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Best Wedding Planners in Thiruvananthapuram

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Wedding Planners in Thiruvananthapuram


One of the top 10 wedding locations in India is Kerala. Many people have been drawn to and fascinated by Kerala because of its rich cultural legacy. Kerala is among the top travel destinations due to its natural beauty, which includes crystal-clea...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Planners on WeddingBazaar

Karthika2 months, 1 week, 5 days, and 14 minutes ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  kalwe

"As I sit down to pen my thoughts, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the extraordinary journey Kappturelights has gifted us. Choosing the Kohinoor Elite category was the best decision we made for our wedding. The photography, an enchanting dance of artistry, immortalized our cherished moments. The decor, a dreamscape brought to life, surpassed our wildest imagination. The catering, a symphony of flavors, was a feast for the senses. Kappturelights orchestrated our day with meticulous planning and warm professionalism, all seamlessly within our budget. To me, Mrs. Karthika, Kappturelights wedding experience isn't just a service or experience; it's a curator of dreams, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for an experience that transcends expectations. I also have to thank the Photography team who made us feel that our wedding was happening in heaven filled with joy while going through the pictures they've captured. Especially i thank Photographer Mr. Surya for guiding me to pose during the shoot sessions."

...See More

Kiran3 months, 1 week, 7 hours, and 28 minutes ago

★ 5.0

First off all the tood quality was amazing and very nice quantity, and also mentioned the management was well experienced. The staffs are very energetic. In overeall we can see the professionalism. Its a value for one

...See More

SALIHA3 months, 1 week, 8 hours, and 15 minutes ago

★ 5.0

After meeting with Salt and Pepper there was this sense of understanding of their approach to all our ideas and a great amount of guidance towards making my dream wedding happen as I had imagined. The team planned and designed the entire destination wedding leaving all of us with beautiful memories to keep forever.

...See More

Visakh3 months, 1 week, 8 hours, and 15 minutes ago

★ 5.0

Salt and Pepper had designed my destination wedding and we had a memorable experience overall. Their ideation and creative thought process were simply gorgeous. We liked the ideas they proposed for each ceremony and the way the designs were implemented, was marvelous!

...See More

Latest Wedding Planning Ideas

Hire Wedding Planners in Thiruvananthapuram

The Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, the backwaters of Poovar and Anchuthengu, and its Western Ghats tracts of Ponmudi and the Agastyamala make Thiruvananthapuram a popular tourist destination. Trivandrum offers several options for weddings, including destination weddings, banquet hall weddings, hill station weddings, palace weddings, etc. Your decision is yours. The help is brought to you by the wedding bazaar. The top Wedding Planners in Thiruvananthapuram who can best meet your specific requirements will get in touch with you and provide several quotations. Before making a reservation, you may talk to them and assess their services.

Types of Wedding Planning

It takes a lot of effort to organize a wedding, but hiring a planner is a certain method to reduce your workload so you can keep your attention on the goal: getting married. If you're curious about what a wedding planner does, read on. ", a lot is the answer. However, not every planner follows the same procedures, even if they all have the same fundamental duties (such as ensuring that your wedding goes off without a hitch). We've compiled a list of the characteristics that distinguish each sort of wedding planner as well as the advantages of selecting each.

Full-Service or All-Inclusive

For couples that want step-by-step direction and a professional voice from the beginning, a full-service wedding planner is recommended. This planner oversees all aspect of the event, from the flowers to the location, and they assist in making vendor reservations, creating timelines, and organizing the visitors. These wedding planners in thiruvananthapuram are the all-inclusive ones. Perfect for people who lead hectic lives and lack the time to concentrate on or fret about wedding planning.

