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Mehndi, an essential element of a bride's wedding look, carries deep cultural significance and is a cherished tradition. From flowy florals to symmetrical mandalas, every bride desires to adorn her hands and feet with beautiful and captivating mehndi designs. Well brides, to cater to this desire, we're here with some gorgeous and latest mehndi designs for your hands! 

You could go in for everlasting floral mehndi designs or something abstract and chic. Our favourites are personalised mehndi designs which capture the love story of a couple perfectly. Ultimately, it's thanks to the talented mehndi artists that we're spoilt for choices when it comes to bridal mehndi designs!  Each trend is equally remarkable and appealing, making it difficult to choose just one.

To help the selection process easier, we've gathered a collection of trending and unique mehndi designs for hands that you'll love. It showcases the top designs for the front and back of your hands, offering you a plethora of beautiful choices for your mehndi ceremony! 

Scroll through and make sure to save your favourites and be inspired by the artistry of these designs!




25 Latest Mehndi Designs For Full Hands

A Mix of Multiple Motifs

We love a mehndi design where the artist mixes various motifs like flowers, lotuses, peacocks, jaali etc into one to create a fantastic design!

Personalised Bride & Groom Portraits

Personalised mehndi designs are the best! They're a wonderful way to add a unique and meaningful touch to their wedding look. And this one with the bride and groom's portraits is superb!

Add Little Elephant Motifs

The elephant design is a popular and symbolic element in Mehndi designs. Incorporating an elephant motif in your mehndi design can add a touch of grace, elegance, and cultural significance.

Add Your Proposal To The Design!

Have a beautifully detailed mehndi design in mind? Well, one way to personalise your mehndi is by adding a silhouette of your proposal and for some extra cuteness, add your pup's portrait to it!

Add Your Doggos To Your Mehndi

Like we said before, adding your pet's portraits to your mehndi design for full hands is definitely a cute way to personalise it. Getting pet-themed mehndi designs can be a delightful way to showcase your love for animals, especially your beloved pets!

Lovin' This Romantic Design

Incorporate the initials of the bride and groom in the mehndi design. This can be done in a decorative way, such as intertwining the initials or creating an intricate monogram.

Immortalise Your Jaimala Moment

Your jaimala is a symbolic moment that is very important for your marriage. For a truly personalized touch, consider having a portrait of a jaimala ceremony created along with your mehndi designs. 

Mandala Designs For Full Hands Are The Best

Mandala mehndi designs are intricate and mesmerizing patterns inspired by the traditional geometric motifs found in mandalas. When placed in the centre and covered with various concentric patterns, the entire design looks breathtaking!

Lotus Motif Mehndi That's Gorgeous!

Combine the elegance of lotuses with the symmetry of jaali and peacock designs. Incorporate petals, leaves, and intricate patterns to create stunning lotus motif mehndi designs!

Uniquely Patterned Design

This bridal mehndi design for hands with different checkered patterns and a cute Mickey face on the wrists is so GORG!

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Heavenly Bunched Floral Designs

This unique bridal mehndi is undoubtedly one of the best mehndi designs for hands simply for its never-ending floral designs.

All The Bridal Mehndi Aesthetic Elements In One Design

We love how all the bridal mehndi elements like peacocks, lotuses, flowers and bride and groom portraits entwine so beautifully in this beautiful mehndi design for hands.

Floral Finesse!

The intricacy of this all-floral design with dark and light highlights lending it a definitive edge makes this bridal mehndi one of the trending mehndi designs for full hands.

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A Perfect Bridal Mehndi Doodle

Replete with personal elements like kids' and gods' portraits, hashtags and dates, this mehndi design is no less than a work of art.

This Bridal Mehndi Design Is A Treat To The Eyes!

Leafed jalidaar patterns, spiralling circles and a bridegroom portrait right in the centre of the heart formed by adjoining hearts set apart this enchanting mehndi from the rest.

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Lotuses & Roses Beautify This Bridal Mehndi

The way small and big lotuses and roses amp up this mehndi design along with doodle patterns, we want to get our hands etched with some mehndi RN!

Source Hiral Henna

A Gorgeous Mehndi Design For Hands

Circled designs with a huge scalloped edge defining the other half of the design with flowers and jaali, make this design stand out!

A Blend Of Flowers & Lines

This latest mehndi design for hands formed with flowy florals and geometric lines ending in pretty mandalas in perfect synchronicity is one helluva stunner design.

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Brimming With Mandalas & Criss-Cross Lines

Lines in checkered patterns further defined with mandala designs lend this trending mehndi design for full hands a unique edge.

