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Your BFF bride-to-be just popped the most beautiful question, ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ and your knees understandably trembled in anxiety and heart rushed with joy! But hey, being a bridesmaid means heck loads of responsibilities. Right from taking care of the bride to running around while looking gorgeous at the same time - duties of a bridesmaid are endless. As soon as you take on this badge of honor, it becomes your utmost duty to pull off a dreamy wedding that your BFF bride has always dreamt of.

Whether you’ve been a bridesmaid before or not, here’s the ultimate duties checklist that’ll surely help you avoid the last panic on your BFF’s wedding.

Checklist of Bridesmaids Duties

On the Wedding Day

Follow-up with the Makeup & Hair Artists: This goes without saying that being a bridesmaid, you gotta be the bride’s manager and keep a keen check on important things like why is the makeup-hair artist not here yet? Following up with the hair and makeup artists and making sure they are on time should be your foremost duty on the wedding day!

Cross-check the stuff while leaving from the salon: If the bride will get ready in a salon, ensure that you are not leaving anything important at the salon before leaving for the wedding.

Take care of her Mobile Phone: Hardly any bride prefers carrying her mobile phone to the stage or during the pheras. But, she is most likely to drop somewhere amid the D-day hustle and bustle. So, one bridesmaid should be assigned to keep the bride’s phone with her.

The Groom’s welcome tray: Apart from fetching the Entry Shagun from the groom, you should also be concerned about his welcome. So, be ready with the mandatory ‘Aarti Ki Thaali’ and a fancy tray with scissors for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to avoid last minute panic.

Help her pee: Clad in a heavy bridal ensemble, it is understandable that she can’t do it by herself! Also, once on the stage, the bride might not get free anytime soon for a pee break. Hence, it is better you make sure that she pees minutes before walking down the aisle.

Bridal Entry Song: Gone are the days when we just had one quintessential song for the bride’s entry. Every bride has her own song preference for the entry moment! Make it a point that the DJ has that song and plays it when sure BFF Bride enters. Refer to this blog for a list of newest and trending bridal entry songs

Bride Survival Kit: Keep a Bride Survival Kit handy to deal with sudden bridal mishaps. Right from a  headache, break in the hook of jewellery to the unsettling of the bride’s dupatta - you can conquer it all with a Bridal survival kit. Check out this blog to see what all a bridal survival kit contains.

Is her makeup on point?: It is a bridesmaid’s utmost duty to be the bride’s personal mirror and ensure that her makeup and hair are on fleek all the time. Also, make sure bridey’s makeup is not messed up before she heads on for the Pheras. Be her ‘touch-up makeup artist’ for that matter! :P

Take care of her hunger pangs: Being an ideal bridesmaid, keep the bride sane by feeing her yummy snacks and slipping in the wine that you’re drinking. Don’t keep her hungry till the main dinner that usually takes place in the wee hours.

Extra set of keys to the Bride’s room: Keep an extra set of keys to the bride’s room for any sort of bride’s needs. Do not rely on the bride’s chacha’s son who might disappear with the keys.

Duties during the Pheras: Be with the bride near the mandap to help her with basic things like placing the dupatta, adjusting the cancan under the lehenga and dusting off the excessive sindoor.

Next day essentials: Prepare a proper bag for the bride that will contain all sort of essentials she will need after her Vidaai. Right from the outfit she will slip into after taking off the lehenga to the matching jewellery, basic makeup products, her phone’s charger, and a simple footwear - put it all in that bag. Also, make sure it has been transported to her in-laws' house.

Before the wedding day

Hey girls, sorry to prick the bubble but your responsibilities do not start on the wedding day only! It is a tedious planning that results into a dreamy wedding. So, here are a few duties you must do before the actual wedding day for your BFF bride. 

Attend wedding exhibitions: Visit all the bridal exhibitions and wedding fairs with her and help her make wise decisions.

Attend vendor meetings with her: Be it the photographers, mehendi artists or the makeup artists - attend all vendor meetings with her so that if she panics later, you can handle the situation with calmness.

Accompany her for shopping: Do we even need to say this? Right from buying lingerie, makeup to her lehenga - she will need you by her side. Also, when she is going shopping with her in-laws', DO ACCOMPANY HER!

Manage the Sangeet night performances: Being a bridesmaid also means being a manager. So, make it a point that Sangeet performances go smooth. You can keep a print of all songs and sequences along with who all are performing on them.

Pinterest Board and Whatsapp Group: Keep pinning all the ideas on the Pinterest board and create a WhatsApp group of the entire girl clan so that the bride is never short of ideas.

Strategize for Joota Chhupai: Amid so many tedious tasks, don't miss out on the fun part! You cannot not win this fun ritual, hence build a proper strategy with the girl gang beforehand. Also, here are some legit tricks to win the Joota Chhupai Rasam.  

Be her cheerleader: Make sure she doesn't miss out on any fun during her wedding revelries. Encourage her to dance and cheer for her when she performs.

Keep’em outfits organized: Take up the duty to keep her makeup, jewellery, outfits, footwear, and other accessories ready for every occasion.

Cross-check appointments with all the vendors: Cuz, following up is always better than last moment fuss.

Be with her during mehendi application: Since her hands would be laden with mehendi, she will need you to scratch her nose, flip her hair, set her falling dupatta and what not. Also, it will be better for you to get the mehendi applied a day before her mehendi ceremony so that you can help your BFF bride properly.

Make sure her mehendi colour is pitch dark: Prepare the lemon-sugar mixture for the bride's mehendi and help her follow henna darkening tips for her bridal mehendi.

Be her mental support: Be a great listener, calm her wrecking nerves when she panics and just be there with her to provide her mental support. Consider this as your most important duty! You sure don't want your girl to be stressed out on the most important day of her life.

Last but not least, distribute these duties among all the bridesmaids. Dance your hearts out and just SLAY on your BFF's/Sister's wedding! 


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Bridesmaids Duties Checklist to Pull off your BFFs Wedding like a PRO

by Medha Chawla

Bridesmaids Duties Checklist to Pull off your BFFs Wedding like a PRO