Day-Of Coordinator

A day-of coordinator will meet with their customers several times before the wedding to develop a strategy, but their primary duty is to supervise everything that happens on the wedding day itself – nothing else. Consider them to be the equivalent of the friend or family member who offers to "run" things on your wedding day (which isn't necessarily a good idea). A day-of coordinator's duties often involve welcoming suppliers and showing them to their designated locations, overseeing the setup and teardown of the wedding décor, providing assistance to the wedding party as required, and making sure that the day is as on-time as possible. You will be in charge of organizing the wedding and finishing up any loose ends on your own before the big day.

Month-Of Planner

Even if a couple plans to handle the most of the planning themselves, they should still think about hiring a month-of planner to assist reduce stress when things become hectic. In the days and weeks preceding a wedding, month-of planners are experts at stepping in to address any unanticipated hiccups. They may also assist with other last-minute tasks that need to be completed, such as arranging deliveries at what will probably be the busiest period of your engagement, completing vendor payments, and final contract discussions.

Wedding Weekend Coordinator

A wedding weekend organizer is necessary to make sure everything runs properly for couples who have many days of celebrations planned and a big number of guests to keep track of. He or she will be in charge of planning the actual wedding day but can also help with welcoming guests and planning any events that are not related to the wedding, such the rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch.

Destination Wedding Coordinator

For couples organizing a wedding from a distance, a destination wedding consultant is essential. It's great to have a dependable expert there in your place or someone who is highly knowledgeable with preparing weddings in your destination when you and your fiancé(e) can't easily visit your wedding venue. When you can't be there in person, a destination wedding coordinator may assist you in finding locations, meeting with vendors, and getting a firsthand account of everything. Additionally, they'll let you know about pertinent, locally relevant facts that you might not be aware of, such as weather trends, local events, travel advice, and local traditions.

Vendor Scouting and Referrals

Aside from establishing your timeline for the wedding day and replying to all the emails you sent during one of your late-night email frenzys, what else does a wedding planner do? Even if you don't plan to use an event planning company's services on a full-time basis, many of them will provide couples expert opinions and guidance. The coordinators can go through your wedding contracts, go with you when you tour the site, or recommend other providers. Event planners have a wide network of business contacts, including florists and rental firms, so this is a fantastic way to meet some of the finest in the industry!

Á la Carte

Since no two weddings are ever precisely the same, some wedding planners let their customers make their own à la carte wedding planner service lists and waive any extras. Couples with a tight budget who yet want expert advice in some areas may find that creating a unique planning package is a fantastic solution.

What to remember while hiring Wedding Planners

The importance of using a wedding planner to assist with your planning is crucial! The top wedding planners can advise you on what your location should have to offer, what type of clothing to choose, what flavors to put in your cake, how to make your own flowers, and more! Additionally, you may get their advice on the ideal locations, the finest invitation wording, the calendar of activities, and how to handle your visitors! Making sure your planner has expertise providing the services you'll need is the most crucial factor to take into account.


Ask your wedding planner about their expertise in the field and how long they have been in the company rather than how many weddings they have planned before entrusting any wedding planning service. To make sure they are the ideal fit for you, try to find out how many years of experience they have in their field, go over their portfolio, or request recommendations or testimonials.


It's a positive sign if the wedding planner you adore has an outstanding client list and excellent references if you're considering a destination wedding. But what matters most is that they are aware of your preferences and understand what you want on your special day. It's better to choose this path rather than attempting to organize everything yourself because all the specifics should be consistent, even if you're dealing with many vendors.


You can tell if a wedding planner is the best fit for your needs by finding out how they select their providers. If you engage a wedding planner to handle your big day, you'll also have access to a vast network of other experts because wedding planners typically have good contacts with other business people. Learn the selection criteria they employ when looking for new vendors, as well as how they determine which ones are the greatest fit for you.


If the wedding planners you are considering have a full calendar and cannot attend your wedding on the day you select, you don't want to waste your time or their time. Let them know if there is a date that works for you and another that will suffice in an emergency or even be preferable because of things like seasonality so they can see if it fits into their calendar.