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Little Spaces Add A Definitive Edge To Any Mehndi Design

This latest mehndi design for hands with leaves, lotuses and variably shaded areas in dark and light tones is brimming with a life of its own.

The Symmetry Of This Design Is Divine!

Right from the huge semi-circles and the lined bands to the shaded lotuses, the detailed intricacy of this trending mehndi design for full hands has us bewitched.

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Uniquely Designed Roses With A Finely Dotted Jaali

This mehndi design with super finely shaded roses in different ways with an even more finely done jaal at the back is so phenomenal.

The Symmetrical Peacocks Though!

This beautiful mehndi design for hands with geometric & free-flowing lines crowned with full peacocks is so magical.

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That Break Between The Wrist & The Forearm Is What Makes This One Unique!

Right from the symmetrical pattern, the floral shaded palms and tips and the intricate lines to the spacious gap in between, everything about this design is to die for.

Yet Another Remarkable Mehndi Design For Hands!

The way every aspect of a bridal mehndi design right from flowers, bootis, and jaals to dots and lines entwine with each other in this design, surely makes up for an exquisite one!

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23 Best Mehndi Designs For Back Hand

Adoring This Mandala Back Hand Design

For all the bride-to-be's out there, if you're a fan of mandalas but want something a little extra, then this design should be on your list!

We Love The Minimal Vines On This Hand

Red mehndi is not that common when it comes to bridal mehndi. However, we love it when bridal mehndi artists play with type and give us beautiful designs like this one full of leafy vines!

Mix The Mandala With Mehndi Bracelets

We love this back-hand mehndi design with a gorgeous mandala in the middle and long circles of mehndi designs styled as bracelets that cover the bride's forearms. 

An Intricately Designed Back Hand Mehndi Design

Can you believe the detailing of this bride's mehndi? The jharoka style patterns, mixed with leaves, flowers and jaali work make this pattern a stunner!

A Unique Mehndi Design For Your Fingers & Wrist

Talk about a mehndi design that looks like a piece of ornament! Amidst the gorgeous flowy bells, leaves, blooming florals and roses, certain minimal designs leave you awestruck. This design is an ideal example of that.

When Roses Look Pretty On Your Hands

Mehndi design enthusiasts are infusing the charm of rose motifs into mehndi designs in too many different & unique ways. If you too want to add a touch of roses to your mehndi, then go for a rose mehndi design.

Dot Your Fingers With Pretty Leaves

These chunky leaves look absolutely stunning as a neat Arabic mehndi design. The added string connected to the middle finger is just an added 'oomph' factor!

The Crescent Moon & Lantern Design Is Love!

From fingers covered in mehndi patterns to mini and big crescent moons, this mehndi design is an absolute beaut for all our bridesmaids out there!

Oh! The Beauty Shading Adds To This Design

The shading done in this mehndi design has us rooting for this mehndi artist for such skilled work of art.

Source Rose Mehndi

A Full-Blown Mandala Design Worth Bookmarking

Looking for something that would be perfect for your Karvachauth? Well, this mandala Mehndi design is definitely worth bookmarking. 

This Minimal Mehndi Design Is Perfect For Your Back Hands 

While we always help our brides with tons of henna designs, simple and very pretty semi-circle mehndi designs like these are worth pinning down!

A Charming & Latest Mehndi Design For The Back Of The Hands

With thick little leaves and dots, this mehndi design for back hands is one stunner of a design.

 A Full Backhand Of Intricate Floral Detailing!

This gripping and spellbinding mehndi design for brides with super fine detailing and phenomenal artwork is one of the best Arabic mehndi designs we’ve ever come across.

Source Nurahshenna

A Spectacular Take On Traditional Back Hand Bels

A dark and thick oversized rose bel with perfect shading throughout so elegantly adorns the hands and we can’t take our eyes off it.

What A Stunning Contemporary Design 

This uber-chic mehndi design for hands with geometric lines and adjoining patterns makes up for one of the latest mehndi designs for backhands.

The Charm If This Side-Swept Mehndi Design Is Unparalleled!

Marked with dotted edges followed by a scintillating floral design, the way the design ends on top with leafy ends, we’re all head over heels for this back-of-the-hand mehndi design.

Yet Another Modern Pattern

With designs on both sides of the backhand, the distinctive scalloped edges make for space perfectly lending the entire design an eye-pleasing look.

A Unique Jalidaar Pattern

This jaali pattern in the form of a bel with outlining floral design is a breath of fresh air!

Huge Flower Designs Combined With Checks

For an intricate checkered pattern and fine flowers like these, a backhand mehndi design of such detailing is bound to leave everybody in awe.

