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Dessert trends come and go, but nothing can ever replace the charm of a gorgeous, decadent wedding cake. And every wedding deserves a delicious cake that can satisfy them in both taste and style. Our favourite type of wedding cake is the kind that sets a statement and adds to the decor of the wedding.

Whether you're a bride that loves delicate flower wreaths, golden gildings or just a bunch of berries, there is a wedding cake design for you out there. There are endless ways to channel the sophisticated aesthetic of a wedding into a wedding cake through your favourite design.

That being said, here are 40 wedding cake designs that'll fit your wedding theme like a glove. Don't forget to bookmark your favourites!

Best 41 Best Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Upcoming Wedding

Bow Cakes

One of the most elegant kinds of cakes we've seen in the past few days is a pretty plain coloured cake with a gorgeous, elaborate bow on top. They're best for an intimate event where you don't have to go over the top but still manage to pull off a classy vibe.

Source Alcakemy

Cakes With Dry Flowers

Dried and pressed flowers are the new chic cake decoration. Dried flowers are the prettiest trend in everything right now and with good reason. They’re beautiful, and make your sweet treats much more pleasant and fragrant. Plus, they’re much more sustainable than using fresh flowers for decoration!

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Fruity Cakes

Gone are the times when you needed to conform to a certain style of cake for weddings. Now, your options are unlimited and one of those options include a rather fruity punch. Layer your cakes with fresh winter berries and fruits to make a lasting splash! Not only will this addition embellish your cake in the most beautiful, colourful way, it also adds a touch of creativity, thinking outside the box of the typical floral or fondant adornments.

Handpainted Cakes

There's a lot more to wedding cake than white fondant. While cutting and shaping fondant is one thing, painting a cake is proof of true cake artistry. These colourful cakes are detailed entirely by hand with either food colouring or coloured buttercream. Plus, their ideal for virtually any wedding style. If you're throwing a minimalist fête with a neutral colour palette, opt for tiers embellished only with tiny painted vines. Alternatively, pair your destination wedding's splashy hues and tropical themes with a two-tier illustrated with monstera leaves and flamingos. Whatever the party, one thing is certain: A hand-painted wedding cake will genuinely impress your guests!

Lush Sugar Flower Cakes

Who says your wedding cakes need real flowers to make an impact? Honestly, cake artistry has evolved so much that pastry chefs have come to a point where their handmade sugar flowers resemble the real thing. Although they're pricier than fresh flowers, handmade sugar flowers do look like a million bucks on a cake. Sugar flowers neither wilt nor can they contaminate the food which is a risk with fresh flowers. So, if your go-to wedding cake is a floral one, we suggest you look for someone who can give you sugar flowers.

Source Pavani Kaur

Source Pavani Kaur

Source Cake Ink

Source Cake Ink

Mini Cakes

If you love cake but aren't crazy about the traditional tiered confections that are so often served at weddings, you might want to consider downsizing. Offering mini cakes at your weddings is a great idea for they mimic the real thing, but the amount served with each cake is about the same portion of dessert a person would get from a traditional slice. The pros to these teeny tiny treats are limitless, but we just have to say this: They're arguably cuter than any dessert we've ever seen before!

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Source Amy Oboyle

Source Esme Franco

Rustic Naked Cakes

Easily recognized by the absence of or minimal frosting, rustic naked cakes are one of the most popular choices for wedding cakes. They're especially great if you're a couple that does not enjoy a lot of frosting over the cakes but prefers just the right amount.

OTT Wedding Cakes That Are Awe-Inspiring

Certain cakes will leave your jaw hanging with their splendour. Such OTT cakes outshine everything at a wedding irrespective of their size. These cakes are perfect for a big fat Indian wedding that'll get people excited with just one look!

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Simple Yet Elegant Wedding Cakes

There's absolutely no doubt that a traditional wedding cake will take your breath away, irrespective of its size or the number of tiers it has. A classic white wedding cake has been around for decades and its simplicity and sophisticated elegance is the ideal fit for any wedding celebration. After all, they're fancy for all the right reasons.

Some Terrific Single Tiered Cakes 

Honestly, with intimate weddings, the trend of the season, having a huge, three-tiered cake for a small gathering can seem a bit frivolous to some. Thus, choosing a single tier cake for small celebrations is just the right move on your part. And who says that these cakes should be any less extravagant than their larger counterparts?

Source Cake Ink


So brides, which extravagant cake are you going to go with for your wedding? Head to our Instagram page and tell us! 

41 Beautiful Wedding Cakes To Inspire You For Your 2022 Wedding

by Shivani Singh

41 Beautiful Wedding Cakes To Inspire You For Your 2022 Wedding