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One of the most significant festivals in any married woman’s life is karva chauth. For this special festival of love, brides dress up in their most beautiful outfits in matching footwear with perfect hairdos and glam makeup while experiencing a day without food or water. So, if this is your married, unmarried (to-be-bride), first karva chauth or if you are simply a millennial bride, we have curated the ultimate checklist for you. From what all outfits you can opt for to the right hairdos, we have taken care of every possible detail so that you are all dolled up on this salient day. 

Checklist To Bookmark For Your Karva Chauth

1. Follow A Skincare Routine 

No matter what the occasion is, you have to take care of your skin and do everything to make it soft and supple. For your karva chauth day, your skin is gotta be ready and we have the perfect tips for you to start doing like right now! 

CTM Routine

Ladies, it is advised to always follow the CTM (cleanser, toner and moisturizer) routine but if for some reason you haven’t, then it’s time to pull up your socks and really get to it. Do it once a day and if your skin requires, you can even do it twice a day. 

Scrubbing Regime

Ladies, scrubbing is equally important to your CTM routine. It will help improve your skin texture and remove dead skin cells. So for your karva chauth, have your skin all ready by following a scrubbing routine as well. 

Hydration Is Important! 

Ladies, your body needs at least 8-10 glasses every day so that it is hydrated enough and the glow is visible on your skin. If you are not having enough water then it’s time to start consuming enough water. Nothing bad comes out of having enough water. It is only good for your skin. Apart from that, you must invest in good serums and face oils to hydrate your skin. 

2. Self-Grooming For Karva Chauth

Another area which you cannot miss or not focus on is grooming. From the nail paint to the mehendi design, you have to be ready for the big day and we have picked every small detail that you have to take care of for your karva chauth.  


It’s super easy in today’s time to do a manicure and pedicure in the comfort of your home. That’s why we say that you go all out and involve this too in your grooming session for your karva chauth, ladies. 

Nail Paint

As you cannot go to a nail salon and have your nails taken care of, we suggest that you stick to basic nail paints. You can always opt for wearing a shade similar to your outfit or can even opt for a contrasting shade if you want your nails to stand out. 

3. Put A Mehendi On Your Karva Chauth 

Getting a mehendi put is one of the major rituals of karwa chauth for ladies. If for some reason, you didn’t get a love story mehendi put then we say you get it done now. Love story mehendi designs are absolutely adorable and a great way to involve your greatest memories on the occasion.  

4. Best Outfits For Karva Chauth

After your wedding day, your karva chauth is going to be the only day when you get to dress up like a bride again so you must pick the right outfit for the occasion. Whether you want to wear quintessential red or want to wear something out of the box, remember that all eyes are going to be on you especially if it is your first karva chauth or if you are a to-be-bride and have decided to partake in this tradition. 

Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga

You would hardly find any occasion to wear your wedding lehenga again but the one day when you can pull out that beautiful bridal lehenga from the storage and look ravishing is on karva chauth.

Opt For A Sharara Suit 

Shararas are trending, comfortable and look good on all body types. Pick a light flowy sharara or go with a super heavy one. Either way, you are going to look breathtaking while being super comfortable the entire day of karwa chauth.

Pick An Elegant Saree

A saree is universal, elegant and all women are a huge fan of the silhouette. If you want to wear a saree for your karva chauth, we suggest going with a pre-stitched saree or opting for a saree which is made of comfortable fabric. After all, you do have to spend the entire day in it! 

Wear A Traditional Anarkali Suit

An Anarkali suit is a classic and one that we recommend to you brides to don on the day of your karva chauth function.

Source Pictroizzah

Anarkalis look elegant, sophisticated and you can easily have it made to your taste and liking. Ladies, definitely consider this one for your final karva chauth outfit! 

5. Latest Hairstyles For Karva Chauth

After your outfit for karva chauth is taken care of, the next area of focus has to be hair. Picking the right hairstyle with the right outfit is extremely important and that’s why we are here to decode what hairdo will look good with what silhouette. 

Go With A Messy Bun

Millennial bride, we suggest that a messy bun for karva chauth is your calling when we talk about hairstyles. For starters, you will be a pro in making this bun. Secondly, this hairstyle is perfect to add a modern touch to your overall traditional look. Pick this hairdo if you’re wearing a really flowy or heavy outfit like your wedding lehengas or an Anarkali suit. 