You want to be able to speak with someone who can help you design the wedding of your dreams and who has vision and expertise. Inquire about the services they can offer you on your special day. This can help you save time and determine whether the wedding planner is right for you. An excellent wedding planner will comprehend your needs and assist you in making decisions about the crucial aspects, allowing you to concentrate on the enjoyable aspects.


If a wedding planner can work within your budget, that is one of the key qualities to look for. It would be wise to have previously decided how much you intend to set aside for your forthcoming event before meeting with a prospective wedding planner. Discuss your budget with the event planner so they can determine if they can make the event happen within it. Early on in the process, this discussion is essential since it will enable both parties to reach an understanding on their collaborative work and prevent major surprises.

What will the procedure for paying vendors be?

It's important to clarify this information right away. You must pay your wedding planner for all services that they arrange or service providers that they bring to your wedding if you want them to manage the scheduling and payment of your suppliers. The beautiful thing about this kind of preparation is that by delegating the research to someone else, it saves the couple time and effort.

Connecting couples with organizations or companies they believe would suit nicely at their event is another sort of preparation approach. This kind will be more interested in getting to know you personally than in finding you a vendor because it may depend on a number of elements that are directly relevant to what you're searching for (e.g., catering, etc.)

What to discuss your Wedding Planner?

Weddings need a lot of time. To establish the appropriate bar for a wedding among your friends, you must first have a defined budget, a board full of inspiration for the décor, and a tonne of fresh ideas. However, a planner is mostly needed to establish the proper mood. But how can one actually locate the ideal candidate? How can you be sure a person you've met through a large number of recommendations is the correct one for you? Ask your wedding planner these questions.

1. Do you prefer to coordinate events or do you prefer to decorate?

There are two different categories of planners. Those who were decorators who later became planners—those whose main concern is still aesthetic—do both logistics and décor. The others are in charge of the planning and logistics but contract out the decor. Choose one in accordance with what is most essential to you. Most likely, outsourcing will be used for at least one of these teams.

2. Have you ever organized weddings for people with my background?

Indian wedding preparations often center on customs that vary not only from state to state but also, quite literally, from caste to caste. Telugu wedding experts won't be unfamiliar with all the details surrounding one.

3. How much does the typical wedding you arrange cost?

We're all aware of how Indians tend to drag out transactions to the very last minute before surprising you. Inform the planner up front that you have a limited budget and that you can only go so far. No, you are not going over your budget at any time. There will unavoidably be additional expenses and fees, therefore you don't want to keep making it bigger upfront. However, make sure of two things: first, if the planner is pricey and you really, really want them, ask them to help out a little bit with the wedding to save costs. Two, the cost of your wedding planner should preferably range between 10 and 20 percent of the total expenditure. Don't go over it! What about their costs—do they have a set rate? Do overhead expenses exist? Write down everything you can!

4. What is your USP? 

Although it's a straightforward query, it may truly help you understand the individuals you are forming a relationship with. Even if you two could be eccentric, if your wedding planner mostly works on lavish royal weddings, he wouldn't comprehend why you would want a hangover kit in your drink. Kapisch?

5. Which of your planned weddings was the most stunning or distinctive?

Learn more about the topics and concepts that were used, as well as what made it special. Additionally, it aids in gaining insight into the planner's customers and personal style.

6. The number of weddings they have organized?

Experience is a valuable asset. That also implies fewer inexperienced errors. Simply pick a person who is well-versed in the industry. So that you can see the style and concepts, ask them to show you their most recent wedding.

What types of services do they provide?

We all have friends who had fantastic planners who later discover that they overpaid the hotel for things like flowers when they could have simply included them in the planner cost. Ideal would be a thorough breakdown of all they provide. If you prefer, do they only conduct one-day planning? Can you choose which of their services you want to use to cut costs? So that you are clear, pat down their services. Will they offer us a breakdown of how the money will be distributed when we give them our budget? Ask!

