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The fun part about bachelorette parties is that you get to let loose and have a bash with your buddies before all the wedding stress takes over. It feels like a teenage sleepover but without supervision. And it's the job of the bridesmaids to put out the best going away party for their bestie. Bachelorette decorations, coordinated outfits, photo props, and fun games- all undeniably deserve your utmost attention while planning a bachelorette bash for your bridal birdie. However, the one delicious element that needs to be hashed out is the cake! Especially, when it can add a punch of naughtiness and induce endless waves of laughter. 

From naughty to nice, here are a few cakes ideas for our future 'Brides-to-be' that are sure to spice up any bachelorette party! 

Fun Bride-To-Be Cakes For 2022 Weddings

Cakes With A Desi Touch

Have you ever come across a desi cake that's just perfect for any bride-to-be? Well, if you're a bridesmaid and want to surprise the bride with something yummy yet gorgeously made with a traditional touch, then let these stunning cakes by Baketown Crush inspire you!

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Source Amina Jamil

Elegant Dress Shaped Cakes

One of our favourite kinda cakes are the ones that look sophisticated just like the bride. Whether it's made from sugary sweet fondant or whipped icing, these dress shaped bachelorette cakes are surely beautiful. 

Source Pinterest

Cakes That Tickle Your Funny Bone

From naughty to nice, there isn't a bachelorette cake that doesn't make us laugh! Whether your bride's the kind that parties till the break of dawn or one that isn't shy from some adult jokes, presenting her with a cake is the perfect joke for the night.

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Source Cotita Cake

One For The Makeup Lover

While we all love a little makeup here and there, some brides love bridal makeup and are passionate about it. And for these makeup-loving bridal birdies, these makeup themed cakes are the absolute best!

Source Zezi Cakes

When Art Meets Cake

When artistic finesse meets culinary skills, cakes like these are born! They're creative, they're luxurious and amazing. Plus, if you're a home baker then they're probably an easy task to handmade!

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Chic Bachelorette Cakes

Nothing beats a chic cake with minimal work. They're simple yet elegant and the right kind of cake for a small bachelorette party! You could choose a layered, high cake with lots of delicious cream on it, or something more ornate like a marbled cake design.

Source Pinterest

Source Meringa


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15+ Bride-To-Be Cake Ideas You Need To Bookmark Today!

by Shivani Singh

15+ Bride-To-Be Cake Ideas You Need To Bookmark Today!