Sleek Hairstyle 

Sleek hair is trending now more than ever and we feel you should make the most of it by opting for this hairdo for your karva chauth function. This hairdo will look perfect on women who have long or medium hair but for those of you who have a shorter length of hair, we suggest you avoid this hairdo. Pick this if you are planning on wearing a straight silhouette, ladies. 

Put A Braid Hairstyle On It

Another great hairdo you can opt for your karva chauth is a braid ladies. It is completely your call whether you want to go with a messy braid or have open hair with small braids on it. Braids look good on anything and everything so you can pick literally any outfit and have a braid to go with it for your karva chauth function. It is indeed the hairdo if you want a formal look overall. 

A Classic Blow Dryer 

If you don’t want too much hassle happening and want to go with something classic, then go with a basic blow dryer. Nothing screams classic more than a blow dryer hairdo does. It’s easy to manage, will stay intact and you would feel so much comfortable with free-flowing hair. 

How Bout A Pony Hairdo?

Tying your hair in a pony is not usually considered to match the traditional look but we say that you ditch this and opt for a pony. It's comfortable, will help you stay cool and genuinely looks good with traditional outfits. So ladies, if you are not afraid of doing something different then we suggest you opt for this hairdo this karva chauth! 

Beautiful Floral Bun Hairstyle 

Love colourful floral buns to the next level? Adorn your bun hairstyle with these types of flowers, which looks perfect with a lehenga, saree and even with an Anarkali or Gharara suit. 

6. Jewellery For Karva Chauth

Another element to focus for the day of your karva chauth is the jewellery you’re planning on wearing. Ladies, mind you that all eyes are gonna be on those bangles, sets and earrings that you are planning on donning on a special day. And, we have jewellery suggestions for every kind of look you have in mind for this day! 

Choker Set- Why Not?

Lately, we have seen so many brides opt for choker sets over those traditional ones and for all the right reasons. A choker set is like a match made in heaven for all those ladies who are blessed with long necks. And, for those of you planning on wearing a blouse with not a very plunging neckline, we say you pick this jewellery set for your karva chauth function. 

Rani Haar To Get A Regal Look

Ladies, if it's your first karva chauth or if you really like going all out when it comes to dressing up then we say that you have to take out that rani haar and wear it on this special occasion. Rani haars give a regal look and will make you look no less than a queen. 

Pick An Elaborate Maangtikka

Bored of wearing a polki or Kundan set and wanna do something different than usual? We say you either let go of that diamond set and opt for an elaborate maangtikka or you wear both together. Maang tikkas look so chic and sophisticated and this isn’t something you see on karva chauth so you’re definitely gonna be doing something different but beautiful by adding it to your jewellery! 

Earrings To Amp Your Look

Wearing a pair of earrings is something we strongly recommend for your karva chauth ladies as your whole look would just amp up. If you’re going with super heavy earrings, you can ditch the maangtikka and go with a smaller neckpiece. And, you can pick anything from chandbali to ear cuffs to those pretty polki ones! 

Bangles That Scream Bole Chudiyan

Bangles and these types of choodas play a very important role when getting ready for a festival.

So, adorn your wrists with colourful bangles and match it with your Karva Chauth outfit. 

7. Look Gorgeous With Makeup On Your Karwa Chauth

This is the trickiest part about your overall look. Deciding on the right makeup is a task that is not easy, so,  that’s why we knew we had to decode this part for your karva chauth because it is also the most important one. Your outfit and hair might be perfect but if your makeup isn’t great, your overall look will get ruined. So behold cos below you’ll find the answers to your makeup problems! 

Smokey Eyes 

You would hardly find any woman who is not a fan of smokey eye makeup. That’s cuz it is so dramatic and so unique that you get to unleash a very different side of yours the day you get this makeup done. However, we suggest this eye makeup only for a short duration of time (like after the pooja is done) cuz there are huge chances that it will get ruined by the end of the day. So, we suggest that you stick to this makeup for the night time. 

Nude Eyes For That Natural Look

Picking nude eye makeup is a great option if you want to apply it in the morning and leave it for the rest of the day. This eye makeup is super easy to apply and wouldn’t get ruined till you don’t decide to remove it. So, we say, you go with nude eyes for your karva chauth without any second thoughts, ladies! 

Champagne Eyes For A Glam Look

If you want a true glam look on the day of karva chauth, nothing is better than going with champagne eyes. Champagne eyes contain glitter and give a super formal look. If this is your first karva chauth or if you love dressing up then this eye makeup is made for you.  

