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While planning your BFF bride's fun bachelorette party, one thing you are most likely to skip is the CAKE! Bachelorette decorations, coordinated outfits, photo props, and fun games undeniably deserve your utmost attention while planning a bachelorette bash but the cake should not be missed out either. Especially, when it can add a punch of naughtiness and induce endless waves of laughter. Didn't get us? Ummm..well we are talking about naughty adult cakes that are MUST have at any bachelorette party. After all, what's a bachelorette bash without some kinkiness? So, to make the much-awaited bachelorette party a bit more happening and uncensored, here we suggest some of the latest bachelorette cake ideas.

But hey, naughtiness apart, cake cutting is synonymous to embarking on a new journey! So, as your bride BFF drops her bachelorhood and is set to enter the new phase of her life, you must have a cake to mark the joyous beginnings. In case you don't wanna leave her agape with a kinky cake, we have enlisted decent bachelorette cake ideas as well. 

Bachelorette Cake Ideas

1. When the bride can't contain her excitement!

Source ChocoLock

2. Looking for beautiful bachelorette cake ideas? Check this one out! 

3. A cutesy personalised bachelorette cake

4. 'The last fling before the ring' cakes are a great choice too!

4. No more casual hookups with random guys now! *Game Over*

5. The alcoholic brides would relate to it! :p

6. The switch from Miss to Mrs!

7. The one with an intended pun!

8. For the every makeup-junkie bride ever!

Source Zezi Cakes

9. An oh-so-gorgeous and elegant bachelorette cake

10. Last shot before the knot!

11. Lastly, the most outrageous ones! :P


Tag your girl gang to finalize the cake design, in the comments section below!

15+ Bachelorette Cake Ideas for an Uncensored Bachelorette Party!

by Medha Chawla

15+ Bachelorette Cake Ideas for an Uncensored Bachelorette Party!