8. Have you previously worked at my site and location?

Planning a wedding is all about the venue and the modifications you may make to it. So get a planner who is used to the area. Someone who won't bombard you with inquiries about windows, backgrounds, and plug points. Additionally, your planner will have a greater awareness of laws, restrictions, and suppliers allowed to work if they have previously arranged weddings at the venue.

9. How do you prepare for inclement weather?

They are absolutely not the ideal people for you if they don't immediately think of a plan B. To cover all bases, they require a backup. They must be aware of the best remedies for each and every issue. You'll be able to tell if they are blathering or bullsh*tting. If they have ever had a wedding disaster, ask them how they handled it. Your bargain will be sealed by their response!

10. Provide specifics. How many meetings are scheduled? How many days are necessary? How quickly can work be completed? Do we use the phone or email to communicate?

You must first be aware of your communication style. You need to be aware of whether they are on board with your plans and your recurring checks through meetings, emails, and skype conversations. You need everyone on board since it is clear that you are hands-on. You don't want your calls to be transferred, your emails to go unanswered, or your skype invitations to go unanswered. You need someone who is passionate about planning a calendar. The most crucial question is if they will safeguard your thoughts and possessions rather than employing them immediately after you leave a meeting for another wedding.

11. Are they tight about utilizing their own suppliers or are they okay if you can bring in folks you like? What about hiring additional professionals for the wedding, like florists or tailors?

Of course, planning is their profession, but if they hired your cousin who is a florist for the wedding or a tailor you are confident will deliver, you could adore the wedding planner even more. Although the chances may be minimal, you can still employ friends and your planner should be transparent about these guidelines. Set them up in advance so you'll know who to invite and how to do so while planning.

12. How many members of your team are you expecting to attend?

Even some of the most opulent planners may have extremely tiny teams, or on the other hand, many superfluous team members and interns. There should be at least a couple of the team's senior members present, depending on the size of your gathering.

Which venues can you help us save money at?

Numerous planners have agreements with venues that allow them to provide some fairly amazing pricing. Don't forget to inquire about their available venues and confirm with the location that their prices are, in fact, the lowest available.

How does wedding bazaar help in hiring the Best Wedding Planners in Thiruvananthapuram?

For you and your family, WeddingBazaar functions as a kind of magic wand that fulfils all of your wedding-related fantasies while eradicating any issues or last-minute challenges that may otherwise turn your happy day into a sad one.

You may maximize the use of your wedding budget plan with the help of WeddingBazaar wedding planners. Wedding event planners are experts who are well-versed in the field. Everything from the location, to the decorations, to the presents, to the dress, etc., is valued correctly in their eyes. Wedding planners may balance your budget based on your preferences and demands. And in fact, when you have a wedding planner who knows what they're doing, even little decisions might result in significant expenses.

Whether you want a simple, conventional wedding or a destination wedding at your dream location, our featured wedding planners in Coimbatore will offer you end-to-end options. WeddingBazaar, one of the top websites for finding local businesses, will help you get in touch with more than 190 vetted and reliable wedding event planners who can accommodate any budget with quality services. They'll manage every detail of your wedding day exactly as you'd hoped.

Mistakes to avoid while hiring the Best Wedding Planners in Thiruvananthapuram

You may expect a wild ride when you start arranging your wedding. When it comes to choosing wedding providers, there are several options available. Before making a choice, you must switch between vendor listings and examine a variety of factors.

Here's a little assistance from our end to help you feel secure while looking for and booking vendors.

second-guesses about your choices

It is advised to engage a photographer as soon as possible if you adore their work. Don't believe it's too early to start. One of the most frequent errors that couples do is overthinking their choice. Trust your intuition and quit worrying if you enjoy someone's work. Stop giving yourself too many alternatives, which may be annoying and stressful.

not considering the budget

Every time you make a selection for a wedding in Thiruvananthapuram, keep the budget in mind! Even if it's not the most enjoyable aspect, it must be done. One of the biggest mistakes made by couples is forgetting about it. A general budget divided up by suppliers and categories should always be included. If this is not done, you can wind up overpaying on certain suppliers while having insufficient funds for others. Prior to making a reservation, always settle on a pricing point for each vendor.

making hasty judgments without considering the details

Typically, couples are eager to cross everything off of their wedding to-do list. It is suggested that you sign contracts slowly. Couples frequently make the error of ignoring the small print or specifics of their vendor contracts. You must exercise caution since these contracts may contain unanticipated extra expenses. Make sure you read the contract in its entirety, and if you have any questions, ask them. All of your inquiries should focus on the vendor's return policy.