Mehndi Design With A Plethora Of Florals

An enchanting floral-themed mehndi with identical patterns on the fingers.

Source Ateeka

Identical Hands In Absolute Sync!

Etched with highly skilled precision, this latest mehndi design for back hands done in designer mandalas and lined designs on the fingers have us majorly crushing over it.

Encircling The Roses In An Edgy Way!

This backhand mehndi design with mandalas in the centre topped with pretty roses accompanied by a bracelet-style design on the wrists is oh-so mesmerizing.

The Charm Of Leafy Bels.

We love how the clustered flowers and circular patterns are so splendidly amped up with shaded leafy bells flowing vividly.


25 Mehndi Designs For Palms Only

Asymmetrical Delicate Patterns

A full coverage mehndi design for your palms done with dainty roses, small and elegant motifs & jaalidaar patterns.

Minimal Lotus Motif Mehndi With Jaali Patterns

A minimal design with lotus on your palms with intricate jaali patterns on your fingers is just the kind of design you need for your bestie's wedding.

A Unique Play Of Vines

Did someone say vines? Well, there can never be enough of dainty vines. And this design that leaves the lower palm and middle finger untouched, looks absolutely fabulous!

Dainty Semi-Circle Patterns

Ladies, if you're not saving this design, then what are you waiting for? Best known for its free-flowing trails and modern appearance, leaf mehndi design is probably one of the most beautiful and everlasting patterns to exist. Especially when those leaves are drawn as vines that intricately cover your fingertips and a part of the backside of your hand. It's less but so much more. 

Khafif Mehndi Designs Are All The Rage 

The Arabic word 'Khafif' means intricate, complex and tangled. Due to its unique pattern and style, many women use this style while applying patterned henna designs.

Half-Hand Mehndi Designs Always Look Stunning

This type of design requires extreme focus on the detailing and decoration of each motif. The results appear very dainty and delicate.

A Different Kind Of Arabic Mehndi Design

There's something about a lotus motif mehendi design that just makes the whole thing more appealing and the added tiny swastikas surely make the whole design auspicious. 

Floral Patches That Look Adorable

Floral bel designs are always the simplest yet the prettiest way to beautify your hands for the festive season. And if you're someone who wants to keep the henna to a minimum then this bel mehendi design is ideal!

An Exceptional Rose-Themed Mehndi Design

An all-decked-up pattern made with full-bloom roses, leaves, thin strokes and swirling patterns. 

Mix Curved Grids With Flowers For A Beautiful Mehndi Design

Pretty rose bootis adjoined together with leafy patterns that form a great mehndi design for brides!

The Neatness On This One Is Just Impeccable!

A simplistic yet beauteous mehndi design that can add oodles of charm to any bride's look.

The Intense Beauty Of This Design Is Beyond Compare

The beauty of Arabic mehendi designs is that they keep evolving as they embrace all the new elements that come with time. The beauty of the bold strokes of this heavy Arabic mehendi design does not match!

Let That Peacock Motif Shine!

Peacock motifs are a core part of the latest mehndi design, but this particular design has a full-fledged peacock drawn in the palm's centre. It definitely looks stunning!

Striking Design With A Personal Touch

This stunning mehndi design for hands with a swan pair, the wedding date and the city skyline etched in between a highly uniform design is way too admirable.

We're In Love With The Bewitching Symmetry Of This Design

Floral design and scallops forming a beauteous heart right in the centre are making this design a top mehndi design for front hands.

What A Skilled Work Of Art!

Amidst all the artistic lines and flowers, the huge shaded rose undoubtedly steals the show.

Stunning Use Of Dark & Light Highlights

What stunningly brims up this latest mehndi design for hands with life is the vivid use of darker strokes adding a definitive edge to the entire work.

A Highly Trending Mehndi Design For Full Hands

This mehndi design with the couple’s initials and hashtags along with beautifully drawn locations adds a charming personal touch to the mehndi design.

Roses, Leaves & Jaals Are A Scintillating Choice

We love how amidst the entire captivating design, the little roses drew throughout stand out clearly.

If You Brides Want To Go The Subtle Way

This minimal mehndi design for brides is just perfect for its simplistic lotus and swan pair motifs in the centre with intricate designs around.

A Magnetizing Design For The Sister Of The Bride

We simply adore the highlights and contours of this smiting mehndi design for hands.

Heavenly Minimalism

This minimal Mehndi design perfect for BFFs is so worth going crazy over. The subtlety of this mehndi design is so alluring.

A Charismatic Design For Mommy Darling!

This mehndi design is just perfect for your mommy’s flaunt-worthy hands. With lines, lotuses and circles doodled elegantly on the hands, this mehndi design will surely win some hearts.

