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Sweet, delicate and the perfect way to end every and any wedding celebration, cakes have become an integral part of weddings. In fact, gorgeously decorated wedding cakes have become the star elements of every new beginning. However, as times have changed, so have weddings. This means spending lavishly on large, luxurious cakes is not exactly feasible. Especially when weddings have begun shrinking from large sizes to more intimate settings. 

Fortunately, there are many delectable and budget wedding cake alternatives available that will keep the saccharine levels of your event high! The list is basically endless, when it comes to desserts, however, it is important to know which would suit a wedding celebration. 

Want us to list you a few sugary delights perfect for your wedding? Scroll down to find out!

Best Wedding Cake Alternatives For Small Weddings

1. Bite-Sized Cakes

When it comes to answering the question of what to use instead of wedding cake at a wedding, one of the best alternatives is mini, bite-sized cakes! Pretty on the eyes and heavenly on the palate, mini cakes are perfect as you can order them by the number which would help avoid wastage of food, which is one of the biggest concerns surrounding the wedding industry. They're single-serve cakes, which are just enough to add that touch of sweetness to your event. 

2. Cupcakes

Speaking of more mini cakes, cupcakes are the ideal way to replace a large wedding cake. Plus, gorgeously decorated cupcakes are the perfect way to add to your wedding decor aside from regular flowers and drapes! These mini treats aren't just the perfect sugary delight, but will definitely add the ideal essence of scrumptiousness to your food menu.

3. Donuts

As much as people round their eyes on the presence of doughnuts anywhere except for a donut joint, there's no denying that everyone loves donuts. Doughnut walls are the new fad at weddings, and we're not one to say no to these. Having various kinds of doughnuts will help you add a variety of flavours to your menu table, which means there's more for everyone!

4. Waffles

Source Pinterest

Who says no to a plate of waffles drizzled with chocolate sauce, maple syrup and some berries!? I mean, we're already screaming a big 'yay! Do you know our favourite kind of waffles at a wedding? A large stack of them placed in the place of a cake! A waffle cake is just the perfect aesthetic to add to your wedding food table. And instead of just cutting it, you can start by pouring a dollop of maple syrup on this stack of waffles!

5. Cake Pops!

Source Pinterest

cake pop is a form of cake styled as a lollipop. Initially created to use up all the leftover cake to avoid wastage, these tiny treats have become sort of a bakery and dessert shop delicacy. And they're something that you can to the menu table whether you have a cake or not. That's how much people love cake pops. They're something that people can just pick and eat while strolling, which makes them quite handy. 

6. Cakesicles

After cronuts and duffins, popsicle-inspired cakesicles are set to take a bow on the dessert platter. These bites of cake heaven on an ice cream stick have caught the fancy of all and wedding caterers are all set to roll them out with your menu to replace a large cake. Combining the goodness of cake, with melted chocolate and cute or chic decorations, cakesicles should definitely be on your list.

7. Cookies

[1] Source Martha Stewart Weddings [2] Source Pinterest

Cookies have been a part of wedding menus for quite a while now. Whether brides choose them to be added to their wedding favours or whether couples choose to roll them out as part of their dessert platters, no one can deny the charm of a cookie on a table. Now, you can either go for the beautifully decorated sugary delights or you can opt to create a stand full of various flavours of the same, the choice is yours!

8. Pancakes 

Source Pinterest

Never knew a stack of pancakes topped with a generous amount of maple syrup or honey could act as the perfect wedding cake alternative until we saw these beauties! In fact, pancakes are the closest you can get to recreating a large cake! You can either go for the amazing pancake cake or you can have a live station that whips out pancakes for your guests fresh! And don't forget to add the various condiments that are ideal for a pancake platter. 

9. Mini Pies

Out of the many ways you can serve this English delicacy at your wedding, one way is to shrink them into bite-sized snacks and stack them on a platter for the guests to enjoy. With pies, the best thing is that you have so much fruity variety to choose from that everyone would love to grab a bite of these mini pies. 


So which out of these sugary delights are you going to keep at your wedding? Head to our Instagram page and tell us! 

9 Wedding Cake Alternatives That You Can Consider For Your Intimate Wedding

by Shivani Singh

9 Wedding Cake Alternatives That You Can Consider For Your Intimate Wedding