Including others in your decision-making

Involving friends in wedding planning may sound like a good idea, but hiring friends' businesses without first speaking with them is a bad idea. Because you and they have different tastes, just because they loved something doesn't indicate you will. You can investigate the advice from your buddies, but be mindful of your differences. It is cautioned against attempting to replicate previous weddings.

Putting a hold on your date too slowly

Perhaps there is a dress you like and want to wear it to one of your events, or perhaps you admire the makeup artist's work and want them to dress you up, but you are not ready to make the commitment. While you conduct further research, you might ask them to hold the date of your wedding. They could give it to someone else who is prepared to book right away if you don't do it. Therefore, it is wiser to be safe than sorry.

forgetting to enjoy oneself

The process of preparing a wedding may be quite stressful, so couples should always make time for fun. After you've secured each vendor, set aside some time to plan a party to eliminate that worry.

choosing the least expensive option

We all know that weddings can be pricey, but choosing providers simply on the basis of cost isn't the greatest course of action. Choose a vendor in Thiruvananthapuram that is of the top caliber since they will have high standards and act morally. Prioritize what's most essential to you if money is an issue.

Wedding Planners in Thiruvananthapuram Prices/cost

God's own land is a popular new wedding location thanks to its beautiful beaches and gorgeous surroundings. And we'll provide you with all the information you want to prepare for a destination wedding in Thiruvananthapuram. We've got you covered, from the price to the location that works best for you. With magnificent sceneries and beaches surrounding you with their magnificence, it will be one heck of a party. We want to offer you a general overview of all the expenses associated with a destination wedding in the south.

The price of a destination wedding is determined by a variety of variables. from things like trip costs, furnishings, lodging, food, and finding the suppliers. Depending on your preferences, a wedding planner in Thiruvananthapuram might cost anywhere from INR 2.5 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs.

Frequently asked questions about Top Wedding Planners in Thiruvananthapuram

Q - Where can I find the best wedding planners in Thiruvananthapuram?

One such option for wedding event management in Thiruvananthapuram that seeks to "enjoy the day" rather than merely provide paid services is WeddingBazaar, as the name implies. By building a solid relationship with our clients via each modest service we provide, we hope to preserve the essence of the event. Therefore, we are only a phone call or text away from you. WeddingBazaar entirely leaves it up to you to be open and honest when it comes to brainstorming ideas linked to weddings. Just express your wants with us. We are regarded as Thiruvananthapuram's top wedding planners for the same reasons. However, in other circumstances, the customers would want to adhere to wedding traditions and rituals without emphasizing their joyous nature. Remain worry-free! We guarantee you the finest of what you actually deserve since we are the top wedding event planners in Thiruvananthapuram. WeddingBazaar is also very proud of the fact that we have a close-knit emotional bond with everyone of our customers. The same is the reason we continue to be the top-rated wedding planners in Trivandrum and around Kerala.

Q - Are Wedding Planners on wedding bazaar professional?

Yes, the wedding planners at WeddingBazaar are experienced experts. Professionals that assist in the planning and implementation of weddings comprise the WeddingBazaar network of wedding planners. In India, a wedding is a major family occasion. The wedding planners at weddingbazaar guarantee that two people will have the best day of their lives and create lasting memories. Wedding planners spend a lot of time visiting with vendors and working with customers. The preparation of a wedding involves signing several contracts, paying deposits, and engaging various vendors, including a DJ.

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