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When it comes to mehendi designs, brides are constantly looking for fresh designs and motifs without having to compromise on the beauty of mehendi designs. And, if you’re looking for a traditional, royal and elite bridal mehendi design, we’d like to recommend a classic motif that has been around for decades but has just now started getting a lot of attention from brides. Introducing elephant mehendi motifs and the best and most unique ones that real brides went with!

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Top Elephant Mehendi Motif Designs

Herd of Elephants

If like us you believe that elephants are majestic creatures and their design looks absolutely gorgeous, then why not opt for a mehendi design that consists of a herd of elephants!? You can have the herd together or have them spread out across your both arms and hands just like these real brides!

Royal Elephant Motifs

Elephants are one of the most royal creatures simply because in older times, maharajas and kings used to ride on them. Now naturally, everyone associates this animal with royalty. So, if you want a royal bridal mehendi, you have to have elephant motifs done on it. Add royal elements to your design to enhance the overall mehendi design!

Source Barbie IMA

Source Pinterest

A Single Elephant

Another great way to implement elephants in your bridal mehendi design is to simply opt for just a single elephant. You can decide whether you want a big design or a small design of an elephant but having one will give your mehendi a regal look. Oh, and instantly the design will become traditional thanks to the majestic animal!

Source Barbie IMA

Source Barbie IMA

Small Elephant Motifs

Another smart way to have your bridal mehendi stand out is by opting for not one not two but multiple small elephant motifs. You can go for the smallest size of elephant motifs so that the design doesn’t even look much and overall merges well with the other mehendi motifs. Scroll below and check out these real brides’ small elephant motifs!


How are you planning on implementing elephant motifs in your mehendi design? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

50+ Elephant Motif Mehendi Designs To Bookmark Now!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

50+ Elephant Motif Mehendi Designs To Bookmark Now!