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Let's be real, when we talk bachelorette parties, we don't mean sangria sips with chipotle and chips. They're all about saucy talks and naughty gyaan for the to-be-bride and don't you dare disagree!

We know, we know the bachelorette bash is the MOOSSSTTT awaited pre-wedding party for every bride-to-be and her bridesmaids as it is the last toast to singlehood for the bride and night-long of raunchy gossips about anything and everything. *wink wink* Well, that’s very much why we keep coming up with bachelorette ideas! Be it giving you a full plan on how to plan a bachelorette party or telling you where to buy decoration supplies from or featuring real bachelorette parties to give you freshly-baked inspiration–our blog section has it all.

Today, we drift your attention to the mandatory raunch stuff that every bachelorette bash must boast of! Is it even a bachelorette party if the girls do not have some dirty fun? So, we jot down some of the most amazing ways to make a bachelorette naughtier and sexier. The below-listed ideas will surely elicit endless giggles and turn the night into an unforgettable memory.

P.s. This blog is unapologetically indecent & we're not sorry! Btw, this is a disclaimer for the innocents.

Naughty Bachelorette Party Ideas 

1. Double Meaning Trivia

To begin with, here's a hilarious questionnaire game that will have everyone in splits. Let the guesses go as wild as possible, and see if there is any pure soul among you all who can guess the decent answers of these dirty questions.

2. A Notorious Cake

Cake cutting ceremony is a ritual that you simply CANNOT miss. To make things kinkier, surprise the bride-to-be with a raunchy cake! Also, check out our immensely loved blog on bachelorette cake ideas. ;)

3. Raunchy Decor Supplies

Of course, there is gonna be some decoration to set the vibe right for the bachelorette bash. But wait, it is definitely incomplete without some naughty decor supplies. Hence, make sure you score some to keep the naughtiness level high!

Source Pinterest

4. Bra Pong

Any bachelorette night is incomplete without some uber-fun games. So here is the most popular bachelorette game that never fails to add a dose of sexiness to the girls' night. Just get some of the vibrant bras and etch them to cardboard or a wall with double-sided tapes. Get small balls or boob-shaped balls (from Amazon or any other portal) and have your own rules. For example, whosoever fails to throw the ball in a bra has to reveal her secret sexual fantasy or an encounter.

Source Pinterest

5. The Naughty Jenga

You can also buy this super fun Naughty Jenga game in which each wooden log is imprinted with naughty daring tasks. *Fun Guaranteed*

6. Drink If

This is another perfect game for your boozy buddies! This game is a lot like 'Never Have I Ever' but with a twist. One person has to read a sentence like 'Drink if you have ever made out with a stranger' or 'Drink if you are wearing a necklace', etc. Let your wild minds run and be ready to know the dankest secrets of your clan.

Source Pinterest

7. Drop your Panties

Hey hey hey...don't pay much attention to the name, nobody is asking you to take off your undies. It is a game where the bride tries to identify her bridesmaids via their lingerie. So, each person brings a pair of panties which they think best describes their personality. All the panties are kept in front of the bride and then it is her job to identify which panty belongs to whom!

8. How well do you know the bride

It is a bachelorette party and you oughtta make the bride-to-be feel special! And what better than playing 'How well do you know the bride'? A list of questions printed on a paper is handed over to the bridesmaids. You can either ask decent questions or go totally spicy. Take a cue from the images below. *We suggest you opt for a blend of decent as well as raunchy questions*

Source Etsy

Source Pinterest

9. Ex Charades

In this hilarious game, the bridesmaids have to impersonate one of the bride's ex-boyfriends or crushes. It will be damn fun when everyone starts guessing!

10. Dirty Pictionary

Now, this is the game in which you have to draw the kinkiest stuff ever. Split into two teams and make sure each team has a pen and papers. Each team will nominate one person to draw first and the team has to guess the word she is drawing. Here are some of the best word suggestions for the dirty Pictionary: blow job, missionary position, dogging, orgasm, G-spot, bondage, etc. 

11. Dicky Stickies

When it is your bachelorette night, nothing can be not naughty! Here's a crazier version of your regular dare games which is obviously totally relevant for a bachelorette night.

Source Amazon


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11 Fun & Naughty Ideas for an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party!

by Medha Chawla

11 Fun & Naughty Ideas for an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party!