Yet Another Mehndi Design For The Bride's BFFs

This Arabic mehndi bel is a great design for a kiddie’s hands too. Flowers, dotted ends and shaded areas mark this design with grace perfectly.

An Edgy Geometric Design

This eclectic bridal mehndi makes up for one of the top mehndi designs for front hands. With a checkered pattern, alternate lines and dotted lines, and a shaded circle in the corner, the newness of this top mehndi design for front hands is apar.


19 Unique Mehndi Design To Bookmark Now!

The Stars & Moon Never Looked This Pretty

When it comes to precious and charming mehndi designs, this one hits the ballpark. Dotted with stars on one hand and the phases of the moon on the other, this one's perfect for all the moon children out there!

Talk About Taking Lotus' To The Next Level

Unique doesn't even begin to cover this design. It's so pretty that we just cannot stop swooning over the beautiful lotuses.

Bookmark This Leafy Design With Delicate Petals 

Slay that perfect minimal bridal look as you choose such simple yet stunning mehendi designs for your wedding day just like these.

Source Henna Flows

A Standout Minimal Mehndi Design

This simple yet neat lotus motif mehendi design surely caught our attention and we are all eyes for these beauties. Mehendi designs with lotus motifs look breathtaking and here is proof of it.

An Ethereal Pattern Of Swirls & The Moon

When we say fairytale-like, this is the design everyone should be saving for sure. From the cloud-like swirling patterns to the half-moon design, this design is absolutely fabulous!

Source Emma Rose

Enchanting Blooms

Arabic mehndi designs are best known for being spacey! And this design is one such example with a lot of space and beautiful paisley and floral patterns.

Source Henna Flows

This Gorgeous Mehndi Design is Taking Our Hearts Away!

How about mixing the jaali pattern patterns with adorning swirls and leaves on the palms of your beautiful hands? Well, bridesmaids, pin this one for sure!

Source Henna Flows

An Extraordinary Calla Lily Design

Source Emma Rose

An Intricate Half-Hand Jaali Design

We're huge fans of jaali patterns in Mehndi. And when paired with the everlasting beauty of flowers, these half-hand mehndi designs look stunning. 

Source f.nhenna

Arabic Floral Mehendi Design

This Arabic mehndi design has an unparalleled eye-pleasing charm. It is unsurprisingly one of the most loved and sought-after kinds of mehndi designs among women of all ages. Whether it is a wedding or some festival, Arabic mehndi designs are apt for all sorts of occasions! 

Source nurahshenna

An Amazing Mix Of OTT & Minimalism

For brides who don’t like a full-hand mehndi design, having your design end in a spacious jaal pattern would add just the right amount of subtleness to it.

There Ain’t A Better Blend Of Dark & Light Highlights!

We love this latest mehndi design for hands simply for how the darker outlines and designs add an unimaginable depth to the entire design.

Include The Cutest Panda & Penguin In Your Bridal Mehndi

Is there anything prettier than a bridal mehndi with tiny doodles of a penguin and a panda? Take a look at this one from Amrita’s Henna!

How About A Love Quote In Your Mehndi?

Write some special for the love of your life in your mehndi on your special day to make it even more special for him.

Favourite Cartoon Caricatures Make Your Special Day Even More Beautiful 

Isn't this your favourite character-themed bridal mehndi, complete with the couple's names carved on the arms, absolutely stunning?

Source Divya Patel

Bridal Mehndi Design For The Bollywood Junkie!

If you happen to be as obsessed with the Hindi film industry as we are, you have to include these filmy elements in your mehndi.

This Identical Mehndi Design is Just Picture Perfect!

The same intricate design on both hands is not only bliss to the eye of looks amazing in pictures too.

The Neatness Of This Design Has Us Floored

Making this design one of the best mehndi designs for hands, the finesse, the peacock's tops and the scalloped patterns forming a heart in the middle are so amazing!

Floral All The Way With Unique Shaped Elements

We love how this beautiful mehndi design for hands stands out because of the diagonally flowing floral bel around the wrist with a space between the rest of the design.

Final Thoughts

With all the mehndi designs for your hands shown above,  we're sure this article left you wanting to try each one for yourself. Considering how every exquisite mehndi pattern for hands made us gasp in wonder, we're sure you're all smitten too. So, make sure you have your favourites saved before the next big wedding in town!


Saved your favourite Mehndi designs for hands yet? Check out our Instagram for more ideas!

Top 90+ Mehndi Designs For Hands

by Shivani Singh

Top 90+ Mehndi Designs For Hands