Go With Bold Lips 

Lipstick colour can indeed make or break your look. Since you will get ready for the Pooja we suggest that you wear dark coloured lipstick like red lipstick, maroon lip colour, pink lipstick, etc. that will be perfect to go for the evening karva chauth rituals. 

8. Footwear Options For Karva Chauth 

Many women believe that footwear doesn’t play an important role. However, we’d like to burst the bubble and inform you that footwear is as crucial as your outfit or makeup ladies. One wrong pair of heels and everyone’s gonna think you don’t own nice footwear. That’s why we are here to help you pick the right pair of heels or juttis for your karva chauth function. 

Go With That Heel

Gone are the times when wearing a heel was resented. Now, we women have learned how to rock that heel and be comfortable in it. So, if you’re planning on wearing something long or if in general, you love wearing heels, we say you go for it for your karva chauth. And, the best part? You can pick any kind of heel from block to pencil ones. 

Source Memoirz

Flat Mules or Slip Ons 

If you are not a fan of heels then there’s nothing better than flat mules for you ladies to wear on your karva chauth function. These mules will keep you comfortable the entire day and you’ll be peppy cuz your feet won’t be killing you! 

Indian Juttis Are BEST!

Indian juttis is the most festive and comfortable option you can get when we talk about footwear for karva chauth especially if you have those padded soul ones. Pick an Indian jutti to get an ultimate traditional look for your karva chauth function, ladies.

9. Evening Bags For Your Karva Chauth

It's the little things which make or break a look and that’s why we believe that you cannot do without the right bag on your karva chauth function. Now, you may think that it’s not a big deal but a bag is so important not just for storage purposes but also to complete your karva chauth look. 

Potli Bags

What do you think about potli bags with your traditional wear outfits ladies? Exciting no? Opt for a potli bag with your outfit for the karva chauth and we promise that everyone is gonna want to steal your look! 

Clutch Bag 

If you are not fond of potli bags, you can always get a clutch bag to don with your outfit on your karva chauth function ladies. The good thing about buying a clutch bag is that you can get it in various shapes and sizes and you can very easily go with the one your heart is set on. 

Source Kayra Delhi

Waist Bags

Dear millennial brides, we have included waist bags only for you. Waist bags look so chic and stylish that you gotta wear this with your traditional wear on your karva chauth function. It’s time to break the monotony, ladies! 

10. Fragrances To Trust For Your Karva Chauth

Ladies, one should always smell good and on your karva chauth, you have to be extra cautious. That’s why we’ve found a few fragrance options you can put your trust in to smell great on that special day!

Keep Your Perfume Close

Perfumes are much stronger than mists so if you want that nice fruity fragrance to linger on for the entire day of karva chauth, we say you opt for a perfume over a mist. 

Source Nykaa


Ittars Are Great

If you cannot bear the smell of perfume and find it extremely strong, we say you go with an ittar instead.  Apply a few drops behind your ear and arm and you are sorted for the entire day of karva chauth. 

Source Nykaa


11. Accessories For Karva Chauth 

Apart from carrying the right bag, outfit, doing perfect makeup and smelling great, let’s not forget one small area which is also important- accessories to wear on this special day and we may have just the right ones shortlisted for you!


Add that extra charm or add a cherry on top by donning a payal on the day of karva chauth. It can be a little extra something you can choose to do to celebrate the auspicious day. 


Go all out with that traditional look by donning a bindi with your karva chauth attire. And, if you’ve never done it before, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to do something out of the box and stand out. What better day than your karva chauth for that?

Coloured Lenses

Why not opt for coloured lenses to make your look stand out even more ladies? If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone or if you’re familiar with coloured contact lenses, we say you should go forward with it for your karva chauth. But, if you are even 1% sceptical or if you find lenses extremely irritating to the eyes, simply ditch them! 

12. Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali Set

Last but not the least is a beautiful karwa chauth thal set that you must buy beforehand for the rituals. Check out this pretty thal set that comes with embellished lota, glass, diya, and chalni that is decorated with golden stone and lace. 

Source Amazon


Final Thoughts

No matter what outfit, hairdo or accessory you pick for your karva chauth, it is going to be special because you’ll have the love of your life there by your side. So, to our brides who follow the tradition of keeping a karva chauth and even to the ones who don’t, we wish you only the best of everything and happiness for a lifetime! 


So, what all tips are you going to take from this blog? Do tell us in the comments section below!

Ultimate Checklist To Bookmark For Your Karva Chauth

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Ultimate Checklist To Bookmark For Your Karva Chauth