, then go with a very light wash of eyeshadow and mix that by lining your waterline with a nice dark khol. 

8. Add A Hint Of Gold

The best part about covering your eyelids in that 24k yellow is the versatile shimmer that comes with this shade. A sheer wash of this colour can make your entire makeup come together and create a beautiful effect for both daytime and nighttime look. Add a nice, deep-set eyeliner to it, and the solid swaths of colour are sure to keep all eyes on you. 

Gold Glitter For The Win

Honestly, glitter makes everything more fun and enjoyable. So, if you're planning a touch of gold to your karva chauth makeup look, then glitter is definitely one way to go. 

Source Amrit Kaur

The Gold Eyeshadow

Gold eyeshadow, paired with the likes of reds, pinks and oranges, truly create a gorgeous smoked our effect that everyone loves! it's not very difficult to create and gives the eyes of the wearer much-needed depth and dimension. 

A Wash Of Gold

Don't want it to get too messy? Then the best way to do your eye makeup is by using a plain gold eyeshadow as a light wash over your eyes. It'll be luminous- trust us!

9. Play With Pastels

Pastels are gorgeous colours to play with, not just in outfits but also in makeup! Pastel colours make gorgeous eyeshadows and lipsticks to add to your look. And if you're trying to keep the colours of your karva chauth makeup look light, then these pastels are just for you!

Pastel Pinks To Choose

From light pinks to nude pinks, pastel pinks are gorgeous shades to choose from to add to your makeup. 

Winsome Flowery Shades

Gouache shades like lavender and mauve are colours that can be gorgeous additions to any makeup look, even as a makeup idea for karva chauth. 

Source Alifstudio

Icey Blues Also Work

Honestly, many people never venture close to shades of blue for their makeup looks, but we say never fear a nice pastel blue!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to makeup ideas for karva chauth, the ideas to experiment are endless. You can keep it simple, add a little bit more glam, or a little bit more or even slay the evening in the most gorgeous OTT makeup ever. There are all sorts of new-age and trendy makeup ideas that are available for brides to try out. So, do not hesitate and get ready to slay at your first karva chauth!


Did you enjoy this collection of makeup looks for karva chauth? Let us know in the comments!

Best Makeup Ideas For Karva Chauth

by Shivani Singh

Best Makeup Ideas For Karva Chauth