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There may not be enough brides who religiously go by the myth- “The darker your mehendi, the more your husband will love you.” But they still like their mehendi to be pretty and dark. And why not? After all, it plays an equally important role in enhancing your wedding day look. Well, when it comes to the intricacy and detailing we can rely on the mehndi artist but there’s only little that we can do about the colour. Now since you don’t want to compromise on that, here are some simple ways that can help you darken your mehendi design

Tips to Darken Your Bridal Mehndi

1. Wash your hands before applying Mehndi

  • Wash your hands rigorously with soap before applying henna.
  • And then dry them up using a hand towel.
  • Ensure that you are not using any sort of moisturizer or cold cream after the wash as it prevents your skin from absorbing the mehendi fully, which also means you won’t get a deeper and darker colour.

2. Apply a good quality Eucalyptus oil 

  • After washing your hands, take a few drops of eucalyptus oil on your palms.
  • Rub them against each other.
  • Make sure you let the oil get absorbed WELL before you start with the henna application. 

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3. Let it on for as long as you can

  • We know how long of a process is to get your hands adorned with mehendi design. But since you have invested so much time in getting it done, don’t let it go to waste by removing it in an hour or two.
  • Let your bridal mehndi stay on your palms overnight if you want the colour to be dark.

4. Apply a generous amount of Lemon & Sugar

  • After your bridal mehendi is fully dried off, make a mixture of lemon and sugar.
  • Apply it on your hands with the help of a cotton ball without overdoing it. 
  • It might end up making your hands all sticky but it is worth the results.

Source Neha Assar

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5. Try Clove Smoke

Apart from the lemon and sugar mixture, one thing that works great in darkening the colour of your mehendi is the smoke produced from heated cloves. All you’ve got to do is:

  • Take a few cloves in an iron pan.
  • Turn on the heat and place your hands over the pan.
  • Keep them for as long as you can and remove only when your hands start to ache.
  • Repeat the same activity twice or thrice and see the results.

6. Apply Vicks or Tiger Balm

After you’ve given adequate time for the mehendi to dry overnight,

  • Scrap it off by rubbing both your hands against each other.
  • Once that is done, take a good amount of Vicks or Tiger Balm in your hands and rub it all over the design.
  • It is said that the heat from these balms acts as a colour enhancer to your mehendi.

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7. Use Mustard Oil or Pickle Oil 

  • Other than Vicks, you can also apply mustard oil or any other pickle oil on your hands.
  • It boosts the colour of the mehendi.

8. Wrap Your Dried Mehendi In Bandage

  • Protect your Mehendi from scraping off before you wake up by wrapping your hands in medical-grade paper tape once the mehendi has dried off completely. 
  • This trick ensures that your design stays in place and delivers the best stain.

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9.  Avoid washing your hands

  • Now that you have tried all the desi nuskhas, one thing that you’ve got to do is avoid bringing your hands in contact with water (at least for a day).
  • Water prevents the colour of the henna from penetrating within your skin. So, avoid it wherever you can.
  • This also means that you should avoid salon procedures like manicures, pedicures, or waxing as they may brush off the top layer of your mehendi.

10. Coat it with Chuna

  • If you want the darkest henna stain, you have to use a paste of chuna which is limestone powder mixed with water.
  • Once your mehendi is dry, scrape it off and apply a coat of Chuna and let it dry.
  • You can also apply mustard oil all over the design once the Chuna is dry to ensure a darker stain and moisturise your hands. 

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Quick Guide: 10 Easy Tips to Darken your Bridal Mehendi!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Quick Guide: 10 Easy Tips to Darken your Bridal Mehendi!